Otome Game Review – Scared Rider Xechs

Alternative Titles: スカーレッドライダーゼクス

Company: Rejet

Release Date: 01.07.10

Official Site: http://scared-rider-xechs.jp/index.html

Platform: PS2

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, kamen rider, rock band, save the world

Plot Summary OTOME GAME x KAMEN RIDERS x  ROCK BAND – So much awesome packed into one game, oh how this not be awesome? xD  Lol okay, so there are these bad guy aliens who are out to nuke earth so the military decided to take a page outta Halo’s book and kidnap some kids to use em as child soldiers to fight against these aliens.  How does our heroine, Akira,  come into play?  She’s a genius who graduated from uni at 15 and is sent to train these kamen rider kids ;)

The game starts off with some students rambling on about aliens and saving the “Red World”.  Akira’s apparently their megami who’s supposed to save their world and she goes berserk before all goes black.

Next scene has her goin to school – that’s really just a cover for her being the manager of the kamen rider team who’re part of the military faction “LAG” (Life After God) and are defendin the world from the aliens who’re called “Nightfly O Noto” (NF).  Some of these NF dudes have joined the human side and are called “SUB STANCEs” (SS) and are partners to the chosen Halo kids, the “MAIN STANCE” (MS).  They fight together through “RESONANCE”, kinda like Digimon 03 合体and the team Akira’s in charge of is called “IS” INFINITE STRATOS AKA Scared Rider Xechs.

The world is made of the “Red World” and the “Blue World”.  These two worlds represent instinct and rationality respectively and were in balance, separated by a pillar of sorts.  However, the world fell out of balance, destroying the pillar and God himself and was split into the resulting “Red World” and “Blue World”.  Humans live in the Blue World whereas the NF live in the Red World, both depending on wot their respective worlds symbolise and thus the two are unable to coexist.

The NF decided recently to jack into the Blue World so LAG was created to fight em off.  As of late, the NF have buggered off and LAG has nutin to do so OBVIOUSLY the right course of action is to make IS into a KOREAN BOY BAND!! xDxD

Kay yeah dat was just an excuse to put up a pic of Big Bang <3 Yes more Tae Yang please xD

Komae Christoph Yousuke

  Plays the backup guitar for the IS band and is a prodigy soldier and guitarist, the Master Chief of the group lol.  Though he seems all cool, he’s not a tsun tsun jerkass is actually super hotblooded n always goes outta his way to help Akira.  He’s also an orphan, half German and is always cooking his yum yum foods for our heroine (yes I love him already, he can cook XD).  His SUB STANCE is called Fernandes, and is a total Naruto save the world nakama speech hero ;D

Akira goes to LAG school where she’s formally introduced to the IS members and goes off to find Yousuke.  Turns out the dude’s in the cooking club and he made summin from the magic shrooms he just gathered and makes some good shiet for Akira and tells her he’ll make her some nice stuff anytime ;)

Happy time cut short when the NF are sighted and IS is dispatched to take care of em. I don’t know how hard I was laughing when the IS boys underwent RESONANCE with their SUB STANCES: I found myself screaming 「颯爽登場 !!銀河美少年、 TAUUUBUUUUUUUUUURN!!!」much to the bewilderment of my parents, one of which promptly rushed in to see just WOT THE FUCK i was screaming about xD  It was actually pretty badass too: RESONANCE included pulling out a Pikachu charged wire from your own headphones and then jacking the plug into your X marked palms and then 合体!! xD  Lol kay enough about dat.

So yeah after dat it’s all abt having a fun school and band life and fighting off any NF that come over.  Yousuke falls for Akira pretty fast, defends her, has absolute faith in her  and quickly adopts that 絶対に守る stance with Akira.

Then we get to the big shiet.  Some Granbacha dude shows up, determined to take Akira and turn the Blue World red and once, Yousuke loses control while RESONATING, going on a rampage and raping the area around.

Turns out that Yousuke and Fernandes went berserk simply cuz NF and humans = different.  Their usual resonance is merely the two of em sharing a body but keeping their own consciousness so things fucked up when their minds began to become one as well cuz the two are different species and Red World is not compatible with Blue World.  So yeah in short if they RESONATE too much, shit’s gonna happen and either the SUB STANCE’s/ MAIN STANCE’s consciousness will be destroyed.

Akira’s gotta take responsibility for Yousuke’s actions and she gets fired from her IS duties.  Yousuke goes nuts but he can’t stop it and when Akira gets to Tokyo, the whole place has turned into part of the Red World. IS fly over immediately to save her and course, Granbacha’s the one pulling the strings.  In order to kill him, they had one of the IS members hold Granbacha down and then Akira shoot some super bazooka through the both of em.

