Otome Game Review: Wand of Fortune 2 FD ~ Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue ~

9577a843Alternative Titles: ワンド オブ フォーチュン2 FD~君に捧げるエピローグ~

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 22.11.12

Official Site: LULU <3

Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, Otome, MORE LULU <3 End to WOF

Plot Summary:

I JUST FINISHED MA FINALS and guess what I did? I went home, all ready to sleep from the horrible consecutive all nighters pulled, but for some reason, I ended up sitting down for 2 hours and typing a 9000 word…review.  This.

It seems like I am a masochist after all…Anyway this is the final wof game and it’s a shitton of fanservice of Lulu growing up, growing…down and just Lulu being super adorable <3

Okay so I lied about doing diabolik wifebeaters first thing after my exams are done BUT CMON YOU ALL KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE MY LULU!

Lulu has a dream and there, she meets a faerie version of herself called BELL.  Bell asks what dream she wants to see and the game is split into 3 parts: a “BIG BALL” event lol, the 3 years after epilogue, and scenarios where Lulu has magically become a little loli again – possible the most adorable thing I have seen this year.


f_8897513_1I’d like to say that he’s lost some of his retard tennen-ness but it seems age only makes that stronger lol.


snap041_thumbThe two heads of the school, Ivan and Vania, decide to throw a magical ball for the students.  Lulu’s all excited and wants to dance with Julius but all the guy rambles on about is how he heard the two heads are going to cast some cool magic that night and he can’t wait to see magic cast by the Ancient Ones and OMFG FANBOY SQUEE MAGIC IS THE BEST!!!  Lulu thinks that he’s forgotten all about her and is downcast until Julius tells her that he can’t wait to see her in a pretty dress and dance with her too – it’s like a dream come true, he gets to see her all dolled up AND he gets to see cool magic.  Lulu’s overjoyed that Julius didn’t forget about her and immediately glomps him

snap042_thumbThe night of the ball, Julius overwhelmed by the sheer prettiness of Lulu and before the dance, he takes her outside to better see the magic the two heads are going to cast.  The heads make some pretty northern lights (FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK GO FUCKING READ IT PHILLIP PULLMAN IS A GENIUS) and make the entire castle glow or some shit.  Lulu comments on how amazing the magic is and how it makes her feel warm and fuzzy on the inside and Julius tells her that’s how he always feels when he sees Lulu’s magic ;)


snap043_thumbSo Julius is now some lab geek and Lulu is still a student at Otome Hogwarts.  As seen in WOF 2, Julius has already proposed to Lulu and the two are now engaged.  Out of nowhere one day, Julius decides they need to move in together and get their own place, like right now so he buys a place and now Lulu lives with Julius.

snap044_thumbEverything’s going nice and happy cept for the occasional “GODDAMN WHEN R U GUYS ACTUALLY GNA GET MARRIED” and “WHENS THE WEDDING” and Julius is all happy ichaicha with Lulu till one nasty afternoon…

…till Julius’s SISTER shows up.  Else is almost like the female version of Est, except much angrier and much more passive aggressive. It’s immediately made apparent  that she hates Lulu’s guts and is furious at Julius for never sending her a letter, not even when he’s now engaged – she had to find out through their parents.  Julius has no excuse cuz he’s dumbass Julius lol and Else decides to stay here at their place…and Julius is the one sleeping on the couch >:D

snap330_thumbJulius ain’t happy ofc cuz now he doesn’t get to share a bed with Lulu and cuz Else takes every opportunity she can get to cockblock the hell outta him and Lulu.  Lulu tries her best to befriend Else but all attempts are rebuffed and Else just thinks Lulu’s tryna butter her up or some shit.  Julius finally snaps and tells Else to pull that giant spiked dildo outta her ass and stop being so anal about everything.  Else goes into an angry tirade about how it was magic at first, and now it’s this loli hoe Lulu – Julius always has sth btr than his own family.  If only Lulu weren’t here…Julius demands that she apologise to Lulu and stop being such a dumb fuck before.  Else then starts bawling like a baby and throws a “JULIUS NO BAAAAAAAKAAAAAAAAAA” tantrum and locks herself into a room.

snap333_thumb Lulu then kicks Julius out and tells Julius to leave it to her.  Lulu manages to coax Else out, who calms down and apologises for being a bitch.  Lulu then shows her some magic spell that Julius use to do whenever Else was down.  Else and Lulu  then spend the night bitching about Julius and how dumb and dense he is lol

snap045_thumbThe next day, Julius comes back with a giant hangover after having gotten plastered the night before with Noel and Matthew.  His two buds had smacked some sense into him so he apologises to Else, who ain’t mad no more before he hops into bed and chills with Lulu, the two talking about how nice it is to have a little sis blablabla

snap046_thumbSince then, the 3 of em have been bff and one day, Else and Julius tell Lulu that they have a surprise for her tmr.  They bring her to Matthew’s bar…inn….something and put on some performance for her.  Else’s going home tmr though cuz her break’s ending and she’s gta go back to skl.

snap047_thumbSoooo Else leaves and Julius and Lulu are left to their own devices again.  Lulu tells Julius how she wants to buy a piano so she can hear him play whenever.  In return, Julius requests that she kiss him over and over until he’s satisfied so the two spend the whole day snogging each other :D

snap048_thumbAnd then the two finally get married.  There wasn’t a scene for this, just a CG and a comment thingy – what a shame.


snap109_thumbEveryone’s favourite butt monkey idiot who can’t stop screaming and freaking out over everything.


snap049_thumbUnlike Julius or any of the other guys, Noel thinks the dance is a huuuge deal, even moreso than Lulu herself.  When she tries to bring it up, Noel tells her to talk to him about it tmr and is obviously hiding sth.  He calls her out the next day though, and when he shows up, he’s holding a bouqet of roses – he knows the ball is important to her and wanted to ask her out properly and that this kinda thing is “礼儀” agakgsakfasfskfsdjkfbskdjfbk and Lulu’s super touched but THIS IS NOEL WE’RE TALKING ABOUT SO OFC HE FUCKS UP LIKE

snap425_thumb snap426_thumb snap427_thumb snap423_thumb snap428_thumb snap424_thumb

and fails to get it out right LOOL

snap050_thumbLulu sees all the other guys just eating salad and decides that she’s gta stop being such a pig or she won’t fit in her dress.  She skimps out on her meals the next few days so on the day of the ball, she’s starving and near fainting.  Noel notices so he takes her outside and force feeds her a shit ton of food and thanks her for trying so hard for him :3


snap051_thumbNow he’s become the student representative of Otome Hogwarts so he’s Mr. Important and spends his days being busy and meeting VIPs.  Inside though, he’s still the same blushy buffoon who likes to get excited all by himself 24/7.

