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Otome Game Review – Diabolik Wifebeaters

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , on 17/06/2013 by domshiki

3010-Diabolik_Lovers_JPN_PSP-PLAYASiA1Alternative Titles: DIABOLIK LOVERS – Haunted Dark Bridal –

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 11.10.12

Official Site: WIFEBEATING

Platform: PSP

Genre: Wifebeating Without Plot, dumb heroine, I did this for my readers

Plot  Review Summary:



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Otome Game Review: Shirahana no Ori ~ Hiiro no Kakera 4 ~

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , on 22/10/2012 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: 

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 20.09.12

Official Site:

Platform: PSP

Genre: Heian, HNK, angsty wangsty emo shit, doombitch heroine

Plot Summary:


This time, we’re going into the past till the Heian period I think around there.  I was kinda hoping that the game would be about the START of the Tamayori Hime (TM) shit but instead, this time, it’s not about the Tamayorihime saving the world; it’s about her bringing doomsday or some shit like that.

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Otome Game Review – GENROH

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , on 28/09/2012 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: 源狼 ~GENROH~

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 30.08.12

Official Site:

Platform: PSP

Genre: Heian, fucking loli heroine, pedophiles everywhere!

Plot Summary: Our protagonist, Saya, can see some crazy shit and can tell at a glance, the value of something.  Her mother suddenly drops dead one day and seeing as Saya’s like totally fucked on LSD, a rich passerby dude decides to take her in and puts her into rehab.  Some months later, Saya’s clean but still trips out and has her magical eyes.  Around the same time, some rich merchant family loses their heir so they frantically run all over Japan, trying to find a loli to become the successor.  Well, whaddya know, they set their eyes on poor Saya and kidnap her.

Lol wtf ikr.  Fucking Japan and her pedophiles huahuahruhuhaurua


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Otome Game Review: Toki no Kizuna ~ Sekigahara Kitan ~

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Alternative Titles: 十鬼の絆~ 関ヶ原奇譚~

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 19.07.12

Official Site:

Platform: PSP

Genre:  ADV, otome game, romance, historical, Hakuouki, Oni

Plot: The world’s inhabited by a race called the oni who are stronger than humans but otherwise are pretty much human.  The heroine is an oni who’s all for protecting her oni.  Cuz we humans are fucking pussies and must destroy and hate everything stronger than us, we hate the oni and fear them.  So, the oni hide from humans.  But the  oni get sucked into petty human affairs.

HMMM…This sounds awfully like the game I just played below.

C’mon Otomate, step up your game and come up with sth new.

Essentially, Jyuuzaengi x Hakuouki set in the Sengoku period.

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Otome Game Review – Jyuuza Engi ~ Engetsu Sangokuden ~

Posted in Otome Games, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on 20/07/2012 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: 十三支演義 ~偃月三国伝~

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 24.05.12

Official Site: NEKOMIMI

Platform: PSP

Genre:  ADV, otome game, romance, historical, kitty cats

Plot: nothing screams “HNNNNG  IM GOING TO BE SO MOE” quite like kitty ears, and this is exactly what this game does.  Taking The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms as it’s setting, there’s a race of kitty people called the derogatory name of “JYUUZA” who are hated and feared by humans.  Long story short, they get blackmailed into doing the dirty work of humans and this is basically a tale of how they fight for their freedom .  Yeah sounds totally lame too but hey it’s nekomimi so who gives a fuck >:3

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Otome Game Review: Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayorihime Denshou – Piece of Future –

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Alternative Titles:ヒイロノカケラ 新玉依姫伝承 ―Piece of Future―

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 23.03.12


Platform: PSP

Genre:  ADV, otome game, romance, future stuff, Tamayorihime, awesome twins

Plot: No I didn’t really want to play this since it the HnK3 FD sucked but I figured if I was going to clear out the rubbish, I might as well do it all in one go.  Same as with the HnK3 FD, the first part of this FD has Saya not ending up with anyone after the main game’s events, and the second part is a continuation of routes with the guys.

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Otome Game Review: Soukoku no Kusabi – Hiiro no Kakera 3 Ashita no Tobira he

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Alternative Titles:  蒼黒の楔 緋色の欠片3 明日への扉

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 31.05.12


Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, fantasy, FD

Plot Summary: More HnK cuz Otomate STILL isn’t done with milking the shit outta this series and i just found out that there’s gonna be a HnK FOUR lol.  This is a fd that takes place after the events of HnK3 So the routes are split into two parts: Tamaki, Ryou and Takuma graduating from HS in a universe where Tamaki doesn’t hook up with anyone after HNK3; and the other part of the route is a continuation of the routes from HNK3

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