Everyone has a heroic BSOD  but there’s more to come cuz they get a message from the NF boss. Anyway, he sez dat the Red World and Blue World cannot both exist cuz they’re always going to be in danger of getting swallowed up by each other whether they’re doing it intentionally or not so he’s gonna destroy the Blue World; “Unless you bitches give me AKIRA.”

People start demanding for Akira to be handed over but IS run away with her b4 dat can happen.  There, Akira confesses that she wants to be with Yousuke and same for him so he tells her he’s gonna fight the NF shiet so she can always be by his side.

BUUUT life sucks so ppl come for Akira and she decides to give herself up.  She meets the NF boss who fills in some gaps for her: why everyone wants Akira?  Das cuz she’s THE CHOSEN ONE:  the one person who has the power to choose which world can survive.   All the previous IS groups were led by her but everytime, she was unable to choose so things ended in mass bloodshed, the IS groups all died but LAG retrieved her and wiped her memories each time and the process kept repeating itself.  NF boss sez he’s gonna destroy the Blue World anyway.

OH NO YOU DON’T  cuz Yousuke busts his way into the Red World to save Akira where he screams dat he’s gonna save Akira and HER HEART  and in a total shounen protagonist fashion: 「大事のは心だ!!」.  The rest of IS shows up and they fight their way back to earth, with Yousuke saying dat he wants to save Akira + the whole word: 「俺は、本当のヒーローになりたい。」LOL and then he’s all over her cuz he missed his baby so much >;D

LAG head Ishidera den reveals that this whole thing was a game created by him and the now dead Granbacha – they knew dat the Red World and the Blue World were constantly swallowing each other up or summin and to avoid a fullscale war on both sides dat would inevitably wipe out BOTH worlds, they created this ‘game’ so dat there’d be fair competition and the worst case scenario = ONE world being destroyed and not both.  The goal of this game was to capture Akira for your own side cuz she can save ur world if she wishes.

So anyway, here comes the inevitable boss battle and both Yousuke and Akira smash their way through the NF cronies to get to NF boss.


So there are 2 endings for each chara, LOVE or DEATH basically Love = Blue World MAIN STANCE End.  Death = Red World SUB STANCE End.

Cuz this is the LOVE End, Yousuke and Akira managed to win and beat the NF Boss with their POWER OF LOVE.
It’s no over yet though and the NF minions swarm in still but this doesn’t scare Yousuke, he decides he’s gonna confess RITE HER RITE NOW so he grabs Akira’s shoulders and tells her that he likes her and no stupid end of teh world war is gonna tear em apart.  They snog and wanting to be with Yousuke, Akira FINALLY chooses a world to save and das the Blue World.  The Red World gets wiped, the NF all die which means all the IS SUB STANCEs die as well.
In the end, all’s good and though everyone’s lost their SUB STANCE, Yousuke don’t care cuz he’s got Akira, tells her he loves her and dat he’s gonna stay with her forever :)


Choosing DEATH  options equates to being a logical, unfeeling commander of the IS, meaning dat Akira does everything to make sure IS beats the NF thus increasing the level of RESONANCE.  This leads to Fernandes beginning to consume Yousuke’s conscious meaning that Yousuke becomes all possessive Fernandes-like.

So right after they get the broadcast about handing Akira over to em by night, Akira muses over whether to go or not which leads Fernandes to surface, becoming all possessive, yelling dat he ain’t handing her ever and dat he’s gonna beat the shit outta anyone who gets near her.

Akira realises dat Yousuke’s conscious is disappearing but can’t do anything bt it.  For the final boss battle, the IS members all die in battle and Yousuke has to up his RESONANCE even further to gain more power to save Akira.  Yousuke/Fernandes goes apeshit and whacks the living daylights outta NF boss in a mad fury, killing the guy and continues to swing around, massacring everything.  Akira starts crying cuz it’s her fault dat Yousuke/Fernandes are now fucked up and the Blue World becomes stained in red.

In the end, the Red World prevails and Yousuke turned Fernandes has destroyed every other living creature cept for him and Akira.  Now no one can ever hurt her and it’s just the two of em in the world but it’s alright cuz they both love each other and they’re gonna populate the new age with their mutated powerful babies  LOLOLOL

Kirisawa Takt

Leader of IS, main vocals and lead guitar.  He’s Yousuke’s tsundere butt buddy rival and unlike him, Takt’s a giant perfectionist, arrogant to extremely irritating levels and doesn’t know how to take a joke.  Course after the initial Jerkassery, he becomes totally adorable and YES I LOVE HIM.  His SUB STANCE is prankster Lespouri who, though normally harmless, harbours a sadistic streak.

