Otome Game Review – STORM LOVER

Alternative Titles: ストームラバー

Company: D3 Publisher

Release Date: 05.08.10

Platform: PSP

Genre: Gakuen, Stat Raising, AVG

Artist: 川人やすたけ – Kawahito Yasutake

Official Site:http://www.d3p.co.jp/stormlover/

Plot Summary: Main Character (Multiple Name Choices + Name Change Possible) has recently transferred to Saint Louis High (great naming sense) and as she’s the new transfer student she’s in the centre of attention.

… No plot really. That’s about it. The plot isn’t really this game’s selling point. The unique thing is that the main focus is after you get together with the guy. You can become an idiot couple (バカップル) if you keep raising the affection level, and can get into an awkward couple (倦怠期) if you ignore him or play around with other guys. Become best friends with some other guy, and you can start a triangle relationship with you having to choose between you’re boyfriend and the guy and there’s also a possibility of you boyfriend getting taken from one of your girlfriends. … See what I mean? Not really a plot.

Names are annoying. Seriously. They give you several suggestions and I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to find it funny. Examples for First Names: Yuna, Yukari, Saori, Saya, Chizuru, Sakura, Yui, Ritsu, Tsumugi, Azusa, John. For Surnames: Kurata, Tamura, Naruse, Himeno, Watanuki, Doumeki, Kamijou, Hatsune, Mochizuki, Smith. … So uhh, there’s Hakuouki, K-ON!, Index, xxxHolic… oh and John Smith a.k.a. Kyon. Really now. As I don’t want to confuse myself let’s keep with calling the main chara Yuna. Oh yeah, you can also change what the main character calls herself ‘私, 俺, 僕, あたし’ etc. Actually you can make her call herself anything. Even asodhsnfaoasd. Or something like that.


Anyway, Yuna is walking around, worried that she might not fit in, and then there’s an event for newly transfer students. Basically you meet all the guys that you can go for if you haven’t yet. We see a typical scene with Yuuto being a gentleman, Rikka fighting with Kyousuke, Souya getting in the middle of it all, Takumi enjoying from the outside and.. Mio being Mio.

There were other events but I have to say the school camp was hilarious. Some reason all the guys are competing over d*ck sizes and are in absolute shock when it is revealed that the winner is Mio. Once they all get out of the onsen, you get the guys making way for ‘Mio-sama’ and offering massages and drinks. + you get a bonus sentence from the guy you are going out with. And it’s revealed that Yuna has fujoshi tendencies. HAHAHAHAH

At the school festival, by the order of Yuuto, the guys are forced into butler wear for a shituji café. I actually would have preferred a maid café but no complaining. Souya and Takumi are acting like hosts and Kyousuke portraying such a perfect example of a butler that the rest of the guys suggest he should quit school to become one. There’s also a Drama CD for this event.

Another festival, this time a musical one. One of the bands that was supposed to participate can’t make it so what does Yuuto do? Drag the regular members into playing, with him as the singer of course.


Uzuki Yuuto

(CV: Hatano Wataru)

Uhh, rich (the Uzuki family is some kind of owner of a big company) and is also the student council president of St. Louis High. Slightly narcissistic and thinks that one of the good points of the school is that he’s here (is what he actually said in one of his texts). First time that he meets Yuna, somehow she trips and we get this scene where he helps her up. … And Yuna is mesmerised by him. ..? Huh?

Um, as he’s fine with being the centre of attention all the time due to him being the student council president, he doesn’t get why Yuna feels embarrassed when she seen together with him. Heck, he kinda gives a speech during assembly over how he met the ‘woman of his dreams’. Now, um, that’s just embarrassing. Ohh!! There was another one! The assembly was only for students but at the summer festival, he has to go all the way to have a fireworks saying ‘je t’aime’ just for Yuna. … Um, is it only me but don’t you think that the images Japanese people have of celebrities and rich people are a little odd?

Another CG that I liked was when he invites Yuna to some rich guy’s party. Well, uhh, Yuna obviously is like robotic from nervousness. Not surprising when a ‘little party’ turns out to have celebrities and etc. Yuuto rejects an offer to dance from a model as he already has Yuna and now we get a typical otome gaming heroine stepping on her partners feet while dancing. … This is extremely cliché. At least Yuna looks nice with her hair up.

His main event is supposed to be about how he feels that the Uzuki name is taking control of his life and he has no freedom. Well, I guess I should have expected it since this kind of story is typical in both otome games and manga. He starts becoming emo over the fact that maybe the only reason that people like him is because of his family and that all his achievements are only due to his name.


Yuna says that it’s not true and then asks whether the reason why he chose her as a girlfriend was because of the Uzuki family and this obviously makes Yuuto realise what a fool he has been. And? Things get worse when his dad comes along. He isn’t happy that Yuuto isn’t planning to marry some other woman of the same kind of rank as him and attempts to get Yuuto to go oversees to learn from his mistakes and become a perfect Uzuki heir. So what does Yuuto do? Calls out Yuna and runs away with her. This doesn’t work because he gets regrets from doing it and the amazing butler of the Uzuki family (looks like tanaka-san from kuroshituji) finds him and tells him to come back.

Um, some time later Yuuto invites Yuna over for dinner at his house and behold! Yuuto isn’t there but his dad. … hai?

out of proportion shota. ... + dad

Even after dinner finishes Yuuto doesn’t appear and slowly dad is getting ticked off. Turns out Yuuto cooked the dinner that night and he wanted his dad to fulfil a promise from when they were young over how his dad will allow him one wish if Yuuto manages to make him praise his cooking. So this wish turns out to be that Yuuto wants to leave the Uzuki family and amazed at how grown up his son is, his dad allows him.