Unlike Julius, Noel hasn’t moved in with Lulu and still lives in Otome Hogwarts.  He’s super busy so he and Lulu hardly ever see each other till he gets a rare day off where the two of em go on a date.  When evening comes though, Lulu finds out that Noel can’t stay for dinner and has to leave for more work.  Lulu gets all adorable lonely woobie on Noel and asks whether he can stay for just a little bit more.  When he replies that he can’t, Lulu backs off and is abt to go home but Noel grabs her from the back and is all “OH BABY I WANT U TOO BUT WE CAN’T”.  Lulu confesses that she’s been lonely a lot but then pretends that it was all a joke and tells Noel she’s pulling his leg so dwbi and get back to work :D  Noel leaves but ofc he knows it wasn’t all a joke but he’s not ready to move in with Lulu or anything yet – something that Julius calls him out on like:




The next day, Lulu’s sent to look for the two VIP dudes who came to Otome Hogwarts but have gotten lost.  Lulu finds the two, one called Raoul and the other, Henri.  Noel busts in seconds later, screaming his head off as usual and tells Lulu to get behind him and away from those two freaks – turns out Raoul and Henri are Noel’s older bros  lool and the two have spent much of their lives picking on Noel and making his life hell.

snap053_thumbTurns out the two bros are here to see their baby brother’s gf and both of them approve big time.  That night, the two brothers go drinking with Noel and in middle of the night, a hammered Noel shows up at Lulu’s and ends up collapsing on her shoulder. Lulu’s like “god how much did u drink mofo” before Noel tells her that he had like what, half a glass of beer or some shit and says that he’s just horrible with alcohol.  Lulu tells him “WELL DON’T DRINK THEN DUMBFUCK” but Noel replies that he meets these VIP dudes everyday so he’ll have to drink either way and he’s gta take it like a man.  Lulu says that she doesn’t like how Noel’s always holding back and taking shit from everyone and asks him can’t he just let go already?

snap054_thumbNext day, both Lulu and Noel wake up late and start freaking out about being late for work etc.  Before Raoul and Henri leave, they give Noel the key to some super pretty place for when he finally moves his ass and moves in with Lulu.  When the two leave, Noel apologises for Lulu for making her wait so goddamn long – in truth, he was scared, wasn’t ready and was still guilty abt having killed a soldier 350 yrs ago and that was still killing him inside.  He wants her to wait just a little longer and he promises he’ll finally pop the question

snap055_thumbSome time later, Noel takes Lulu to their new place and brings her to the roof, where he’s made it all pretty and planted flowers everywhere.  Lulu’s all giddy cuz she knows what is coming next and sure enough, Noel finally mans up and proposes to Lulu.  When he does, all the flowers on the roof bloom cuz Noel’s made a spell and overjoyed, Lulu snogs Noel and goes on about how SHE’S going to make HIM happy like:



Where Noel’s like “um aren’t I sposed to be the one saying that”snap380_thumb

but Lulu dgaf and just snogs him some more before he can open his fat mouth and talk lol


Oh Lulu <3




snap057_thumbBilal’s this super horny pedo who would like nothing btr than to bone 15yr old Lulu (or 16 idk) all day long, much to her chagrin.  He never stfus about how she’s his kisaki wife blablabla and takes every opportunity he can get to perve on her.  Which means, ofc, he doesn’t pass up the chance to “practice dancing” with Lulu when the ball event comes up.  Lulu’s fretting over whether she’s gd enough to dance with the prince that Bilal is cuz she’s just some commoner bumpkin and doesn’t know how to dance.  Bilal suggests they start dancing then but just ends up grinding with a very confused Lulu and they end up doing their horny shit lol.

snap058_thumbSo the ball rolls around and Lulu is adorable she is so cute omg and Bilal tells her that a bunch of VIP dudes will be at the ball and will be approaching him (cuz he’s VIP prince) so he tells Lulu to stay close by and just nod and smile.  Lulu does just that till Bilal is sick of all these stuffy corporate politician douchenozzles and tells em all the fuck off and let him and his Lulu dance.  Everything’s going well at first, Lulu is giddy and totally entranced with sexy Bilal but cuz she’s ultimate dojikko, she ends up tripping and kicks off her shoe.  Everyone’s like “ZOMG SHAME” and staring at her so poor Lulu’s close to tears and it doesn’t help that Bilal’s just standing there thinking the whole thing is fking comedic gold, shitting his pants laughing.  He tells her to wait a mo and Lulu’s all devastated till Bilal pulls up a chair or something, pulls Lulu onto his lap and puts her shoe back on for her.  She’s all mumbly apologetic and like “EVERYONE’S WATCHING KSJFKANFD” but he dgaf and tells her that she’s the best cuz she was focusing so much on him that she actually tripped rofl – goes to show how much Lulu loves him.  Lulu’s all touched and shit till Bilal’s like “lolol we should get up ur knickers be showing” so after a “BILAL NO ECCHIIIII AKJDSFKADSF”, the two get back up and start dancing again.


snap059_thumb Bilal’s now helping his older bro king, RASHEED, with politics shit along with Lulu.  Since Bilal can’t set foot into Faranbald, he’s decided to help from the outside and helps his hometown develop foreign relations and tries to get em to see the beauty of magic.  He’s still horny as ever, wanting to bone Lulu all day long like:

snap388_thumbbut Lulu tells him to put his snake away and work.

snap060_thumbThe two of em have been married for a year and half now but are usually too busy to go on dates and stuff till Rasheed lets em off one day.  The two of em have a nice little date and everythings going well until Bilal tells Lulu that he feels terrible about not having a real wedding with her when they got married.  Flashback here to the wedding day where they didn’t have time or some shit to do the whole big white wedding so they just had a really quick ceremony with their friends.  Lulu tells Bilal not to be silly cuz what she wants is a bond, not a wedding.

snap061_thumbLulu then has lunch with Rasheed the next day where the guy tells her that he wants her to come visit Faranbald – the people are dying to meet this magical goddess witch lady who helped bring water back to their land.  Lulu ofc, doesn’t want to cuz Bilal cant but tells Rasheed she’ll think it over.  She returns home to Bilal all depressed and tells him she couldn’t possibly do it if Bilal can’t come along (Bilal’s the only one cursed – Lulu isn’t and neither will be their kids).  Bilal’s touched that Lulu thinks that but tells her in truth, she still feels guilty over taking him away from Faranbald and just wants to make herself feel btr.  If she really wanted to redeem herself (not that there’s anything she needs to redeem herself for, just saying) or sth, the right thing to do would be to go to Faranbald and help Bilal that way.