Whereas Yousuke’s pretty much smitten with Akira from day one or summin, Takt’s the complete opposite and regards Akira with much caution and contempt, refusing to take her orders during combat “CUZ SHE’S NOT NAKAMA :@:@:@” and my god is he rude to her ==

Eh dat all soon vanishes after she proves she’s not useless – Takt was just afraid to trust her in case she fucks up and gets his IS nakama killed.  Stil he’s gotta redeem himself for being a prick so Yousuke socks him in the face and Takt apologises to Akira.  From then on, Takt starts liking Akira and like Yousuke, gets dat whole “PROTECT AKIRA” thing.

He takes her to the beach, asks her to swim with him and gives her a swimsuit and when Akira’s like “But how u know me size??”, Takt’s like “COURSE I DO I ALWAYS CHECKING U OUT =D” and lmao when he gets all dere flustered when he realises wot a pervert he sounded like xD  He proceeds onto getting even more excited when Akira goes “PUT SUNSCREEN ON ME BACK PREASH!!”oh teenage boy hormones xD

So fastforward: Yousuke’s gone berserk, trashed the place and Akira’s being fired.  She tries to tel Takt before she leaves but can’t find the timing to, wot with Takt being all “I PROTECT U” and telling her dat he’s got her a Christmas present this year so GTFO and let him get it ready.  He totally flips when he finds out dat Akira’s gotta leave but realises he can’t do shiet abt it either.

Rmb dat I sed an IS member sacrifices himself to kill Granbacha?  Well guess wot, dat turned out to be Takt.  So he plays the hero and sacrifices himself cuz he’ll do anything as long as it means saving Akira.  He does lament that he never got to tell her one thing and tries but he dies before he can confess:


And den to avoid spoilers for Takt’s route, I left out dat the NF boss was actually Takt himself.  He survived the blast and became the NF boss – “All to save you, Akira”.  In short, he can’t care less abt the worlds and just wants to save her.


IS bust in to save Akira and Takt is left musing over just when he fell so hard for Akira.  They all still  fight Takt cuz Akira knows dat the ‘real Takt she knew” would never do shiet like this.  And she’s rite: this is all a ploy on Takt’s part to start a full scale war to get one of the worlds destroyed, either one wud be good cuz den Akira can no longer be used in all this ‘game’ bs.

Takt loses, the Red World begins to get wiped and his body starts to vanish – he’s one of the NF now so if Red World disappears, so will he.  As he fades, he’s thankful that he was able to save Akira, tells her that he loves her and pulls her in for a last kiss.

In the end, Akira’s kiss of life saves Takt and he ends up with her, living on to protect her and to redeem himself =D


As with wot happened to Yousuke in his DEATH route, Takt’s SUB STANCE Lespouri beings to take over, untsundere-ing Takt and instead, making the guy the playful cruel Loki dat Lespouri is.

 Instead of destroying one of the worlds in order to free Akira from being used again, he just wants her this time and when she doesn’t give up, he kills off all the IS members to get to her, kisses her and proposes dat the two of em stay together forever and watch the worlds get destroyed.  Akira’s pretty much lost her fite at this point so she agrees.

Despite the Blue World getting destroyed, Akira’s happy with just Lespouri Takt and the latter tells her he loves him and warns Akira to never stop loving him


Tsuga Yuuji

Eldest and plays bass.  For an oniisan character, I found him to be extremely unreliable and irritating as hell  cuz all he ever did was get angry and try to punch everyone – so much for setting a good example ==  Anyway he’s the kindly, peace loving one in the group who stops the IS dudes from tearing each other apart, LOL dat and he’s pretty big a perve.  His SUB STANCE is Deviser, who thinks he’s the king of the world and who’s arrogance somehow manages to top Takt’s but it’s all in good fun and he loves his nakama to bits ;D

Kay so when Akira meets Yuuji, he’s being a big oaf and fishing but apparently he can’t fish for shiet and can only catch seaweed lol fail.  I thought’d he’d be pretty funny but…

…OMFG.  HE’S SO FUCKING ANNOYING.  Everytime something good happens that makes me think I’ll like him more e.g he becomes a lecherous perve when he sees Akira in a swimsuit lmao, he then goes and does something else to make me go “WTF GROW UP” :@:@:@

Like when a new IS member joins the group.  Yuuji is immediately prejudiced towards the guy just cuz he doesn’t have the balls to accept someone else into their group, starts hating on the new IS member and when Akira’s like “DUDE WTF IS WRONG WITH U”, he’s all “WHY U ON HIS SIDE HUH??!?  U PICKING HIM OVER ME?!?!  SAY IT, WHO U PICK, ME OR HIM?!! :@:@:@”  ==****** jesus fucking christ how old are you??  and Yuuji’s supposed to be the MATURE one in the group.

