Otome Game Review – Kiniro no Corda 3

Alternative Titles: 金色のコルダ3

Company: Koei

Release Date: 25.02.10

Official Site: http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/corda3/

Platform: PS2, PSP

Genre: Otome, romance, classical music, violin

Plot Summary: First Corda game I’ve played so scuse mei if I get the basic shit wrong. Protagonist Kohinata Kanade has two childhood brother bffs and one day, the older one decides to ditch em both and go become a pro violinist so our heroine stalks the poor guy and enrolls in the same school as him, dragging the unfortunate younger osananajimi along with her.  From there on comes the whole La Corda thing of classical music and violin shitz.

Kisaragi Kyouya

The lil bro bff main guy.  Is pretty irked that Kanade goes off all the way to the city but he’s more at his runaway brother Ritsu cuz he’s the reason Kanade runs off in the first place.  For the main guy he was pretty fuck annoying  CUZ HE’S ONE OF THOSE EMO WANGSTY CHARACTERS :@:@:@  However, he’s pretty cute when he isn’t emoing over how big time suck his violin is, acting all “YOU’RE SO MENDOKUSAI KANADE” but everyone knows that he’s been crushin on her since their kiddie days.  Takes good care of Kanade, is your chill avg joe but hates to lose and has an Unlucky Childhood friend feel to him.

So the better part of his route is just about him emoing how he ain’t good enough and shit.  One day he’s all nice and normal but then after he sees wot he’s up against in the finals, he flips and goes all wangst mode.  He won’t tell Kanade’s wot’s wrong and is  right lil bitch the whole time, whining every time the group tries to practice so I was glad there was the an option to tell him to stfu lol.

After a tad, Kanade comes across the guy running off somewhere so she spends the whole day looking for him and finally finds him looking like some emofag.  God he’s so fucking bitchy, he goes on about how his life sucks cock, how he ain’t getting better at violin while Kanade’s becoming some violin god and that he can’t stand changing his violin to suit wot other people want.  Once again, thank FUCK there was the less sympathetic option of going “THEN FUCKING GIVE UP AND RUN AWAY THEN” but that doesn’t work so Kanade hugs Kyouya.  Sadly, that don’t work either and he keeps on emoing till his route’s nearly over.  He finaaryyy unemoes after he realises that he’s gotta stop being such a prideful bitch and start listenin to the opinions of other people to start to really change.

lololol Kyouya's reached nirvana

The night before the final, Kyouya gives Kanade a call and thanks her for dragging him all the way to this school. Kanade’s like “yeah we make the good nakama” and Kyouya’s like “huh wot that’s not wot I’m tryna say…” and he tries to confess to her but epic fail so he leaves it till they win the final.

So after winning, everything returns to normal and it turns out Kyouya’s going out with Kanade – “I haven’t told you this yet but you know what?  I’ve always liked you.  Since we were kids.  More than anyone else.”

Kisaragi Ritsu

Older bff bro who went MIA on Kanade.  He’s always been damn good at playin the violin but stayin in his lil in the middle of nowhere town won’t let him show off his pro skills so he leaves the place in order to find rivals and get even btr.  Diff from Kyouya, Kisaragi big is stoic, calm and violin = MY LIFE.  Still, that don’t mean he’s a cold ice bitch cuz he’s a lil like Itachi to kiddy Sasuke in terms of how he treats Kanade.  That and he’s a pretty big dumbass tennen lol.

Boy was Ritsu surprised when Kanade and Kyouya show up for the orchestra club auditions.  The other members like her playin immediately but Ritsu doesn’t think she’s proven herself yet so she has a play off with him and after kicking his ass, Ritsu lets her in with Kyouya.

All’s going good aite till the first real competition Kanade’s group gets and they find themselves sucking far worse than their opponent.  Of course, in Ritsu steps and just with one song, he blows the audience away but his hand suddenly starts spazzing out near the end and it turns out his future violin career is pretty much fucked thanks to a lil incident some time back when mysterious person x pushed Ritsu down the stairs.  But it’s all good cuz UNLIKE A CERTAIN SOMEONE, Ritsu doesn’t wangst over it and not once does he say anything about his effed hand.

The next competition, he hands Kanade some tiara crown looking ring and says it’s been his good luck charm ever since he found it with her in a stream when they were kids.  She told him it was the crown of the uh “violin fairies” or woteva they’re called in La Corda and so he’s been keeping it but now, he wants her to have it. Eh Ritsu’s still too dumb to realise the subtle implications of his actions here lol.