In the epilogue, Yuuto has left the Uzuki family and has been working himself in order to get money and is living in some apartment that is very different from the mansion/castle that he used to have when he was still in the Uzuki family. Yuna is trying to cook him something to eat but Yuuto is getting in the way. That’s about it. Dunno how to explain. Just some cheesy words from Yuuto over how they will stay together forever. =.=


Yuna doesn’t really know what to say but finally understands how much of an unrealistic relationship the two had because of their social status. Still, Yuuto demands that he doesn’t want to be with any other woman other than her and asks her to help him convince his father over them staying together. When a woman interferes, they normally get their way. Sigh.

Epilogue: Yuuto remains in the Uzuki family and becomes the boss of the company with Yuna as the secretary. Too bad for Yuna but he can’t contain himself so um, yeah. … Sigh


Mikoshiba Kyousuke

(CV: Terajima Takuma)

Tsundere classmate + says that he can’t be bothered with anything but can’t leave people alone, oh and headphones. Wait another one, has a six pack! Great combination! Family is full of woman who can’t maintain a house so somehow can do anything from cleaning up to cooking. Yuna first meets him at school where he’s helping a cat down from a tree. Too bad the cat doesn’t like him and he gets scratched in the face. Great first impression.

Okay, I’m not surprised about why ‘the other half of this blog’ likes guys who can cook. Honestly. There’s this event where he brings a fricking bento just for her. I dunno. It was simply adorable. ARGH! When Yuna asks him to eat with her he’s like, ‘Oh god, I can’t be bothered. Sigh, might as well’. はぁはぁ XD

They also go to the summer festival together and as Yuna keeps on getting lost, he holds her hand as ‘he has no other choice but to’. Yuna says that she wants to hold his land for the whole day and he agrees but has to say ‘it’s just so you don’t get lost okay? Don’t misunderstand.’. God Tsundere’s.

Oh! Another great thing. He gets into a fight with his sister over something stupid and comes over to Yuna’s house as ‘he had no-where else to go’. Yuna’s about to prepare a futon when Kyousuke just gets into her bed as if nothings wrong. Well, he says that he’s not that rude to do ANYTHING to her and just tells her to hurry up and go to sleep. … He falls asleep quite quickly and some reason grasps her hand. … Though in the morning he texts her that he was unable to sleep at all. … Yea, Kyousuke. Too bad you couldn’t do ANYTHING to her. Right?

They also go on an ice-skating date for Christmas. As this is an otome game, Yuna is incapable of ice skating so she trips and has to be saved by Kyousuke. But it’s an awkward position. Still, he kisses her because ‘he was following the mood’ and when Yuna says that’s a rude way of putting it, he says that he’ll ‘take responsibility’. Obviously Yuna is shocked and Kyousuke is like ‘Ah Shit, wasn’t meant to say that. .. .I mean! There’s no deep meaning to it. Yea, No deep meaning!’.

His route is about boxing. Seems like he was really close to becoming the best of Japan for U14 boxing ‘till he kind of injured some random guy and got disqualified. This brought shame to both Kyousuke himself but the gym where he used to go to. Too bad for him, is what I would say but obviously there isn’t a choice like that.


Uhh, some reason Yuna tells him that he should aim to become boxing champion. … Huh!? What. When. Why. Otome game heroines nowadays… Anyway, Yuna explains that she knows that Kyousuke still wants to box so she wants to help him get over his problem and be happy. … Isn’t champion taking things a little too far though? Well, he starts training at the gym again and everything is fine until Yuna finds out that in order for Kyousuke to be in top-form, he has to lose weight or something and that’s just exhausting him. She finds that she’s getting in his way and Kyousuke doesn’t help when he shouts at her to mind her own business causing Yuna to storm out of the gym. He apologises later and says that he didn’t want her to be worried etc.

At the final tournament, Kyousuke seems to be losing in the finals but somehow manages to win because ‘he heard Yuna’s voice’. =.= right. Anyway, he thanks her for being there and openly tells her that he loves her. Yuna shocked and demands him to repeat it but then Kyousuke gets embarrassed and says that he will only say again when he becomes champion. … Not of Japan, cause he already is but of the world. … Sigh. Poor Yuna.


Epilogue, few years have passed and at last Kyousuke has become world champion of boxing (geez, they make it sound so easy). He thanks Yuna for being there for him the whole time and asks her to marry him. Found this route a little odd. If you go into stupid couple mode, Kyousuke is like shouting ‘I LOVE YOU’ the whole time but in the ED it’s revealed he’s too much of a tsundere to say that. … Consistency, man.


Yuna tells him that he can’t keep going like this and that he should get a move on and apologise to the gym and his coach. So he does. The coach tells Kyousuke that it took him long enough and says that he wants him to take an exam to be a pro boxer (or something like that). On the day of the exam, Yuna gets kidnapped (lol) by some guys who were beaten up by Kyousuke when he was still a delinquent. I kinda forgot what happened here but then Kyousuke leaves his exam and comes to the rescue. He’s like ‘who gives a shit about some exam, I can retake that later. All I need is you’ =.= sigh. Cheesy

In the epilogue, Kyousuke is helping her study as Yuna wants to get into the same uni as him. She kisses him on the cheek as thanks, which leads to him not being able to contain himself so he kisses her as well. Sigh, boring~♪!