And then wot he goes up to Akira and is like “KISS ME BABY ;D”.

…Yeah NO.  GTFO u pedo freak.

Lol anyway, after dat Yuuji brings Akira to his hometown and tries a buhmillion times to get it through to her thick skull dat he be liking her big time.  When she says dat she wants to live ere cuz it’s pretty, Yuuji’s all “YOU CAN BUT THERE’S A CUSTOM ERE – U MUST MARRY A MAN WHO COMES FROM HERE =D=D” and Akira’s all “i wonder where I can find that man then…” and completely ignores the fact that this is Yuuji’s hometown FAIL YUUJI XD.

Then he brings her to his ghetto family of 13 or summin and introduces Akira as his yomesan which has her flippin out and asking why he’d say summin like that.

Yuuji gives up the purple prose ere and just tells her it’s cuz he likes her and dat he wants to marry her and live with her here.  Cuz I dislike Yuuji, i clicked the 「ヤダ」option the mo i saw it and was wondering why he looked so emo till I backtracked and realised I rejected him LMAO XD


Boss part with Takt = NF boss now.  Takt takes Akira as usual but Yuuji busts in to save Akira and thankin huever’s around dat she’s safe, hugs her and then says as a penalty for trying to sacrifice herself for mankind, he’s gonna take Akira as his wife after all this is over, no buts no nutin ;)

IS go fite Takt and Yuuji pummels the poor guy before doing some marriage vow thing for Akira where he swears he’ll blablabla be with her dat crap and kisses her.

In the end, all’s good, Blue World wins and Akira’s now living with Yuuji’s family.  Once his parents and lil siblings are finally asleep, he slips a ring onto Akira’s finger and proposes to her, telling her dat mushy and also 「これからは俺たちで、もっともっと家族を増やしていこう。」 <– Kay I don’t know about u guys but I was just lmaoing so hard cuz then he talked about how it’s the uh product of their “LOVE CRYSTALS” or summin LOL, it’s like Fernand’s ending where he went “LET’S FILL THE WORLD WITH OUR BABIEZZ” XD


Yuuji’s SUB STANCE begins to take over and is all holier than thou possessive with EVERYTHING, from the world to Akira cuz apparently all dat’s his so only he can protect em…or destroy em lol.

yeah so Deviser smacks Takt upside the head till the dude dies and then proceeds onto furiously making out with Akira: “LET ME INJECT MY LOVE INTO YOU!!” LOLWUT

Soooooo YEAH.  Deviser manages to make a new world from Red and Blue and becomes the king and everyone else = his peons. To top it all off, Akira becomes his 妃; everyone else in the land can’t raise their heads to him, only Akira can but they end up looking more like a pimp and his hoe LMAO xD

Kurama Hiro

Hiro ain’t the irritating bubbly preppy kind of annoying shota, he’s annoying in a totally different way but let me rage about that later lol.  Meek and timid, he’s socially retarded and doesn’t care about anything else cept his IS buddies.  His SUB STANCE is Duesenburg, the resident tranny NF of the game lmao, and is exactly how one would perceive their stereotypical campy flamboyant okama.

Let me begin by saying…MY FUCKING GOD so much attitude in one so young!  I don’t rmb being like this 2 years back LOL Anyway, like Takt, Hiro is a giant whiney fuck to Akira the minute she places her foot into IS grounds and spends all his time hating on her.  He yaks about how he doesn’t need new nakama and it gets so bad that one time, he throws a fit during a NF battle and runs away in the middle.

Yeah he irritated me so much that like in Yuuji’s route, when Hiro went “YOU’RE NOT NEEDED GTFO”, I picked “kay fine I don’t need you either GTFO” and DAMN it felt good seeing Hiro’s face crumple up and he started flipping out about how he doesn’t want to be thrown away etc.  WELL STOP BEING A MOULDY TOOL THEN.