snap062_thumbLulu decides that she will for Bilal’s sake, and this makes Bilal super horny and happy at the same time so he pushes her down and they have sex.

snap063_thumbSo, Lulu tells Rasheed that she’ll be going to Faranbald and for the next few days, she’s busy getting ready and shit.  The night before she goes, she spends time with Bilal and Rasheed tells her in return, he’ll be hosting the giant wedding for them.

snap064_thumbSo…Bilal is Indian?


snap111_thumbOMG ITS MY LAGI <3


snap065_thumbLulu is super excited about the ball but knows Lagi won’t want to go so doesn’t bother to ask.  However, Cynthia and everyone else tell her that there are tons of girls lining up to be Lagi’s partner so Lulu freaks and asks Lagi anyway.  Lagi outright says no, he ain’t going and when Lulu gets sad, he tells her it’s not cuz he doesn’t want to go with her (ok fine shit like balls he hates) but it’s cuz he’ll turn into a friggin chibi dragon if he gets too snuggly with her rmb??  Lulu apologises for being dumb but Lagi relents and says he’ll try for her so for the next few days, they practice dancing together where the minute Lulu LOOKS at Lagi during their dancing sessions, he becomes a dragon rofl.

snap066_thumbIt’s made obvious that the two of em can’t dance together without Lagi becoming a dragon but they still go to the ball.  Lulu tries not to be sad but Lagi sees it and tells her it’s okay if she wants to dance with some other people.  Lulu’s like “I only want Lagi…” so Lagi freaks and takes her outside.  He takes a deep breath, takes Lulu hand and tells her that he’s about to say some horribly embarrassing things so stfu and listen.  He kisses her hand and tells her that these horrible at this kind of mushy thing and doesn’t know what to say, except that Lulu was beautiful tonight and is his only princess.  When she told him that she only wanted to dance with him, he HNNNGGed hard and decided that if he couldn’t dance, then at least he had to do sth romantic for her.  He might not be able to dance with her now but he’ll make it so that in the future, he’ll be able to dance with her till she’s sick and tired of it so until then, just wait for him.  Then he reaches his limit and blushes like mad and blushes some more when Lulu tell him that he’s her only prince and that he wants her to kiss him ;)


 snap067_thumbAfter the timeskip, Lagi’s become some gachi muchi bear type, something that all the other characters comment on.  He doesn’t turn into a chibi dragon anymore cuz he’s ditched his side to become human for Lulu.  So it’s been a day since Lagi’s returned and the only thing he and Lulu have done is have happy reunion sex.  He doesn’t tell Lulu why it’s taken him 3 goddamn years to return and without a single peep during those 3 years but tells her he’s sorry and that he does have a reason for all of it.  Fortunately for him, Lulu’s very forgiving and is alright with it.  Unfortunately for him, all the other characters aren’t and after their initial “WOAH U BECOME A BEAR” comments, they all chew him out for it except for Julius cuz he’s Julius the dumb fuck.

snap068_thumbAnyway, Lagi’s come to make Lulu his wife so he’s gna bring her back to his hometown where he lives with his Native American some shit like that grandparents.  After 3 days, they reach Lagi’s place and meet old man Segg and grandma Coco.  Coco’s the stereotypical nice smiling gran and Segg’s some bamf old man who looks like a hardass but is actually very nice too (I don’t have a jiijii fetish like sandeian or anything but oddly enough, my loins burn for old man Segg rofl) and tells Lagi to stop being an ass to Lulu and treat her better when the dragon boi does his whole gruff manly tsun thing.  During the evening, Lagi takes Lulu out to his special tree where he shows her the sunset and shit.  Before they leave though, Lulu sees THE GHOST OF LAGI’S MOM, TEIA ASKFIASBFDSIFBSALBFADSKLFJBSALDKJF.  Lagi can’t see her though and Teia signals to Lulu not to tell Lagi about her.

The next day, Lulu runs off alone into the forest to find Teia, leaving a very annoyed Lagi cuz he can tell she’s totally hiding sth but his gramps is like “CLINGY OTOKO IS MINIKUI” or some shit mb i made that up but anyway, Lagi doesn’t follow and just takes a nap.

snap069_thumbLulu finds Teia in the forest who doesn’t appear until Lulu call her “mom” :3 Tea’s this nonchalant lady who knows her shit and won’t take shit from no one  and is delighted to have been able to see her future daughter in law.  She tells Lulu that when Lagi first returned 3 years ago, he underwent some hardcore pain shit ritual to force the dragon out of himself. Cuz dragons are OP as fuck, Lagi caused some disturbances in the area which is why Tea was drawn back to here and everything and could only watch as Lagi suffered alone and called out Lulu’s name while he was tryna kill the dragon inside him.  Because Lagi isn’t dragon anymore, he’s not in tune with the spirits and can’t even use magic anymore so he can’t see Tea and only Lulu and his fire salamander slave, CHIBI, can see him.  Lulu wants to reunite the two so she runs along home where Chibi begs her to let the two meet and gives the dragon scale that Kada gave Lagi, saying that it should be a good catalyst for the spell.

snap070_thumbLulu returns to a super grumpy Lagi and asks what he’d do if she were to die but then he gets a chance to see her again – would he want to meet her knowing that she’d have to go and it’d just leave him more devastated than ever?  Lagi’s like “wtf u on abt” but replies that no matter what, no matter how much shit he got from it, he’d want to see her so don’t be silly. Lulu then decides to tell Lagi about Tea and brings him out to the forest to meet her.  Tea’s reluctant to see Lagi but Lulu does the spell and for a couple moments, Lagi is able to hear and see Tea.  Tea’s like “omg u must hate me for giving birth to u and then dying on u” but Lagi says that’s bs and the only person he ever hated was Kada for ditching Tea and not becoming human to be with her.  Lulu can’t hold on anymore and the spell’s about to fail but there’s a sudden surge of magic and Lagi’s given enough time to thank Tea for giving birth to him and finally, Tea tells Lagi that she loves him and farewell.