Toratani Rikka

(CV: Tsuji Yuki)

One year younger than Yuna and the trickster. He lives for making fun of people and normally, it’s Kyousuke who is the unlucky one to be made fun of. Not much to say about him I guess.

He’s such a trickster that he wastes a whole of a day where I could have been raising stats on an event where he cross-dresses. … And the exaggerated hair style didn’t even look nice. =.= At least we know that Yuna is stupid enough not to recognise. … Talking about hair, Rikka is really GOOD LOOKING with his hair down. Too bad there’s nothing like that in the game. Only for the Drama CD cover.

Rikka loves Halloween. No surprise at that, but his fancy dress as a vampire is pretty cute. The event wasn’t that special but I like the CG so here.

He comes over one night saying that ‘he’s bored’ so yea, Yuna suggests that they go over to the park as her parents are at home right now (this is a rare otome game, where the parents of the Main chara don’t even appear or have a voice). At the park, Rikka starts walking on the water fountain edge and despite Yuna warning him, he falls in. When Yuna’s about to help him up, he has to go and drag her down with him as well. Sigh, and then he kisses her. Too bad that everything gets cut down cause the park dude catches and lectures them.

this is so pretty orz

You know, I could actually foresee his ‘theme’. Characters who are cheerful in otome games always end up being the one with the ‘fatal illnesses’ and considering that there are 7 guys to go through, not surprised if one of them are like that. Also, there was loads of apparent foreshadowing where Rikka goes emotional/shuts up when Yuna mentions the future.  Anyway, Rikka was told that he only has a year left to live unless he gets an organ transplant. Problem is that it’s fairly unlikely that he will find one. So Rikka decides that he will play tricks on people in order for them not to forget him when he dies and that without his tricks no-one will remember him.


Yuna tells him that if he dies, she’ll be unhappy and then starts crying over how she wants Rikka to stop putting himself down and have a more positive attitude to living. … Huh? Why the hell is she crying? … … … Never mind. Anyway, with Yuna’s advice he decides to do good acts to get people to remember him instead of playing tricks. *face palm* how original. Well, Yuna walks into him trashing the classroom and raging over why he is the one with the illness and not some other guy and that now he can’t make the girl he likes happy.

A couple of days later Rikka comes visit Yuna’s house and she receives a phone call from her teacher over how Rikka ran away once he heard he got an organ donor from oversees. Yuna manages to convince him to go oversees for the surgery (by crying again – sigh, woman tears) and Rikka asks her to give him a good luck charm … and the screen goes black. Similar technique to persona 3. So in the end, Rikka is the only one to go that far with Yuna. … Anyway, she sees him off at the airport and that’s about it.

he looks much better like this.

In the epilogue, two years have past and Yuna walks by St Louis High thinking about how Rikka should have been graduating by now. She hasn’t received any news from him since he left her years ago and by now is thinking that it’s unfair to leave a girl of her age waiting for someone who might be dead. But lo behold, suddenly Rikka turns up, hugs her from behind and thanks her for waiting for him.


Instead of crying and telling him that she’ll miss him, she instead shouts at him over how pathetic his excuse is about trying not to be forgotten. She continues ranting over how he should do good things instead and somehow this reaches him and he becomes a model student. And uhh, um, he has to go to hospital because his state has become worse. =.= Yuna keeps visiting him until one day he snaps and tells her to ignore him and leave him alone. … leaving Yuna heartbroken and confused. She still goes to the hospital everyday but can’t bring herself to meet him.

One day she meets Rikka in the street and he kind of drags her into taking sticky pics with him saying that they still haven’t done that yet. He apologises about what an ass he was but this gets ruined by a phone call telling Rikka to stop sneaking out of hospital. Couple of days later, they still haven’t found an organ donor and even Rikka knows that he is going to die. He gives her a diary he had been writing in for a while and then starts crying over how he still wants to live and be with Yuna. … and he dies.

In the epilogue, it’s basically Yuna narrating what happened at the funeral and talking about the diary which tells of how happy he was when he was with her and she swears that she will never forget him.

… Is this a bad end? I’m not really sure now.


Mishiro Takumi

(CV: Miura Hiroaki)

Trickster #2 though his ‘tricks’ aren’t as cute (?) as Rikka’s. He’s actually one year older than Yuna but he had to retake yr2 due to him not attending school for enough days. Most people are scared of him so isn’t really popular with anybody.

Yuna ‘accidentally’ walks into the guys changing rooms as she’s still not used to the rooms of the school and she meets Takumi. Before the other guys come in, Takumi drags her into one of the lockers (how big are these lockers!?) and hides with her until the guys leave.

He comes over to hang out at her house and eats lunch that Yuna made. Too bad he is a Mayora~ like Hijikata from Gintama, and he starts pouring mayonnaise onto every dish which pisses Yuna off. … So what does Takumi do? He adds mayo to Yuna’s ear and starts licking it off cause ‘everything that he eats requires Mayo’. … I dunno anymore. =.=

They go to the pool and end up going on the highest water slider in Japan. … Which obviously Yuna is scared of. Takumi enjoys the sound of her screaming so he drags her on multiple times. The event was boring. … Stupid couple mode was interesting. XD

T: ねぇ、プールに来て濡れちゃったことだしさ……もっと濡れることしちゃおっか……

orz, to me who can only think of the manager from DMC when I see this. =.=

At Christmas, they go to the amusement park and we see more of Takumi enjoying himself by teasing Yuna. He gives her a ring as a prezzie and that’s about it.