Seeing as that was the wrong choice, I reluctantly reloaded my save file and picked the right choice this time, which was “BUT I WANNA BE FRNDS WITH U” == the fuck I don’t wanna be friends with this whiny shit!  Oh wellz no matter cuz even Akira couldn’t take his whining so SHE BITCHSLAPS HIM and screams at him to man the fuck up, he’s dragging down the team by throwing silly tantrums while everyone’s on the front lines fighting for their lives and lol, Hiro starts crying ere but cuz Akira’s nice, she wipes away his tears and tells him to go fight and save the world, she’s here to guide him :)

So after dat, he’s all dere around Akira and accepts her as one of his nakama.  One time, Akira finds him sleeping and he starts going 「アキラさん。。。そんなにされたら、ボク。。。もう限界。。。あ、ダメ!」 LOLOLOL and Akira’s like “HOLY FUCK IS HE HAVING A WET DREAM ABOUT ME!?!?!?!” but turns out he was dreaming about her forcing him to stuff himself silly or summin YEAH RITE XDXD

Anyway, same thing happens with Takt –> NF Boss, Akira handing herself over and Hiro comes in to save the day.  He vows to become a man so he protect Akira.


During the boss battle, course Hiro wins and proud to have become manlier lol, he kisses Akira and tells her he very daisuki her.

The Red World vanishes and the Blue World remains.  Now that the NF crap is over, Hiro decides to travel the world with Akira; “As long as I’m with Akira, I’ll be alright :)”


Dusenburg begins to take over Hiro ie Hiro starts acting camp gay lololol kay no, just rather sarcastic and extremely ruthless.  Dusenburg figures that life would be so much easier if neither worlds existed so that he wouldn’t have to deal with this saving ppl crap and would be able to just live with Akira.  He proposes that they ditch the IS shit and just go live together so during the final battle, he grabs Akira’s hand and they fucking RUN and leave everyone to die lmao omg Dusenburg u shithole xD

All the IS members die presumably and Dusenburg + Akira continue running, now from both the Blue World and the Red World.  Akira’s feeling like shit but her love for Hiro conquers dat so they make out and this turns the worlds red.  Not that Hiro or Akira cares cuz they got each other and das all they care about LOL.

Suzuki Kazuki

Keyboard and lyricist of the band.  A total weirdo, he’s some FAAAABULOUS moppy haired megane freak who’s a giant narcissist and loves shoving random engrish into his sentences just cuz he thinks it’s cool lol.  His SUB STANCE is Rickenbacker, essentially a neko NF who’s pretty adorable, can’t talk and makes some really funny silly noises in his failed attempts to communicate with everyone xD

Though he seems like an eccentric carefree idiot, it’s really only a facade he puts up to hide his uh “TRUE INNER SELF” –  he’s actually the most perceptive guy in the group, very deep and um holds little solo performances for the dead.

...kay nvm he IS just a weirdo LOL.  I can’t understand a single fuggin word he says cuz he keeps cramming in terrible engrish in and i’m just tryna figure out wot all dat katakana means – all i know is, he has a fabulous garterbelt speedo AND I WANT ONE  XDXD  And dear god even his cgs are all weird look o.O;;

So yeah lol his path is just plain retarded cuz it’s all about Kazuki being a fucking weirdo lmao.  Thus, i have no fucking clue as to how to convey his weird antics so I’ll just skip to the boss part LOL cuz it’s not as though all dem weird events forward the plot in any way xD


Akira gets taken by NF Boss Takt but course Kazuki comes in to save her and all.

Then we get to the big boss battle.  I wasn’t really paying attention cuz Kazuki’s engrish rambling just made me go wtf *skip* so anyway, i think IS were losing or summin so they retreat for a tad but Kazuki is fatally hit and is about to die.  He asks Akira to bring his keyboard to him so he can play her one last song and after confessing that he love her, they kiss and whoohoo Akira chooses the Blue World and Kazuki lives.

In the end, the NF dudes are still able to live somehow and Akira has opened a school specially for em.  So she teaches with Kazuki being an idiot all over again and all ends well in a happy 3some with Kazuki’s goddamned piano xD  Oh and is it just me or is Akira’s head tilt ^ so fridgin adorable?? <3


Okay this ending is just wtfbbq.

Kazuki’s SUB STANCE, Rickenbacker takes over which means Kazuki starts talking even more herpaderp  and basically gains the mentality of a brain damaged 8 year old o.O;;  So Rickenbacker’s racing around killing every NF he can see and when he sees Takt, he’s like “SING FO ME BEETCH” and starts beating the SHIT outta Takt who’s all “WTF” and dies.  Rickenbacker’s then like “HEY MAN NO SLEEPING SING GODDAMNIT SING!!” cuz the poor dude doesn’t know that he’s just KILLED Takt.  When he realises or summin, he starts screaming his cat lungs out and everyone’s just wondering who the fuck the screeching banshee is while Akira’s like “OMG HIS MUSIC IS BEAUTIFUL”.  WUT.