From then on, Kanade gets pretty into Ritsu and never forgets to tell the guy how awesome it is with him, how she likes him etc but GAAAAH RITSU U A BIG DUMBASS  and he just goes “…??  eh?? O.O”.  Untill near the end he start sunconsciously  ‘getting shit” and invites her out on dates and catches two goldfish during the summer festival and starts rambling on abt how it represents him and her and how they’re never gonna be apart AND HE SAYS THIS ALL SEEMINGLY WITHOUT REALISING WTF IT ALL MEANS XDXD

So for the finals, everyone plays this super hard piece Ritsu has always to do but his messed hand made that impossible till he’s gathered up a fine group of violinists.  They wow everyone and Ritsu thanks everyone for fulfilling his dream and GODDAMN in the normal end, they just go to school together with Ritsu spouting some more embarrassing shit once again without realising wot he’s saying and i get the sneaking suspicion that he hasn’t even confessed to Kanade yet SKDBGFISDFHSDFOSDBFSODF.  However, he does so in the other end so that ends well

Sakaki Daiichi

Ritsu’s bff of sorts, the vice pres of the orchestra club.  Nice guy, outgoing and popular with everyone, he spends all his time flirting with chicks and Kanade ain’t no exception.  He’d totally be a rapist character if this was turned 18+ lol.

First half of his story is bla.  Just has him being the nice guy and Kanade thinks just that till she’s paired off with him on this haunted trail bs to retrieve some ramune.  Her awesome gf Nia hands her some vampire fangs and tells her to try and freak Sakaki out but this apparently just turns Sakaki on and Kanade gets raped scared instead when he’s all “Mmmmm…wot a cute lil vampire I could just rape you eat you up >;D”. RAPIST FACE.

Later on, Kanade gets a love letter and heads up to the roof.  Some random guy tries to confess to her but cockblocker Sakaki barges in right on time and tells the poor guy to fuck off.  Kanade’s like “the fuck you doing” and Sakaki ere mumbles on about how he just got really irked when that guy tried to take her from him – “I mean I thought I just saw you as mah cute kouhai and shiet but… :S”

The same guy shows up again during the summer festi and tries to chat Kanade up durin her job but Sakaki barges in and:

Guy who likes Kanade: Aaaah Kohinata san, you so hot and sexy as usual lar!  And even moreso in that miko outfit *eyes up and down*.  Hey abt wot I was about to say back then-

*Sakaki charges in*

Sakaki: YO CUSTOMER THIS WOT U COME FOR RITE?!? *shoves a charm into the guy’s hand*

Guy: huh wtf…*reads charm* …traffic safety…dude wot is this supposed to mean-

Sakaki: *Giant yandere slasher smile* BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU’RE CROSSING THE STREETS AT NIGHT :D

Lolololol Sakaki.  Then Kanade wins the finals, that shit and Sakaki confesses to her.  His route ends with the two of em walking his dog Momo or summin.

Mizushima Haruto

Kouhai.  Hm, think of him as a male version of Azunyan from K-ON!: hardworker, takes his violin very srsly and does not tolerate any silly hokey of any kind…that is, until Kanade and co. bust into his orchestra club sanctuary and the poor guy’s swept up in all of the shit they get into (but rest assured Harunyan, Kanade ain’t as retarded as Yui lol).

So initially, he’s pretty assholey to Kanade cuz he sees her as just some new rookie who’s gettin into the club cuz she knows the prez, Ritsu, but as soon as she shows how gifted she is, Haru is exactly like how Azusa would treat Mio to Kanade and is all “RESPECT MAH AWESOME SEMPAI”, just constantly exasperated at how she’s like some airheaded happy kid all the time.

When he sees she’s stressin out over the competitions and shiet, he brings her out to the fairs, the pool and to his place to chillax and crap.  In skips in Nia who starts singing about wot a lovely couple the two make and lol for me when there was the option to go “YES WE GOING STEADY <3 <3 <3” for kicks XD  Insert a shit embarrassed indignant Haru who fervently claims that it’s just to get Kanade’s mind off stuff.

One day, Kanade finds a litter of kittens and runs off to find Haru.  She’s too excited to tell Haru and just drags him with her all breathless so Haru thinks der big shit has happened but when he finds out that it’s just a bunch of kitties, he gets real pissed and starts shouting at Kanande at how he was worried shitless and that Kanade could have just told him it was some dumb cat giving birth and that she should “CALM THE FUCK DOWN.”  Still pissed, Haru ignores her after that.

After school, Kanade goes off to find Haru to apologise and waits for him in the room he normally practices in.  An earthquake suddenly tears through the place and Kanade finds herself trapped.  She only has enough batt to call one person and makes it Haru but she doesn’t have time to say anything and her phone dies.  Minutes later, Haru busts through the door, saving her ass and apologises for screaming – “I was just so fucking worried” – and remarks that he thinks he might like her.

Aaaaaaaaaand they win the finals and the epilogue has Haru eating lunch with Kanade and telling her that he likes her =D

Yagisawa Yukihiro

Prez of rival school #1 (RS1 – Yeah sue me I wasn’t bothered to rmb dem school names).  He’s the sane normal one outta his team of “lively young ‘uns” and is polite, mature and kind – which means he was pretty boring and that I didn’t like him all too much cuz nice guys don’t do well in mah book unless they yandere.  He’s cute when he blushes though.