In girl’s style, they were on about how he has some sort of ‘past’ and as there are always ups and downs for these kind of routes I was hoping for it to be something good. And yeah, nothing about past girlfriends, or past incidents that prevents them from falling in love or traumatic experiences. Boring I guess but its nice to have a change for once.

takumi shota >>>>> yuuto shota

Basically, Takumi grew up at an orphanage and there had a girl who was so close to him that they were like siblings. Sadly he was picked by some family and hasn’t met her since. During a date with Yuna, he sees a girl playing with a ball who is about to get into a car crash and saves her. Sadly she faints so they take her to hospital where her step-parents pick her up. But surprise, surprise, oh my god, the girl turns out to be the same one as the one in the orphanage. To prove it, she has the necklace that Takumi made for her ages ago.=.= *yawn* She’s cute I guess and yea, called Mika. Sounds like a cat’s name.


If Yuna tells Takumi that he should reveal that he is the ‘onii-chan’ from the orphanage, some reason, he says that he can’t as that means he will prevent Mika from getting on well with her new family. … The fact that the step-father also stops him from revealing himself doesn’t really help. So yeah, Yuna is just there, not really sure of what the hell to do considering that Takumi’s got the whole ‘No point. Waste of time. Etc’ attitude.

Its March and one day while they’re around playing with Mika (in the BBS, there’s something like ‘Saw Takumi with a little girl O.o’ kinda thread) she tells them that she’s moving house the next day and that she wants them to come see her off. The next day, the step-father apologises for being rude and yea, insert tearful farewell between Mika and Takumi. Before they leave, Mika gives Takumi a letter and he makes her promise that she will get one well with her new family. Once they leave, they read the letter, and yea, turns out Mika knew that Takumi was her ‘onii-chan’ and she even encloses the necklace that he made for her ages ago.

this just looks weird

In the epilogue, Takumi’s been helping out at some nearby orphanage every week or so, and Yuna comes by to visit and the kids ask whether she’s Takumi’s girlfriend. Some smart kid says that they should kiss to prove it and so Takumi, who can’t leave the request, does so. Oh, and somehow proposes to her at the same time. …?


Yuna has no f*cking idea about what to say so yeah, Takumi say’s that everything’s fine and they leave things at that. This ending is more about how they try to help Mika call her parents as ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ instead of their names so nothing about ‘I AM YOUR FATH… brother’. One Sunday, they go over to Mika’s house as they promised that they would play with her but turns out she’s not here  and isn’t answering her phone either. Her step-parents also have no idea where she is so Takumi and Yuna go searching for her and find her in the park.

Turns out she is looking for her phone with the phone strap which was the first thing that her step-parents had given her. So uhh, she succeeded in calling them ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ so happy end? Even Takumi thinks about going to his step-parents to make amends with them and tells Yuna that having a family is nice. So yea, he sorta proposes to her and as he still doesn’t have a ring he bites her left ring finger and says that he’s reserving it for now. You know, I have not seen something like that in any otome game before and it was surprisingly cute. … Who cares about hygiene.

So yea, as you might have guessed, the epilogue is basically their marriage. Uhh, I don’t really have much to say about this.


Tatsuhara Souya

(CV: Miyano Mamoru)

Hilarious thing is that in the OP sequence his name is written in english as Soya. … =.= Never mind, it isn’t that funny is it… Uhhh, let’s see. Flirty guy who is conveniently in a popular band. … … Anything else? Nope, that’s about it. He has the annoying high-pitched voice that Miyano Mamoru has (e.g., Takuto from Star Driver) so yeah, hard to like. His route is boring (in my opinion) though it just makes Yuuto an even more lovable rich guy.

… Can’t really think of much to say about him. His CG’s only seem to have him in it and they are of him playing sports. One scene was cute (? – Note the question mark) as he drags Yuna off to the beach at night … and that’s about it.

He also calls her out one night to his house but it turns out its simply about how his band was scouted (sort of) by a recording company. … Was there even a need to call her out? Anyway, she somehow falls asleep (kinda hilarious as the convo before her waking up was the other band guy suggesting that she dumps Souya for him). Anyway, she tells Souya that she’s worried that he’s going too far away for her to be with him to which he says that it doesn’t matter as long as she’s there. + Kiss.

Despite the fact that Souya is in a band, he shows loads of signs of being into classical musical and in one of his bands performances, he fails badly because he sees the club master of the classical music club in the crowd. Um, so the tragic thing? Souya used to be in the classical music club until one day, he got into a fight with the club master and shoved him causing the guys arm to get cut and preventing him from playing violin for the rest of his life and also forcing him to become a pianist instead. =.= Oh yea, and because the club master was gone, the club was unable to enter some competition. So now what? He’s in a band because he can’t face anyone from the club anymore.


what's with the feathers =.=

After hearing all this, Yuna just gets fed up and says that no matter how he tries to hide it, it’s obvious that he still cares about classical music. So yeah, she forces him to go and apologise to the club (where did I see this? Kinda similar to Kyousuke route). They accept the apology and the club master says that if Souya wants to be the conductor for the competition, he better start trying hard. So he does. Souya becomes the conductor and somehow gets scouted by this foreign dude who came to watch. … And he goes off with the guy  leaving Yuna behind. Well, obviously there was this drama with Yuna getting worried etc. Just not important you see?