Rickenbacker’s singing causes the world to become Red so there goes the Blue World.  Rickenbacker can’t originally talk and is only able to through Kazuki’s voice but now that Kazuki’s conscious is gone, Rickenbacker soon loses the ability to talk and can now only go “GOOGOOGAGA!!” o.O;;  Akira apparently finds this extremely HAAAAAWT so she sticks with the guy, listening to him play music and failing and in the end, Rickenbacker manages to say one thing: 「アノネ、アキラ。。。スキ!:D」.

I don’t know whether to lmao or just plain wtf so at the mo, I’m just headbanging the desk and shitting enough bricks to build a house lol xD

Mutsuki Hijiri 

The last IS member.  Whereas all the other IS members take their protecting the world job srsly, Hijiri is all chill and woteva about it and spends all his time perving on Akira and pissing everyone off instead lol.   His SUB STANCE is Epiphone,  the first SUB STANCE in the Blue World who has never been compatible with anyone before and Hijiri doesn’t RESONATE with this dude till later on.  Laconic and is in love with Hijiri’s music.

So yeah the minute Hijiri steps foot into IS, he starts hitting on Akira, pissing all the other members off and further makes em rage when he starts insulting their music.  Everyone hates him but Akira sees that Hijiri ain’t tryna be a giant jerkass, it’s just dat he doesn’t know how to approach ppl without making them go like this .  Upon Akira’s request though, he promises to try and be frnds, something he accomplishes by bringing in a cat to the IS dudes – lol we all know how der nihonjin love their nuko xD

Anyway, it’s quickly made apparent that Hijiri knows Akira from during the previous IS teams but just that Akira can’t rmb cuz her memory gets wiped every time.  He’s hoping that she’s changed but to his despair, Akira’s still as selfless as ever, ready to give herself up anytime.  Akira picks up on Hijiri knowing shit so he tells her that looking at her pisses him off cuz whereas Akira’s forgotten everything, he’s gotta remember everything and suffer.

Before he can elaborate, some giant cocksucker comes in and freaks the shit outta the two of em cuz the penis is his mouth was so big OKAY WTF AM I WRITING NO. wot i meant to say was, some NF dude starts whacking Hijiri around to get Akira and poor Hijiri’s gotta fight the thing without RESONATING simply cuz he CAN’T; there’s no one to RESONATE with lol.

Course Hijiri can’t just do nothing cuz he risks losing Akira so he calls for Epiphone and the latter finally relents as Epiphone is infatuated with Hijiri’s voice.  They RESONATE and become total badasses but the NF shit loses his balls and runs home to the Red World to get em.

Still, nothing’s changed and Hijiri’s still killing himself over how Akira hasn’t changed a single bit and is always full of hope, always prepared to sacrifice herself for a bunch of shitpiles who are using her.  It makes him WANT to believe and hope but he figures that he’s gonna fail like the last time again so wots the point in hoping?  Despite this, he’s all in love with her from way back and swear he’ll protect her this time fo sho.

When Akira gets taken by NF Boss Takt, Hijiri barrels in to save her and there, meets his former SUB STANCE, Gibson.  Hijiri reveals that he was with the previous IS group and they were doing good till Gibson betrayed em all and lead to the entire team’s death; only Hijiri got out safe.  Anyway, Gibson’s like “Fuck off Hijiri I want Epiphone” cuz Epiphone is Gibson’s otouto but Hijiri bitches back at Gibson to tell him to STFU cuz “I NEED EPIPHONE’S POWER TO PROTECT THE WOMAN I’M IN LOVE WITH :@:@:@”

Having successfully taken Akira back, the IS group plan their next move and then, Hijiri confesses again that he loves everything about Akira, how srs she is, how she gets flustered easy and though infuriating, he loves the part of her that’s willing to sacrifice herself if it means saving the world.


In the final boss fight, Gibson RESONATES with all his Red World cronies and becomes crazy powerful but Hijiri super 合体s with Epiphone and win.  Hijiri begins to die from using too much power thus requests Akira to kiss him before he kicks the bucket and in kissing Akira, he heals cuz she’s chosen the Blue World and shiet.

After all dat crap,  Hijiri and Akira are together now, going off to visit the graves or summin of previous IS members.  Though she can’t rmb, Akira begins to cry and Hijiri tells her it’s alright cuz he’s got him now.


Hijiri seems to be the only one who’s aware of his SUB STANCE taking over and Epiphone too, knows this but says Hijiri doesn’t care as long as it means he can save Akira.  This time, Hijiri dies from the super 合体 but Epiphone continues to live on in his body.

In the end, Akira leaves LAG to live together with Hijiri/Epiphone.  Still, Hijiri sings to Akira but several years later, she finally realises that Hijiri is completely dead and that the voice she has been hearing is Epiphone’s.  She apologises for never looking at Epiphone but promises she will from now on.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

There’s still one major question left in the story but I’ll get to dat later lol.