Lulu blacks out from using too much energy so Lagi takes her home and Tea’s left alone in the forest.  Or so it seems.  All chipper, she tells the “WAGAMAMA DRAGON-SAN” to come out come out wherever he is and out pops none other than KADA!  Turns out he’s been here the entire time and helped Lulu with the spell when it seemed like it wud fail.  He’s been searching for her these 20yrs and is mad that when he called her, she wouldn’t show up but the minute Lagi’s in trouble, she shows up like wtf man.  Tea lols and tells him that for mothers, the kids are always number one so too bad.  Besides, he helped Lagi too in the end so it’s obvious Kada loves Lagi too. Kada scoffs and replies that’s only because Lagi is HER kid d’aaaawww.  Anyway, he sulks again about how Tea wouldn’t come to him when he called her and Tea tells him that it was cuz she couldn’t hear him.  Kada calls BS on this but Tea responds that it must be because there wasn’t enough love on Kada’s part haaaa.  Kada immediately goes all “NO THAT CAN’T BE” before Tea tells him she’s kidding and now that she’s done with Lagi and now that she’s here with Kada, she’ll go with him wherever.  Kada’s super happy and after wishing Lagi and Lulu gl, he takes off into the air with Tea.


snap071_thumbFor the next couple of days, Lulu sleeps and is fatigued till the finally gets up one day.  Lagi is nowhere to be seen and has apparently left for town but Chibi shows up and tells her he’s coming back so go greet him.  Lulu runs outside and glomps Lagi who tells her that he has something for her and pulls out a little box.  Inside is a wedding ring and Lagi specially ordered it from Bilal’s desert hometown cuz those guys are reknowned for making HQ sparkly shit.  Lagi apologises that it’s slow and Lulu tells him that she wants to hear him propose again.  Lagi goes tsundere again but relents and tells her that though he’s terrible at being romantic and can’t come up with sweet mushy shit, he’s goddamn straightforward and to the point and living up to that, he asks Lulu to marry him and that he’ll protect her.  Lulu immediately starts bawling nonstop like:

snap363_thumbWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.  And after she finally stops, the two kiss :3


I kinda like how their wedding is some traditional native looking one


snap113_thumbI just finished his route and I have to say, I still don’t really get what’s so amazingly hot and whatever about Alvaro.  In fact, playing this route made me hate him a little more but more abt that later.


snap074_thumbCuz Alvaro is a giant douche, he refuses to be Lulu’s partner cuz he says they’re not “CLOSE ENOUGH” *makes references to all the times she ran off whenever he tried to have sex with her* and tells Lulu if she wants him bad, she’s gta have to try harder.  Lulu’s tired of all of Alvaro’s shit and at the end of the day, can’t think of anything to do except to just glomp Alvaro and confess over and over again how much she likes him and how much it’d mean to her if he went.  He sighs and finally relents but tells Lulu if she steps on him during the ball whe they dance, he’s gna make out with her right there in front of everyone hurhurhue

snap075_thumbBefore the dancing commences, Alvaro takes Lulu outside and gives her the delicious food he jacked from the ball lol or sth like that.  Lulu tells him she’s super happy bla and Alvaro leans in to tell her that he likes her or some mushy shit I forgot rofl finals are killing my brain cells.  The two go back in to dance and whaddya know, Lulu ends up stepping on Alvaro’s foot ;)


snap076_thumbAs seen in WOF 2, Alvaro’s still a gigantic ahole and like Lagi, pretty much ditched Lulu for the better part of 3 years, only that Alvaro’s mostly doing it out of spite and evulz whereas Lagi had a sorta legit reason…kinda.  Anyway, Alvaro just shows up whenever he wants to and leaves again and one day, he returns for some romping and wakes up to a super seductive Lulu which gets him all flustered and annoyed YES ALVARO’S GETTING FLUSTERED.  He tells Lulu that he hates her eyes now (referring to her magical all element all seeing eyes) but really, he just doesn’t like getting beaten at his own game.

snap077_thumbAnyway, they have a nice date for once where Lulu initiates a cuddling sesh and for once, Alvaro goes along with it.  He tells her about how there is this Guild Spell that binds two people together so that if one dies, the other will (I think everything is reset from the first game so here, Lulu and Alvaro aren’t bound by this spell).  Alvaro goes on about how it’s kinda romantic while Lulu’s like “why wud u taint something like romance with death dumb fuck”.

At night, Alvaro has work and he slips off to see Vania (one of the two heads of the school).  He tells her that there are tons of Guilds who are seeking to capture Lulu, who is known to them as “Lady Omnia” cuz she’s the first human being to be all elemental.  In fact, he’s been given a mission to kidnap Lulu and to bring her to his heads…not that he’s going to do it and Vania warns him that if he dares…>;)

The next day, Edgar and Adele (who’re now tabloid writers) interviews Lulu cuz he wants a scoop on Lady Omnia.  When he asks whether she has any plans for the future with Alvaro, Lulu answers that she actually never gave it any thought, to Alvaro’s great disappointment.  Ofc, she wants to get married but that seems unlikely with Alvaro so she’ll just settle for his love.  The whole time, Lulu’s gotten the feeling that she’s being watched and sure enough, when she gets home, she has a msg saying that if she wants to guarantee the safety of Edgar and Adele, she btr come along quietly.  An assassin comes in and knocks her out and she wakes up in a cell with Ed and Ad who totally freak out.  Lulu though, is calm as balls and reveals that she has another hidden wand on her so she manages to slip out and is about to make a run for it before she bumps into Alvaro, who’s taken out all the other assassins to come and save Lulu.

Lulu and co get out fine and she goes to report what happened to Vania.  Alvaro’s mad as hell that Lulu’s completely chipper and talking to Vania about having a goddamned tea party and tells Lulu to be more careful goddamnit.  Lulu’s completely clueless as to why Alvaro’s so mad but Vania steps in and tells Lulu is chipper cuz THIS ISN’T THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED U DICKFUCK and she proceeds onto completely chewing Alvaro out





and the whole time I was cheering for Vania and loling at Alvaro getting stomped on.

When Alvaro and Lulu return home, he demands that Lulu tell him about all the times she’s been kidnapped and stuff.  She tells him blablablabla and he asks why she never told him.  Lulu admits it’s cuz if she did, Alvaro would stay by her side at all times to protect her and she doesn’t want to do that to him cuz she knows freedom is what he cares about the most.

snap078_thumbHere we have a flashback.  The two had their first sexy time around when Alvaro disappeared again and came back the second time.  In the morning, Alvaro’s super  sweet and tells Lulu to rest up cuz her bod must be hurting and he’ll go make her some food.  Lulu catches sight of this tramp stamp tattoo on the back of neck and Alvaro tells her that it’s not sth he wanted her to see but now that they’re in *this* kind of relationship, he doesn’t have much of a choice.  Everyone from his sleazebag neighbourhood got branded if they chose to be free but live in a hellish world (ie become an assassin) and when Alvaro was given the choice to be trapped but live happily, or be free and live in hell, he chose to be free without any thought cuz freedom was what he always wanted.

snap079_thumbEnd flashback.  Lulu tells him that’s why she didn’t want to bind him to her and take away his freedom.  Yes it sucked to have him never come home to her, yes it sucked that he was always out there running around and she’d never know what he was doing but if it was what Alvaro wanted, then so be it.  This is why she said that marrying Alvaro seemed impossible.  Alvaro here, hugs her and tells her she’s a complete dumb fuck blablabla and that freedom ain’t nothing compared to her and tells her to live and stay by his side –  that’s a promise.