A year has passed since Souya went overseas and it’s already Christmas. Some reason Souya came back to meet her but Yuna knows it’s because he doesn’t break promise. I didn’t really remember, but in the Christmas event, it seems like they promised to spend the day together next year. So that’s why he’s back. … He snuck out of the dormitory and came over by plane just for that. Otome games. … Sigh


Okay, I guess Yuna is scary in ED A but she’s worse here. She rants over how Souya is simply running away from music and that he’s not respecting his band if he’s just in it as a different way of facing music. He goes to the classical music club in order to get the club master to acknowledge him music in his band. … WHAT KIND OF SHONEN MANGA IS THIS!? I mean, it’s the typical ‘俺は人に認められたい’ kind of thing. Sigh, who cares about acknowledgement. So yeah, Souya makes a deal that he will get acknowledged if he manages to win some kind of music festival.

… And here’s the downfall. Problem is that their keyboard guy gets injured making him unable to participate in the competition. Too bad that the new song is a ballad and it requires a pianist. He tries to get the club master to play for him but that doesn’t work. At the competition, the band receives boo-ing and yea, they get shouted at to leave. UNTIL!!! HERE COMES YUUTO ON A HELICOPTER TO DELIVER, NOT ONLY A PIANO BUT THE CLUB MASTER AS WELL! XD When he’s asked why he did this, Yuuto coolly replies that it’s the job of the student council president to solve the problem of the students.

The club master (Keiichi, can’t be bothered to keep typing club master), says that he listened to Souya’s new song and that he was moved by how amazing the music was. … So yea, he plays piano for them. They are so good that they get an encore, and yea, before the final song, Souya goes ‘I love you Yuna’ and that the final song was written for her. Typical for band dudes in otome gaming.

In the epilogue, Souya and his bands have debuted professionally and on one of their dates, Yuna and Souya are getting chased by paparazzi. S0 yea, he’s bombarded by questions, ‘who is this woman?’, ‘Is she your girlfriend?’, ‘Are you getting married?’, ‘what’s her three size?’, etc. And uhh, he basically proposes to her.

Ikari Mio

(CV: Namikawa Daisuke)

Considering how the BL games seem to have Azusa’s (e.g. Omerta, ) not surprising if an otome game has a character called Mio. Made a joke of in one of the BBS about how Mio is in the keion-bu. … Not that funny though. In examples for names for the heroine, you can find Yui, Ritsu, Azusa and Mugi. … But not Mio. What a shame. Curse the K-ON fandom. Honestly, I’m sort of sick about K-ON now. It’s cute and fluffy but that’s about it.

Anyway, this Mio is… a little odd. He survives by taking those nutrient pills instead of eating meals. Wants to find legendary creatures and UFO’s. Oh. And adds anime references every so often. ‘1万年と2、3年前から愛してる~’. He’s also one year above Yuna and practically forgets that he is when the group are organising a farewell party for Yuuto. Oh. And he’s been caught by the police with injection syringes. The first time Yuna meets him, she thinks that he’s about to be suicide as he’s on top of a bridge.

He looks after the rabbits at the school and even named them, Elizabeth, Louis, Lincoln, Connelly, Washington. And he talks to them. He attempts to give them some of his nutrient pills until Yuna stopped him. Wonder what would happen though. XD

The first time he even went bowling, he succeeded in getting a score of 250. I haven’t even got 130. Still, bowling in that way actually does something!? Wow, might try next time. An odd thing that kept getting me was how Yuna kept on going ‘Mio-kun is so weird’ all the time. … Isn’t he your boyfriend?

One day it’s raining and Yuna finds Mio standing outside her house in the pouring rain. She lets him in for a shower and when she brings in a towel, she’s the one to have a lucky ポロリevent. Once she’s in, they’re like … … …  until he says いやん. Lol. Once he’s out of the shower, the silence follows until he says

M: Yuna-san, in cases like these, am I supposed to say “As you’ve seen it, take responsibility”?

text you recieve from Mio after the event XD

Y: M.. Mio-kun What the hell are you saying?

M: … … Was I wrong?

Y: I think you are. Where did you learn that?

M: From different places such as TV, books etc. If that wasn’t correct, is “I am sorry you had to see something like that” right?

Y: I don’t know about right or wrong!! Can we change subject please?

M: Hahh… I see. I think I kind of wanted to enjoy your reactions a little more. So let’s change subject then.

Y: Yea, that’s what’s best.

M: … … Was my naked body sexy?

Mio CG are just cute. Especially his Christmas one. As it’s Christmas, he invites her over to his house and… HE COOKS FOOD FOR HER~~. Okay, I guess even Kyousuke did that. Still, he has band-aids all over his hands. Can you feel the love? That’s all for now.

His story is about his hobby for taking photos. Mio is extremely artistic and on a couple of his dates with Yuna, it’s basically him taking photos and her watching.


Yuna suggests that Mio enters a competition and so they start going out in order to find a good spot to take places. During one of these dates, Yuna gets called over some pro photographer called Oohara Shiki and yea, not only does this actually make Mio jealous for once, he’s also entering the same photo competition and asks Yuna to be his girlfriend if he wins it. … So ditch Mio. Poor him. This makes Mio really frustrated as it’s really obvious that Oohara is a good photographer (well he is a pro…).

