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Otome Game Review: Scared Rider Xechs STARDUST LOVERS

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Alternative Titles:  スカーレッドライダーゼクス STARDUST LOVERS

Company: Rejet

Release Date: 23.06.11

Official Site:

Platform: PS2, PSP 

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, mecha, boy bands

Plot Summary:

More gattais and korean boy bands hur :D This is a FD of Scared Rider Xechs, takes place during the main storyline and basically delves into wot our IS kids get up to during their non-ganking free time

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Otome Game Review – Kanuchi Shiroki Tsubasa no Shou

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Alternative Titles: カヌチ 白き翼の章

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 02.10.08

Official Site:


Platform: PS2, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, fantasy

Plot Summary: Our heroine Aki’s an orphan who got picked up by a Toura jiijii and has been living happily with him for 17 years till one day, she meets all these bishies and that  turns her schizophrenic LOL.  Combine that with some blacksmithing, fantasy elements and a weirdass plot and we got our Kanuchi.  Das the gist of things anyway xD

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Otome Game Review – CLOCK ZERO ~ Shuuen no Ichibyou ~

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Alternative Titles:
CLOCK ZERO ~終焉の一秒~

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 25.11.10

Official Site:


Platform: PS2,

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, fantasy, time travelling, RICH KIDS

Plot Summary:   Our protagonist ere is a rich bitch precocious 6th year Nadeshiko who’s been having odd dreams of being in a ruined world.  One day, her teacher decides to unceremoniously shove her and a handful of other children he deems bratty problem kids into an after school club and das when shit happens. lol summin like dat xD

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Persona 4 – The Animation

Posted in Ramblings with tags , , , , , , on 18/05/2011 by sandeian

The fact that Persona 4 was going to become an anime was known since last month but the real date of the airing of the anime was only realeased yesterday.

Persona 4 The Animation will be airing from October 2011 on MBS!!

Official Site

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Otome Game Review – Wand of Fortune ~ Mirai e no Prologue ~

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on 05/05/2011 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: ワンド オブ フォーチュン ~ 未来へのプロローグ ~

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 25.02.10

Official Site:


Platform: PS2, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  magic, Hogwarts, romance, fandisk,  HNNNNG heroine

Plot Summary: HNNNNNNNNNG LULU <3<3  This is the fandisk to WOF game.  Essentially a sequel, it continues on from the open ending where Lulu goes with no one, becomes all elementental and then branches off into her stories of after she gets together with her manz ;)

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Otome Game Review – S.Y.K ~Renshouden~

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on 30/04/2011 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: S.Y.K  ~蓮咲伝~

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 11.03.11

Official Site:


Platform: PS2, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, historical, fantasy, monkey king, fandisk

Plot Summary: AAAAAAAAND we’re back for some more Monkey King Otome fun ;D  This is the fandisk to the SYK game and is basically the follow up to each character’s paths + this time, we can also check out Konzenshi (Genjou’s past self) and watch her whoring around with guys like Youzen LOL xD

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Otome Game Review – Scared Rider Xechs

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Alternative Titles: スカーレッドライダーゼクス

Company: Rejet

Release Date: 01.07.10

Official Site:

Platform: PS2

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, kamen rider, rock band, save the world

Plot Summary OTOME GAME x KAMEN RIDERS x  ROCK BAND – So much awesome packed into one game, oh how this not be awesome? xD  Lol okay, so there are these bad guy aliens who are out to nuke earth so the military decided to take a page outta Halo’s book and kidnap some kids to use em as child soldiers to fight against these aliens.  How does our heroine, Akira,  come into play?  She’s a genius who graduated from uni at 15 and is sent to train these kamen rider kids ;) Continue reading

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