My fave is definitely Takt, with Yousuke and Hijiri coming in a close second.  Yuuji and Hiro were pretty irritating both in their own ways; I couldn’t see anything “mature” about the former and the latter was just a whiny clingy wuss so yeah.  lmao no comment for Kazuki, I don’t know wot to say xD  As for Akira, I liked her a lot, she wasn’t useless, she’s the fucking COMMANDER yo.  She was a pretty cute DFC; she’s sweet, brave and i liked how she wasn’t all OMFGWTFBBQRUNAWAY whenever the dudes pledge their love for her; she just accepts it with grace and reciprocates their feelings head on.  Though she did feel a tad like a hollow martyr with her whole saving the world thing ^^;;

The soundtrack was pretty damn good – to be expected since IS = KOREAN BOY BAND LOL.  The cast were all pretty good, from the SUB STANCEs to the MAIN STANCEs so I have no complaints there :D  I liked hearing the contrast between the guys when they were normal and when their SUB STANCEs were eating them up, interesting to hear how their speech patterns and all change.

As for the art, I’ve loved pako’s stuff since his work on Shining Force Feather so an otome game designed entirely by him is a nice change =D  Though I liked all his chara designs and his art style, I have a huge gripe with the cg – a lot of em were kinda random, and WTF IS WITH PAKO’S OBSESSION WITH DRAWING THE BACK OF AKIRA’S FUCKING HEAD?!  I WANT THE FACE BITCH!

And ere we get to the story.  It was a pretty fun story overall for an otome game, had some badass animations and a sleek system but srsly, WOT THE FUCK IS AKIRA??  Why was she magically bestowed with the power to choose worlds?  Was she MADE or was she just…born a god??  Or was I not paying attention again lol? xD  Anyway, I liked the DEATH routes cuz it was pretty funny to see wot happened when the characters got taken over by the SUB STANCES, especially Kazuki’s retard ending lolololol.  And i kept lmaoing whenever the characters started talking about mass populating the new barren world with Akira’s babies xDxD

So yeah man, this is one decent game, nice art, interesting story but with some cop out plot lines and shiet combined with one fiiine soundtrack and generally likable characters.  Like I said, the cons were some of the cg and plotholes as well as some extremely repetitive fighting bs but all in all, tis an alright game ;)

31 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Scared Rider Xechs”

  1. HOLY SHIET U have no idea how happy you have made me <333

    i loved your review. so funneh! I don't get akira's bit either but there's a forum somewhere that covered it up, i think.

    I loved reading about Yosuke and takt and Hijiri; Kazuka made me LMAO. it was a bit of a shame for Yuuji and Hiro tho but oh well. Anyway, once again, thank u sooooo much for this review. Please have my babies hahaha xDDDD

    • domshiki Says:

      haha why thank you, ready to have yo babies anytime dahling >;D

      yeah yuuji and hiro were pretty disappointing, i dint hate em or anything but they annoyed me a hell lot ==*****

  2. Reason why you have no idea about what the hell Akira is?
    man, from what ive seen about this game in dengeki, all i can say is that… wtf is wrong with kazuki. =.=

    orz, nothing to do with this but i have to say it
    ☆ ishida AKIRA ☆

    • domshiki Says:

      fo sho yeah but i heard some ppl were going “???” as well over wtf akira is lol xD

      lol kazuki. just…lool.

  3. It honestly looks like there is a banana peel on Hijiri’s head. =.= I surely hope that this is not the case, but do most of the CGs with Akira show just the back of her head?

    • domshiki Says:

      sadly yes, it’s like pako has a fetish for the backs of heads – rather infuriating really ==

  4. kaon Says:

    thanks you¡¡¡
    very good¡¡

  5. Acid Says:

    Well… I think you’ll be pleased to know that the fandisc rids us of the back of Akira’s head and graces us more with her cute face.

    On another note, thanks for the review! After going through 3 guys, I just… completely forgot about it when I decided I need a break after Yuuji. lol

    • domshiki Says:


      sweeeeeeeeeeeet xD and damn the art looks so much better o.O;; omg i so want this lmao xD haha we all need a break after going through yuuji xD

  6. LOL. My friend has just told me to play SRX and get the substance endings to get the chills, and you posted this. What a coincidence. xD

    The death endings look skary but I think I’ll still play through them, mainly to see Kazuki’s WTF death ending and his fabulous garterbelt speedo. Thanks for the review, I had a good laugh. xDD

    • domshiki Says:

      hellz yeah dem death endings, i liked em a lot more than the love endings mainly cuz of their “WTF” factor xD dear lord kazuki. just…wtf went wrong with him at the end? and he was such a weirdo the entire time, his weirdass obsession with his piano and in the end, his “TRUE INNER SELF” bs was never explained so lol yeah xD

  7. Lol seems like pretty fun. I can’t believe how fast you are at reading visual novels >_< takes me months before I finish one and then write the review.