At the competition, Mio sees that Oohara has won gold prize and leaves. Yuna gets called over by Oohara who says that he’s lost to Mio. … The photo that Mio entered into the competition is one of Yuna with the subtitle ‘My most precious person’. You know, this CG is basically a crop of the sticky pic CG with Rikka. Simply remove Rikka and you get this. … I wish we had a new one.  Oohara says that maybe the photo is a sort of confession by Mio and tells Yuna to go look for him. Mio’s at the beach and yea, he confesses properly to her and is about to kiss her, when he sees a crab and runs off. Typical XD But at least he returns and finishes things.

The epilogue CG is adorable. The epilogue is boring. Simply saying ‘Mio you are my most precious person as well’. Over.


Yuna tells Mio to keep taking photo’s as she’s now a fan of them. They’re at a café and Oohara walks past and notices the photos on the table and recruits him to be an assistant at photography. With the support of Yuna, he accepts it but for some reason, he is unable to take any decent photos. Yuna tries her best to cheer him up and drags him to different places and finally to the beach. Mio asks whether he can take a photo of her and in the end he says that he understands at last what was wrong with him.

I AM YOUR FATHER XD i dunno, that line suits the pose

On the way home, they pass the bridge where they first met, and Mio says that the reason why he was unable to take any good photos was because he is only able to take good photos of her since that is what taking photos is, to show their feelings for someone across through the lens. (orz with crap cheesy translations). Mio stands on the bridge once more and confesses that he loves Yuna and they take a photo together for the first time.

In the epilogue, the two have been taking photos of them together at every date they’ve been on. … And uhh, that’s about it.


Sugai Tsukasa

(CV: Yasumoto Hiroki)

DOITSU~~~ DOITSU~~~. Yup, he’s voiced by the same guy as Germany from Hetalia. Basically, he’s the ‘hidden’ chara and is the math teacher of Yuna. A Gentleman. 教師の鑑. Enjoys wearing Japanese style clothing at home.

A nice and wonderful teacher. One time, Yuna forgets some homework at school so she phones Tsukasa and asks him whether he will come with her to get it. Obviously he accepts and they go together. At school, Tsukasa says that there’s no need to turn the lights on as the moon is here bla bla bla. He tells Yuna of how the author, Natsume Souseki (he’s on the face of Japan yen bills) directly translated ‘I love you’ (English) into ‘the moon is beautiful today’ (Japanese). =.= HAH~? Anyway, before they leave he says ‘Yuna-san, the moon is extremely beautiful today’. Smile.

He invites her to a couple of tea ceremony’s in which Yuna feels she is out of place. I wouldn’t blame her. How much age difference is there between her and the rest of the guests? At least she gets eye candy with Tsukasa.

Another time he invites her to go to onsen but tells her to bring her swimsuit as well. Turns out the onsen is for both genders same bath and Yuna gets to feast her eyes on Tsukasa’s some what nice body. I guess this is to make up with the fact that Tsukasa was the only one who wasn’t in the onsen CG with the other guys.

His birthday is on Christmas Eve so he asks her out for dinner at some hotel for rich guys. The same hotel that you go to during Yuuto’s route so I guess its one of his. Anyway, he’s already prepared a room and a dress for her and even gives her a bouquet of roses. I think I’m getting confused over whose birthday it is.

His route simply made me more desperate to play the fandisk for Chihiro. Anyway, the shit thing about him that his idiot couple mode has no kissing. There’s only one fricking CG of him kissing Yuna. And that was in the EPILOGUE. I guess it’s to do with teacher-student relationship shit but still. =.= not fun.

His route divider is about his family. He plays the ‘shamisen’ (a traditional jap instrument) and was pretty good at it when he was younger but he gave up once he saw how his younger bro is catching up to him in terms of skill despite the fact that he started earlier. That’s also the reason why he’s a maths teacher. He wanted to keep as much distance as he could with his family’s tradition. Also, his mum is scary.


If Yuna says that she will wait as long as it takes to listen to him play, the whole route completely ignores the shamisen drama. All forgotten. Well, at least she helped him move on from his traumatic experience of losing against his lil bro. So yea, the route takes a heel turn and focuses on the aspect of forbidden teacher-student relationship. So… Yuna overhears that Tsukasa is going to go to some other school for a reason I completely forgot and uhh, avoids him from the shock.

In this end, Chihiro is THE FAIRY GODMOTHER!! XD. Basically, he becomes some sort of consultant for both Tsukasa and Yuna over their problems and after finishing we get a scene with him going


God, I love you Chihiro-sensei.

So yea, she is in search of Tsukasa but when she does see him, she runs away. She doesn’t want him to see her crying so they have a convo with their backs to a tree. Oh god, Japanese people and sakura =.=. Anyway, he says that he will return in a year when she is graduating and that he hopes that she will still be there for him then.

So epilogue is one year later. Uhh, um, he comes to pick her up…? Something like that. Cute CG though I have to say, if you guys are going kiss, do it somewhere else. Not in the middle of the school grounds.


Yuna tells him to start playing Shamisen again. Mind your F*cking business woman. Anyway, when he does play a little for her, his lil bro comes along and says that he’s disappointed by his bro and somehow this leads to them having a competition (NOT AGAIN). Anyway, when Tsukasa tells his bro about how he can’t lose coz Yuna is supporting, the bro changes the rules and says that they’re going to play in another room so the audience can’t discriminate (?) with their votes. Still, his lil bro won but that’s only because his mother made the audience vote for him. She thought that she was always being too strict and that Tsukasa hates the shamisen now so by losing, maybe Tsukasa will get over his problems. They leave the room and Tsukasa confesses to Yuna.