Next day, Edgar shows Lulu the article he’s going to publish of her but Alvaro tells him to change the comment about “never thought about getting married” to “happening in the near future”.  Everyone’s shocked as hell and Alvaro just tugs Lulu away back home.  Lulu demands to know what that meant and Alvaro it  meant exactly what it meant – he wants her to take responsibility LOL cuz of him busting in to save her ytd, his guild bosses have found out that he’s been boning this Lady Omnia for the past 3 years and as a result, Alvaro’s gotten fired, is now branded as a traitor and has assassins after him rofl.  Lulu starts crying and tells Alvaro to do it properly and propose to her but Alvaro’s just like:




what an ass.

Lulu concedes defeat and tells him fine, he doesn’t have to propose but at least get her a wedding ring?  She pretty much had to beg for it like:


…No wedding is fine, I’ll bear with that…


…no dress is ok too…but can I please just have a wedding ring? I’ve always wanted one!



Please? T.T


snap470_thumbAlvaro tells Lulu that he’ll give her something even btr – “My life”. Grabbing her hand, Alvaro casts that Guild Spell he was talking about before – now the two of em are bound and if one dies, the other will.  He tells her that his life is now hers cuz if Lulu dies, he doesn’t have a reason to live anymore.  He expects Lulu to be touched but she’s furious and immediately changes the Guild Spell into a love one and now their hands are marked by a rose tattoo:  As long as Alvaro and her both love each other, the flower stays in full bloom, but when they stop loving each other, the flower will wither.  Lulu tells him now she’ll be able to tell if Alvaro cheats on her or sth so DON’T HE DARE ;)

snap080_thumbAlvaro’s shocked as hell but ends of roflcoptering and telling Lulu that she’s the best before kissing her and telling her that goddamn, he loves her.  Though the spell’s now changed, his life is still hers anyway and he vows to stay by her side.

snap081_thumbAnd in the end, the two do get a wedding;) Why is Alvaro dressed like a sleazy host though?




snap083_thumbLike Lagi, Est is reluctant about going to the ball and spends the whole day running away from Lulu cuz he doesn’t want to talk about it and cuz Lulu’s always super rowdy and getting him hurt whenever she randomly bearhugs him.  Lulu sulks and ends up camping out on the fields all grouchy and refuses to talk to Est when he shows up.  So, Est plops himself down too and apologises for running away.  He mumbles sth about being embarrassed abt asking her to the ball or sth but tells her he’ll go with her even if he hates that sorta thing cuz he likes Lulu :)

During the ball, Lulu tells Est to wait and she goes off to grab some food. Some dude hits on her though and Est comes runnign all furious like:


but before he or Lulu can say anything, the dude’s like




LOOOOOOOOOL and the dude continues talking about what a cute little boy he has, having a siscon at this age while Est stands there fuming.  Lulu cuts in and tells him that no, Est is her bf but Est just tells Lulu to stfu and Bilal steps in and tell the dude to fuck off.

snap084_thumbEst and Lulu go outside, where Est remains silent and doesn’t say anything.  Lulu feels bad and tells him to cheer up cuz she doesn’t want the night to go to waste, to which Est goes “ARGH ME NEITHER” and he ends up grabbing her hand and telling her that his hands are larger than hers, his limbs are longer and even if it’s only by a smidgen, he is taller than her and he’s going to get a hell lot bigger in the years to come.  Lulu’s confused and says that so will she but Est tells her to stfu and to stay a midget and tells her that he’s gna become a REAL MAN who ever be mistaken for her little bro so just wait a bit.  Lulu goes into her usual “EST EST EST DAISSSHHUUUKIIIII” before Est tells her that he could’ve taken care of the situation and that she didn’t have to explain anything to that guy earlier.  Well ofc, he’d have prolly killed that guy cuz who likes it when some lech hits on their girl right?


snap085_thumbNow Est is 17 and has gotten the honourable rank of “best magician in the world” – before Lulu did too lol much to her chagrin.  He’s moved in Lulu and semes the fuck outta her everyday cuz he’s no longer the adorable shota he was and it’s obvious that he wears the pants in the relationship.  He’s also super jealous and possessive and seems like he’s well on his way onto becoming the Maou of the universe rofl

snap086_thumbThough everything is going well, Est has to go on frequent trips back to his hometown to try and unfuck the crazy group, ORIGIN,  that took him and turned him into some freakshow.  On top of that, Est never tells Lulu what really went down in his hometown and just tells her “yeah it went okay let’s have sex now mmm”.  In truth, nothing’s going well and the cult heads back at home are using his parents to try to get Est to join the cult and shit cuz Est is the second all element human.  Est though, decides to shoulder all this by himself and ends up avoiding Lulu and lying to her to get time to do his own research etc till Lulu sends him a msg saying that she’s gna fucking dump him if he doesn’t get his ass home and explain shit to her.  Est immediately runs home, ready to feed her some bs excuse but Lulu is all sweet and happy and tells him to just go take a bath ;)

snap087_thumbEst is horribly confused and even more confused when halfway through his bath, Lulu pops in and bear hugs him from the back.  He screams and blushes like a little girl but Lulu refuses to let go and demands that he goddamned tell her what’s going on.  She knows he was trying to think up of some lie to tell her but she don’t want that and just wants the truth and nothing but the truth.  After some coaxing and prodding, Est finally relents but tells her to stop uh “testing his limits” and tells her to gtfo.