    • domshiki Says:

      this one actually took me longer to finish cuz of work, almost a month but totally worth playin ;D

  8. zizi6631 Says:

    U like BIG BANG? I’m a big fan too!
    I haven’t played the game but from your review, I liked Takt better than the others. and I had a lot of fun (same as always) reading the review. thanx a lot!

    • domshiki Says:

      HELLZ YEAH i love big bang, esp. tae yang <3<3<3

      haha glad u enjoyed reading this, this was pretty fun to type up too ;) Takt ftw he was so adorable xD

  9. Mimi Says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who started screaming
    oh good lord… I couldn’t stop laughing xD LOL
    hilarious and awesome review as usual!!! hahaha

    • domshiki Says:

      lol man total Star Driver moment there – most epic scene in this game perhaps? xD

      glad u liked this =P

  10. my japanese friend told me the game system is complete poo. what’s it like? It’s not as hell as Vitamin X or Z I hope….I don’t want anymore games like that ( ;∀;)

    • domshiki Says:

      the system looks pretty neat like the design and layout and the gameplay is split into part A and part B: part A = regular otome VN but part B…bet ur friend was talking about part B, it’s pretty retarded cuz it’s like the battle part but its not rpg fiting, just like picking which dude to fite and shiet and was just chock full of pointless repetitive fiting ==* that’s the poo part of the game and u can’t skip over it either fuuuuuuuuuuu xD

      oh lord the vit series…i played both but gave up halfway cuz though it made me lmfao pretty hard, the teacher stuff was just…T.T

  11. Thanks for doing a review for this game! I’m kind of surprised that you thought Yuji was annoying because I was also under the impression that he was a cool onii-san LOL
    The music is one of the best things from the otome games that Iwasaki Daisuke produces…
    I have to admit…even though Akira is the commander…it’d be cool if should turn into a rider too LOL if she’s a goddess she should have some ability to firght orz

    • domshiki Says:

      like normally yuuji’s alrite, some chill niisan dude but then he keeps getting so friggin emotional over everything and acted so immature it just had me going “the fuuuuuuut??” lol

      haha too true it’d be so badass if akira cud apprivoise like all the other kamen rider IS members xD i still don’t have any idea wth she is lmao

  12. Ruby Says:

    All the guys are hawt looking :3

  13. Oh, I love your otome game reviews. Your commentary is hilarious. Specifically, “WTF IS WITH PAKO’S OBSESSION WITH DRAWING THE BACK OF AKIRA’S FUCKING HEAD?! I WANT THE FACE BITCH!” Made me lol because I agreed and I could just hear someone saying it as they BITCHSLAPPED A BITCH!

    Anyways, good work. :D

  14. how is that in all my search for something related to SRX I didn’t found this before??!!
    god I cracked up so hard I couldn’t breath for a moment XD
    your review is so funny!!!
    the S ending of yousuke….I had forgotten about that XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    I have a request… may I link this page to a livejournal community??
    I created one and we kinda lack of post XD
    thank you!

    • domshiki Says:

      haha thanks, this game is pretty damn funny wot can i say xD

      it will be of the highest honour to have this page linked to ur lj community ;)

      • It is!!! that’s one of the reasons I still can’t go over the addiction D=
        but your review killed me, seriously XD

        oh my, thank you!!! >w<
        do you have a lj account?? ^^ we'd love to receive new members ^^

      • The entry with the link is up, thank you so much! ^^

  15. i’m just curious. haven’t played the game yet or will never
    be coz it’s not available in my place, so i just hoarded the chara
    drama singles due to the seiyuus kewl songs. is Yuuji a bipolar or
    something? coz when u listen to his song, ALL-BACK-ATTACK he uses
    two voice tones. or was that his red mode slipping in??

  16. Rising_Fortune Says:

    I have played Takt route. >< I love him!!! I think his voice is the best

  17. Yuki-desu Says:

    i want to ask you so badly since i’ve been looking for walkthrough all over the net but there’s no entry for SCX’s walkthrough. I’m in Track 09 where Takt dies to save Akira then after all IS dies I went back to a screen where there are track 00 to track 09. what should I do? should I play it again from track 00 or should I just contiue from track 09?

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