In the epilogue, Tsukasa retires as a teacher in order to take over his family’s shamisen thing. Oh yea, Yuna is pregnant. Lucky bastard XD. He’s the only one to go to step C. (similar to Sano from Hakuouki)


Overall Thoughts

Great seiyuu cast. Seriously. We have 3 guys from Hetalia! Italy (Mio), France (Chihiro) and ドイツゥゥゥゥゥゥ~!!!(Germany). Shame that France’s chara isn’t playable (though he is in the fandisk coming out this summer). So um, I would love to keep talking about the great things of the cast but sorry, I think I have to scream. … WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH TAKUMI’S VOICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~! CAN’T HE TALK PROPERLY!!!! WHY~ WHY! ARGHHHH. Um, basically. Takumi talks in a slurrrrrrrrrrred kind of way. What the other characters can say in 3 seconds it takes Takumi 8 seconds. Seriously. Okay, I would have accepted it (perhaps) if that’s how he talks the whole time. But no! When he’s saving Mika he can actually talk like an average normal human being. Why didn’t they just keep it at that!? And Takumi was one of the characters I was looking forward to the most. SHAME…

Another thing, character. Yuna is so flat. Not in chest, she has boobs. She has no character. Wish they focused on that more than the name choices. I also didn’t really like her chara design. She looks much better with her hair tied up (Yuuto dancing CG, Takumi marriage, Kyousuke festival etc). I guess this is because the gamer is supposed to be able to adjust the heroine to their liking but um, I didn’t get it. I had no idea why the guys liked her. If reality was like this game, getting a boyfriend would be simple. Simply text them everyday. Don’t bother meeting them. Just text them and after a month they would’ve fallen for you. Nice right? Well, I understand that being a couple is the main point of the game but getting a guy that easily is so boring. Especially the teacher. You just met him a couple times and soon he is saying what a great crime he has committed for falling in love with a student. =.=

Extras. What is BBS supposed to be? A copy of 2-chan? Not really needed. And no, it does not take a 1/3 of my energy to text someone. Or 100% to make a phone call. That part was retarded. And we didn’t really need any education stats. They were useless. Fail your first exam and enter extra lessons, you automatically become a genius. Oh and the ‘pick up line’ competition was hilarious. Basically, each chara has to say his ideal pick up line and get Yuna to choose which is the best. Actually, it’s only an excuse to get the guys into cosplay.

Fav chara: surprising Tsukasa. He was awesome even when I didn’t know he was voiced by Germany. Such a nice guy lah~. And his stupid couple mode didn’t really make me go headbanging with ‘utter wtfness’ so yeah. I don’t really especially hate any of the characters now that I think about it. If I had to rank them, in terms of routes: Takumi, Rikka + co. In terms of chara: Tsukasa, Kyousuke, Takumi, Mio. Couldn’t be bothered to do the harem route (date every single guy and dump them later in one year) and the subchara routes. They don’t really give you any CG so no point.

The couple system… made me feel really sorry for some guys. I played Kyousuke, Takumi and Tsukasa without knowing that the selection for splitting the ends was in Jan. … So in order to cut back playing a whole year, I kinda made a triangle relationship with them and dumped the boyfriend. I felt REALLY bad when I was playing Takumi’s end B – the marriage end. … I dumped Mio for Takumi here and it didn’t help when in the Epilogue, Mio joins in with the girls in chasing after the bouquet. … T.T orz

Overall, I expected too much. I was really excited when it was first revealed in girl’s style. … And I got extremely put off by Takumi’s voice. Didn’t play for half a year until I found out that the fandisk is coming out this year so I simply dug it up again and completed it. Fun once you get into it and have an RPG named Dragon quest to play at the same time. Will have to wait for the fandisk to see how it’ll get. Still, WHY ISNT THERE A BONUS PIC OF TSUKASA!!

– thanks for reading. honestly, my posts are always too long. sigh.

34 Responses to “Otome Game Review – STORM LOVER”

  1. puddingsan Says:

    ‘are always too long. sigh.’
    thats what sh- nvm

  2. Ah I still have this too on my to-play list. I made the heroine speaks using 俺様 for the lulz, but it doesn’t match the rest of the dialogues so I went back to the standard 私 lol.

    I was on Rikka’s route when I left the game, but.. what’s with his B ED? Σ(゚ロ゚|||) I agree with you there, what’s with this cheerful guys with deadly illness trend lol. First Sho from Utapri and now him.

    ..and lol, sorry but that CG on Souya’s A ED makes me think he’s practicing Wingardium Leviosa or something. xD

  3. domshiki Says:


    and yeah wtf my expectations were way too high for this too, cudnt even complete one route though i did love Kyousuke.

    Takumi’s voice = ear-rape. WHY TAKUMI WHY U SPEAK AS THOUGH UR DYSLEXIC AND HIGH 24/7???

  4. hairband Says:

    Yayy Sandeian you’re back!! Can’t really read the review though since I haven’t played the game yet (and I do want to play this! Shall master Japanese skillz!!) Sad thing is that internet has already spoiled most of the plot for me, so I don’t really know what I’ll be playing it for (except for the ability to cheat LOL).

  5. Jessica Chan Says:

    what game r u doing now im just curious to knoe

    • right now, im playing haruka 5.
      I should seriously get back to blogging the ones i finished =.=

      • hairband Says:

        Ooh how do you like Haruka 5 so far. Have been hearing mixed reviews on that game.