snap088_thumbWhen Est comes out of the bath, he finally tells Lulu everything.  Lulu’s pissed that Est didn’t tell her nutin but Est says that if he does, she’ll coddle the fuck out of him and he’ll end up letting her coddle him.  So much that recently, he’s been starting to think that that reforming ORIGIN is all a giant pain in the ass and not worth it – all he wants and needs is Lulu so why bother with those crazy bastards?  Lulu tells Est to come over and she ends up petting his head and telling him it’s okay to take a break sometime and just let her spoil him.  She knows he’s terrible at that but tells him to just be selfish sometime and everything.  Est grumbles about how he feels like he’s being treated like a kid and turns out he’s still super touchy about him being like 2 years younger than Lulu that’s why lol.  He finally caves and the two end of having sexy taim

snap089_thumbNext day, Lulu drags Est to see the Ivan, the headmaster/protector of the skl no1 to ask for help.  Est no want cuz he’s got his stupid pride whatever but Ivan helps and gives Est…SOLOMON!  If Solomon goes with Est to ORIGIN, mb ORIGIN’ll follow Est instead cuz Solo is a powerful Ancient One and can vouch for the shit that happened 350 yrs ago.  Great idea!  That night, Est proposes to Lulu and gives her a ring that can’t be taken off as long as she loves him lol wtf creeper.  So, Est sets off the next day with Solo and Lulu ends up bawling like a baby but he tells her to wait and he’ll come back for her and he’ll make her the wife of the Maou :D

snap090_thumbI honestly can’t tell that’s Est anymore lol looks like a variant of Julius


f_8897656_1IT’S EVERYONE’S FAVOURITE DERPY SOLO <3  And yes I know it’s “SALOMON” but that’s a fucking skiing equipment company so Solo it is.


Unlike with all the other guys, Lulu isn’t a couple with Solo cuz Lulu’s returned back to the present without Solo and she doesn’t remember Solo.  The day the ball is announced, she sees  some creep in a hood wandering around the place and cuz she’s Lulu, decides to talk to him.  Turns out it’s Solo but he’s hooded and Lulu doesn’t recognise him.  When she asks for his name, he tells her that they’ll meet again if it’s destined and then, he’ll tell her his name.  Lulu is fascinated and ends up hunting for Solo the day after and ends up bumping into him.  He takes off his hood as promised and introduces himself as “Sora”.  He tells Lulu that if she doesn’t have a partner the day of the ball, he’ll come play with her and cast a spell on her.

snap092_thumbThe day of the ball, Lulu has no partner but who cares she wants to see Sora.  Sora keeps his promise and casts a spell on her, saying that she’ll be more radiant than anyone at the ball tonight.  He’s about to go but Lulu wants him to hang around some more so he tells her to meet him later.

snap093_thumbLulu slips out to meet Sora and brings him a shitton of food, which Sora ends up feeding to Lulu lol.  She asks Sora to tell her who he really is but he tells her that he can’t cuz the time isn’t right and in truth, he shouldn’t even be meeting her yet.  Lulu’s super confused but before she can say much, Sora puts her to sleep and tells her that when she awakens, she surely won’t rmb him.  He tells her that she has no idea how bad he’s wanted to meet her and how amazing his night has been before he carries a sleeping Lulu to Vania and Ivan.  He then slips away into some hidden dungeon part of Otome Hogwarts to meet the spirit of Morgana.  Morgana greets his old buddy and Solo asks whether he’s being wilful and selfish by meeting Lulu like this.  I’m not too sure but I think Solo messed with time to see Lulu faster and cast a spell to make her forget him for the while or some shit idk.  Anyway, Morgana tells Solo it’s good to have desires etc before Solo leaves.


snap094_thumbSolo and Lulu have been reunited and now live together in the back of Persona’s store.  Solo’s still the same, dopey stoned idiot and just wants to spend every waking minute of his life with Lulu, even trying to become a student at Otome Hogwarts just so he can be with Lulu more lol.  One day, they get a visitor, VERONA, the fortune telling Ancient One.  She’s always taken good care of Lulu, left for a trip and now is back to tell them of something she saw.  She tells em that in the near future, they will have a turning point or a life event, some shit like that and to overcome it, they need to find out the meaning of true happiness.

snap095_thumbLulu’s shitting herself with worry cuz she thinks this event Verona told em of has sth to do with Solo dying.  Sending the gang back to the present took up almost all of Solo’s magic and he was sposed to die cept Morgana gave him some of his magic.  Solo lives but no one knows how long he has left and he’s liable to drop dead any time really.  Solo comforts her though and says that no matter what, he’ll do his best to keep living with him.

Lulu and Solo decide to have a bet to see who can find out what “true happiness” is and whoever wins first gets to make the other do whatever they want lol.  Est comes home from his trip to ORIGIN and after Lulu forces it outta him, he tells Lulu that it’s not going good with ORIGIN and they won’t believe his shit from 350 yrs ago no matter what.

snap096_thumbLulu immediately thinks of asking Solo but is unable to spit it out till Solo does some coaxing.  She tells him that she wants Solo to go off with Est and help convince ORIGIN to stop being a bunch of scientology nippleheads.    Solo’s fine with this but he can tell that Lulu doesn’t really want it and asks why she’s so hesitant.  She tells Solo that she’s afraid that while on the trip with Est, his magic n shit’ll suddenly run out and he’s end up dying somewhere far away without her :'(  Solo admits that he’s terrified of making promises to her cuz he doesn’t know when he’ll die either but now, he’s realised what “true happiness” is – it’s trying your best to live and fulfil those promises and not being afraid to make em and shiet.  He then casts a spell and on Lulu’s ring finger, appears a wedding ring :D

snap097_thumbLulu’s so happy she ends up fainting lol.  K not really cuz wen she wakes up, Ivan, Verona and Vania are all around her and yell at her to stay lying down cuz pregnant women shouldn’t be running around the place.  YES LULU IS PREGGERS :D Solo overjoyed and immediately starts freaking out like “WHAT DO I DO IM GNA BE A DAD” and when Verona asks whether they’ve found the answer, they tell her they have and she wishes em the best of luck.  This is the turning point in their lives – a union b/t the Ancient Ones and humans.  Though the Ancient Ones are sure to die out someday soon, they won’t be completely dead now cuz Lulu’s kids will have their blood in em.  For the next few days, Solo asks all skittish around Lulu, doing everything for her and staring at her belly 24/7 rofl.  Lulu tells him he can touch her if he wants so he puts his head to her womb and marvels at how he can sense their kid inside.