      • I actually like it quite a lot.
        I’m an rpg player so that part didn’t really put me off but let me actually spend ages lvling up which kinda let me beat the bosses in about 2 hits. =.=
        I hadn’t actually got to play any of other haruka series but goddamnit, its the shinsengumi, sakamoto ryouma and takasugi.
        Oh yea, the heroine is absolutely adorable.
        Apart from that, the only problem i have is i have no idea how to blog it. T.T
        Still, recommend to anyone with a psp. It’s that good (in my eyes).

  6. zizi6631 Says:

    I wanted to play this game, but I haven’t dl it yet. actually, I wasn’t sure whether it was worth it or not. but I guess it’s good for filling my time. I’ll come back and read the full review after playing. but thanks anyway.

  7. Mimi Says:

    “the boss of the company with Yuna as the secretary.”

    This game looked really good, but then I read the “no plot-line” part of your review and you know, normally I don’t mind this kind of thing! And then I read the routes. ;_; I like cliche sometimes but some of that was either too strange or just…unrealistic and you know, cliche is okay but I can’t take it for like, every single route!!! :’D lol thanks for your review!

  8. can you imagine if takumi was to ever have a conversation with Shimizu from corda? BAHAHAHAHA

  9. zizi6631 Says:

    OK! so I decided to just read the review instead of waiting for dl and playing the game! it was good, liked Takumi and Kyousuke. thanx for the review.

  10. mikasan Says:

    I am now playing this game, >< I won't be able to finish it, I don't understand Japanese that well, but I really like to play the game and finish all the character sets, is there an english patch for this? coz the whole thing right now was guess and click.. for me :(

    • domshiki Says:

      sadly i dont think there is an english patch out, there’s hardly any for otome games – u mite be able to find a chinese one but yeah T.T

  11. mikasan Says:

    :( that’s just great, but anyways, I just finished playing the whole game.. :) tehee* xoxo the hell is with Takumi I end up falling asleep when he speaks…
    & I just love Mio-kun.. :)

  12. I am in denial about this game not having an English patch. :( I don’t understand Japanese. Do you think this game is likely to have one?

    • I can quite confidently say that it doesnt. You normally dont see patches for psp games at least. Though some PC games do.

      • At the moment I’m doing my best to work on an English patch for this, I haven’t got any experience with this kind’ve thing but if anyone knew where I could find the full in-game japanese transcript that would be great. (As in literally just typed out, could be in a word file or on a website lol; if you know good japanese and could translate it better than google that would be excellent.)

    • Lala Says:

      They just released the English Patch recently!

  13. I am currently playing Takumi’s too… well, same reason. I found out the fandisk would be out soon that I’m killing myself now to finish everyone :P I did Yuuto, Kyosuke and Takumi.. I dunno but I always ended up doing guys in the OP sequence order. Takumi is so slow spoken but its kinda unique :P I am loving mio now cause he is cute(and not being perverted….but because he is actually the man of all the men) XD

  14. ahhhh i m playng the game now too…. but i have a huge problem here, i cant understand japanese words but it someone were to read it… it’d be ok for me (roughly guess out), may i ask how the main girl can actually get started on working so she can earn some money? *noob* is it something to do about visiting the place on the weekends or? ><

    • yeah, your supposed to visit the cafe when its free on weekends. but you need to do this a couple of times before the main chara realises that you can work there.
      after visiting for about 4 times, the next time you should be able to get some money.

      good luck with the game. XD

  15. I need to get on Tsukasa Sensei route !
    Can you help me?
    theres no bar for him
    Do I need to finish the others route??

    • You need to finish someone else’s route once first and then you can go for him.


      this is a link to a japansese walkthrough. just press ‘酉水 司’ on the left hand collumn and somehow follow what your supposed to do.
      Hope it helps.

      • ohhh thank youuuu
        wait,seems like i was skipped some ,
        should i finish a person(someone else) route or all of the possible route?
        thank you once again!

      • the selections aren’t really that important in Storm Lover. Once the guy becomes your bf, just play around. The only important selection would be the one in jan (? i think. dont remember) which divides the ending. Also, some selections might effect which CG you see but that’s it.
        You have to finish the game once. Anyone is fine and any ending. Then you can go for Tsukasa. :) Wasn’t really sure what you were asking but hope that’s what you wanted to know.

  16. Blackcat Says:

    I really want to play this game but I don’t understand japanese T.T

  17. Since you played the first Storm Lovers, are you still going to play or make a review on Storm Lovers Kai? Is the difference just the brush-ups for the CGs and an addition of side stories? Also, there’s going to be some newバカップル lines? But, overall is it like the same as the first one plot-wise?

    • supposedly, the overall thing isnt that different.
      kai allows you to use the save data for the original.
      say i managed to get 100% completion for the original. If i get this file and use it on the remake, it says i have completed 70~80% of the game. so yea, the new stuff are probably fixing the bugs + addition of CG. (though you still cant go for the takashi and the doctor guy. T.T
      i still have to get the game to make sure if its drastically differnt. the best thing i can say is that it doesnt take you 10% of your entire energy to check some internet post online anymore. XD

  18. i was wondering if you could give me the link to the walk through for this game.

  19. […] Official website: Original and Kai!! Platform: PSP (2010) PSP (2012 for Kai) English Reviews: 4Shiki Available at: Storm Lover Kai!! at […]

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