They then tell Est that Solo’s going to tag along and shiet and that Lulu is pregnant.  Cue in Est’s reaction like



snap098_thumbbefore he rages at em for being dumb fucks – LULU’S ABOUT TO HAVE A KID FFS HOW CAN U SEND THE DADDY ON AN EXPEDITION AND LEAVE THE MOM ALONE JESUS CHRIST U SHIT FOR BRAINS.  He tells em that there’s not rush and that Solo’s top priority shud be taking care of Lulu and the new born.  The two agree and tell Est to wait another yr after the baby is well and born :)

snap099_thumbLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL WHY ARE THEY HOLDING POTATO SACKS ON THEIR WEDDING DAY.  I’m so disappointed that we don’t get to see the faces of the baby twins and that they’re shown as bundles of…like…rocks or sth.


snap101_thumbYeah oddly enough, he’s apparently still relevant even after the first game.  Well he only gets a BIG BALL event and blabla kiss Lulu who cares.


snap100_thumbFriendship ending with Amy who becomes an absolute stunner during the dance :D  Funny thing is, in all the other BIG BALL routes, Amy ends up with Edgar ;)


Just look at her after the time skip!

Loli Lulu

The last part of the game is Lulu suddenly becoming a an lg one day and her running around the place effing around. I don’t think I got across how adorable lg Lulu is:


THIS??? it took me a sec to figure out what “soroooooooori” was but KBSAFKLBASDKLFBASDKFJBSADKFJBS SHE’S SO CUTE









So in a nutshell, Lulu just goes around to all the guys and gets em to pick her up and hug her :3  I loved Alvaro’s one where she just prods the gems beneath his eyes and thinks they’re buttons so Alvaro gets pissed and pretends to drop her rofl.


I know I should be wrapping this up but there was an omake section where Edgar, the tabloid writer, interviews all the guys and here are the highlights:

Ed: Julius, what is your favourite part of Lulu?





Ed: What do you think of your dad?



Ed: Est, what would you do if you saw Lulu getting confessed to by some other dude?


Walk in, introduce myself as HER LOVER and say that I have NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER of letting her go


Then give him the choice to fight or not.


I’ll become the fucking Maou if I have to hand her over.

Oh Est. Oh est.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion



I would love to say how this fd sucked and how it was so incomplete etc and how therefore, we must have another WOF game with more Lulu but…it was fab fd T.T WHAT DO I DO?

Though my faves are still Lagi, Est and Solo, I loved all the guys either way.  Cept for Alvaro.  I STILL DON’T GET WHY HE’S ALWAYS NO.1 IN POPULARITY RANKINGS!  Lagi hints at this in a convo during Lulu, which sums up my feelings for Alvaro perfectly:









Just what exactly do all of Alvaro’s fangirls see in him?  Just cuz he’s the “bad boy” type?  imao, Alvaro’s more the DOUCHEBAG type more than bad boy…I mean, leaving Lulu for 3 years, coming and going as he pleases, being generally unpleasant and negative to her and refusing to even propose properly or anything…jesus christ.  If that doesn’t speak volumes about him, I don’t know what does.  He’s the exact kind of character I hate: shitty past gives him such Freudian excuse to be a jerk, acts like a playboy on the surface, is flighty and irresponsible and constantly tests and tramples the heroine just for shits and giggles and doesn’t reform until the very end ALL THANKS TO THE PAINSTAKING EFFORTS OF THE POOR HEROINE.

And do you know what the worst part is?  I CAN’T HATE THE GUY.  During the entire game, I swing from hating Alvaro, to going “YES VANIA CHEW HIM OUT”, to wanting to sock his pompous face, to finally caving and going “D’AAAAW” at the end.  It’s like a weird unstable tango, back and forth, back and forth as I go from loving to hating, and back again to loving Alvaro .  I don’t share the same love that most of the WOF players seem to have for him, but I certainly can’t hate him – my feelings for Alvaro are just as flakey as he is as a person.

I digress: I am too emotionally invested in this game lol.

The music sucked as usual rofl but the art’s as amazing as ever.  Lulu grew up to be a stunner and is super adorable as a kid but I hate Alvaro’s new look with the stupid fobby scarf and Est doesn’t look like himself in some shots.  I wish he’d take down those hair decs of his more.

Though I am loath to admit it, Alvaro had the best route cuz you get to finally see him dedicate himself to Lulu and see him as something more than just a smelly tampon.  Lagi’s route was great too as you see how he’s no longer this angry super tsundere boy (I do miss young Lagi though) and has committed to throwing away his dragon side for Lulu.  The little part with his parents was adorable and I really want more of Kada and Tea.  I was a tad disappointed that only Solo got a preggers ending cuz I was really looking forward to see Lulu’s kids.

All in all, a brilliant end to a series that I most highly enjoyed (EXCEPT FOR THE HORRIBLE SYSTEM IN WOF 1 AND WOF 2) and most highly recommend you all to play.  I will miss it since the recent releases of otoges are rather lackluster (like Koi wa Rule ni Shibararenai, Toki no Kizuna and who can forget Dicks and Alice) but life sucks and all good things must come to an end and it’s nice to see that Otomate knows when to stop milking WOF…something that they can’t seem to stop doing with HnK and Hakuouki rofl.  Okay now almost at 9k words I rly have to stfu so till next time – expect to see either Diabolik Wifebeaters or Hana Awase up next <3

28 Responses to “Otome Game Review: Wand of Fortune 2 FD ~ Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue ~”

  1. lolololol I love your reviews man :D

  2. I was waiting for you to review this one 8D
    Bilal’s costume… guess it can be Persian as well?

    Think about WoF ending as a good thing… at least it ended before the series gets ruined. Think Hiiro no Kakera, UtaPri Debut… and think of the possibility of them trying to milk this series by creating an FD containing only mini-games done by a copycat artist…
    Actually that’s pretty interesting. WoF series seemed to remain constant, quality-wise… I’m guessing they had the same team throughout?

    Also. …reading your review, Est is the only character that made me wish this game was 18+ .__.

    • domshiki Says:

      I have noooo idea they kept chucking Indian + Arabian things into his backstory lol.

      Dear god no, I’m thankful that WOF didn’t get the Hnk x Hakuouki x Utapri milking treatment…

      Innit eh? I’m glad there wasn’t like one amazing WOF game, then a shitty one – the quality was damn good through and through unlike *cough Hnk cough*

      rofl same here this game had me wishing it was 18+ at some points.

  3. if you’re tired of crappy otomate games play some quin rose games!! School Wars was pretty good :D

    Also Confidential Money and LGS are pretty good games. I’m like halfway through LGS but I really like the story.

    • domshiki Says:

      I played the Kaidan Romance one and half of the Peter Pan one and though they were pretty good, sth about Quin Rose games just doesn’t really tickle my fancy. I think it’s cuz the heroine always seems the same in every game, the art’s a bit eh and there’s always SO. MUCH. ERO without it actually being 18+. I mean I’m plenty dirty (the dom in my username stands for Dirty Old Man) but the pr0n in QuinRose seems excessive and kinda filler.

      OMG YES Confidential Money was good but I’ve only done half. I haven’t done LGS yet though reading ur review on it makes me want to play it now

  4. Fun read as always. Now play Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari FD (*^v^) I’m reaaayllley lookin’ forward to your take on that!

    • domshiki Says:

      tyty <3 OMGAD SAME i'm looking forward to playing that too! I'll prolly do it after Diabolik Wifebeaters and Hana Awase

  5. destiny(kakeru) Says:

    Dude you just took the words outta my mouth – Est/Lagi have the best routes imo, Solo still retains his healing air, Julius and Bilal are on some kind of “who’s hornier?” contest, Noel is turning into a mix of idiot + tsun and Alvaro can go to hell (*evil laughter* um ok maybe not really? Tbh he’s more of an idiot than that mahou otaku Julius). Elbert and Amy’s routes are non-existent to be as far as I’m concerned.

    *coughs* Anyway. Totally glad that Otomate makes the right move to stop milking on the series too much like HnK…but I still want to see it being turned into an anime like Amnesia (and I mean a good adaptation). Can’t wait to read your Diabolik Wifebeater review. ;)

    I’m still on/off with Koishiba – the gameplay actually becomes easy to bypass after completing at least one of the characters’ route: just need to use CPs to buy off the school rules and there you go…well, cuz I actually got a hell lot of points after playing Habasaki’s route to shower ’em like a boss lol. Asagiri’s random comments just can’t stop making me laugh XD but yea gotta agree that this game isn’t everyone’s cup of tea at first sight. Rage-quitting on FF Type-0 is still my current priority tho’ ehehehe.

    • domshiki Says:

      rofl at “who’s hornier” contest cuz it’s so goddamn true.

      I really loved the WOF series but same here, I’m glad they didn’t milk the shit outta it and gave it a pretty fab ending. I so want an anime of this just so I can hear Lulu voiced <3

      Koishiba's kinda eh I played Habasaki's route and the game's so dishwater so I dropped it.

      FF TYPE- 0 is fun as balls (though it doesn't top Crisis Core). If u haven't already, play KH BBS as well and Third Birthday too and MH3 :D

      • destiny(kakeru) Says:

        Ikr Julius is always after Lulu’s chest *coughs* and Bilal is after every single part of Lulu’s skin he can caress *more coughs* XD I was also disappointed that only Solo has kid CGs – c’mon, horny Julius and Bilal would have taken away Lulu’s virginity way before airhead Solo and Solo has children before they do? Lagi too has sex with Lulu so WHY SOLO HAS KIDS FIRST??? No surprise there if Est doesn’t have one yet with Lulu cuz he’s still as tsun as ever – guess we gotta wait longer for him to become a big Maou and then we’re talking… (Yea I just completely skipped Alvaro and Noel haha)

        OMG if Lulu is voiced in an anime O/////O definitely want!!! <3

        I only like the texting war between his two personalities in Habasaki's route lol it was really hilarious. Other than that Satoshi is a goody-two-shoe and Kyou reminds me of Alvaro. Asagiri's route is the most interesting because I just find the random shits that come out of his mouth with such an innocent and slow voice funny XD The other 3 characters I don't really care.

        Personally I like Type-0 more than Crisis Core because Type-0 is a hell lot tougher (I love hard games heh). 14 different characters with varying fighting styles/abilities and decent flaws make them less Mary Sueish, and the need to use some tactics to mix and match the characters to get the best party team for different mission requirements. I still haven't touched my KH BBS orz. I wanna play KH3D and I probably go rob my friend's 3DS for that muwahahaha

  6. celestermoon Says:

    Nice, i have been waiting for you to write a review about this~ yipee i already finished the game but Im kinda lazy to do the rest of my review, well I love it! kinda dissapointed since Salo’s the only 1 who has his baby pic with Lulu<3 nonetheless he's my favorite lol

    • domshiki Says:

      Lol i know that feel, typing reviews take so long to do. I was disappointed too, really wanted baby pics with everyone D:

  7. Oh baby…THE BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK *forever cries* I really want to play the game too!! :O Lulu seems like a awesome badass heroine! :) Can’t wait to start~ I’m sooooo playing this for the story AND the art T u T LOVE THE ART IT’S JUST S-SO BEAUTIFUL!!! :’D

  8. Yes, everyone loves Alvaro because he’s a bad guy xA I like him, but sometimes he infuriates =З
    I think that one arch Solo was not the most interesting? (ТОТ) * expected more * Well, but Lags Est and not let us down.
    //i’m from Russia//

    • domshiki Says:

      haha more like he never stops infuriating the player eh?
      Yeah it was kinda random but i liked it cuz we got to see more derpy solo and their potato sack kids

  9. lalala Says:

    I’m so sad that WOF has ended!!!!! Lulu is just too cute<3333 Loli Lulu, student Lulu & adult Lulu are so adorable!!! She's one of my favourite otome heroines! As usual, Lagi's my favourite but I kinda miss young Lagi too~Kada and Tea are so sweet! I liked the part at the start where Lulu was pretending to be asleep so that she could hear Lagi whispering sweet nothings to her since he's a tsundere so he doesn't do it when she's awake! AND Amy is really gorgeous after the time skip OMG!

    • domshiki Says:

      same here, i ended the game with horribly bittersweet feelings :( I won’t get to see more Lulu anymore! Definitely one of the more adorable ones – not a cardboard cutout eh standin for the player or anything.
      HAHA i loled so hard at that scene where Lulu starts blushing while she was pretending to be asleep gaaah too cute <3

  10. O.O erm can someone help me? I’ve beaten Solo’s endings and i still don’t get the extra CG do i need to do something? Or beat the whole game for i can get them or something?

  11. มันคือเกมมอะไล๊อ่ะ 555555 [ลืมไปเราเป็นคนไทยเม้นต์ไม่ได้เย้เย้] โพ่ง .

    • luckdeus13 Says:

      เกม Wand of Fortune แต่เป็นภาษาญี่ปุ่นนะ TT-TT นี่ไม่ได้อ่านเลยใช่ปะ XD จับไปเรียนอังกฤษเลย!!!!!! 555!

  12. luckdeus13 Says:

    OMG XDDDD Dat is the longest and most entertaining and hilarious review I’ve ever read!!!!!!!!

  13. Hyugauchiha Says:

    hahaha my favorites were Est and Solo

  14. Hyugauchiha Says:

    I do not understand that has good points have Alvaro!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Solo is so cuteee and Est is cool!! ❤ ❤ ❤I loved it ❤ ❤

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