His route’s real boring.  I don’t get why people like him so much, he ranked second or summin on the chara popularity polls.  He’s boring himself too.  Srsly, I can sum this up in a paragraph.

Kanade beats Yuki.  Yuki starts getting closer to Kanade.  Nia tells him that they look a lil too close to be just friends.  Yuki gets all confused and tries to distance himself.  Yuki fails and ends up confessing to Kanade.  Kanade likes him too.  Kanade wins the finals.  The end.  Sheesh man, even gay wuss Nanami had more substance in his route  =.=”

Hozumi Shirou

AAAAAAAAAAHHH IT’S A BADASS BANCHOU XDXD  *sniggers* delinquent playing a trumpet lolololol.  This guy is SO FUCKING CUTE i swear.  Gives off that yakuza “TOUCH ME AND I RAPE YOU BITCH” feel so he scares everyone shitless and it totally doesn’t help that his default expression is a death glare.  But really, he’s all laconic cuz he’s socially retarded, bukiyou to the max and SOOOO ADORABLE WHEN HE GOES DERE (which is like wot, 24/7 365 with Kanade).

Hozumi’s first impression of Kanade ain’t too good and he just sees her as another annoying ojousan.  He does a heel face turn and starts practicin together with her after she beats his gang though and things start getting nice and steamy from there on – for Hozumi anyway XD

that's not the rite expression to have wen u give someone a present Hozumi XD

He meets Kanade on the streets at one of those crane machine things where you grab a plush or summin and turns out he’s pro at stuff like this so he gets her this lil angel phone strap.  I lmfaoed pretty bad when I made Kanade glomp him and then Hozumi starts blushing and stuttering about “KOKORO NO JUNBI” XDXD  Then he goes and accidentally breaks it cuz his hands are too manly to come in physical contact with it lol and he’s pretty upset over it and gets his team members to tell him where to get another one and once again, I made Kanade do the “DAISUKIIIII” *hug* so cue in a shit embarrassed Hozumi ;D

Hozumi invites Kanade out to see the fireworks and the summer festi and in pop his other club members to cockblock just for kicks.  Hozumi’s completely mortified and walks off to buy some takoyaki (HAHAH WHEN THE STORE OWNER GOES LIKE “ARGH YAKUZA TAKE ALL YOU WANT NO NEED TO PAY PLZ DONT HURT MEEEE” and Hozumi’s goes “…like wtf?”) and the club members tell Kanade abt Hozumi’s badass days.  He actually wasn’t some giant pedo rapist mob boss but got into some delinquent trouble after he went around saving geeks and that’s how he got that giant scar on his face.


AND NOW FOR THE REAL ROFL SCENE: just before the finals, Hozumi decides to fucking CHEERLEAD, completely shattering his badass image when he starts singing “WE WILL WIN YEAH GO GO KANADE RANGEEEEEERZ~!!!” XDD Goddamn Hozumi WHY?!?! XDXD

So we have Kanade beating the shit outta everyone with her magical violin and the confession scene where Hozumi tells her she’s beautiful and that “Seems as though…I’ve fallen in love in you.”

Mizushima Arata

GAHAHA I started grinning uncontrollably the minute I heard this guy’s voice: CUZ IT’S ANOTHER HAPPY KISHIO DAISUKE CHARACTER >;D  Lol once again, I couldn’t help but do the whole “Arata = Makoto from Sweet Pool” comparison thing again and man Arata had me thinking he was gonna go yandere cuz of his obsession with Kanade.  Of course, nothing of the sort happens cuz this is an all ages game and Arata’s just the cheerful smiley guy who takes an instant liking to Kanade upon first meeting.

While Hozumi and Yukihiro are a tad wary of Kanade and co cuz they’re “enemy schools”, Arata’s all “fuck dat shiiiit ~~” and spends all his time going after Kanade, glomping her everytime he sees her and tries to invite her into his room just the two of them to uh “look at old pictures” XD

Later on, the two are chillin together but then Arata has to help his gran do summin so he has to leave.  He finishes early though, sees a vending machine selling an odd drink so he decides to get it for Kanade but *GASP* KANADE’S CRYING WHEN HE GETS BACK.

Yeah right.

Turns out she just got some dust into her eyes but Arata don’t know that right, so he thinks she’s hurt that he ditched her and sidles up to her.  Lol when she’s just like “Ah I got the dust out.  Yo Arata sup?” and she leaves after telling Arata that she wasn’t crying but Arata can’t get her crying face outta her head and starts getting depressed over how she’d cry exactly like that after he has to return to his school when the summer holz are over (their schools are like in diff regions in jp or summin)

After a tad, he brings Kanade out to the beach at night which is when he suddenly confesses to her.  Summer’s almost over and he can’t be with her anymore but he promises to call every day, go visit her every time he gets a break and promises to be a good bf, which is why “Please become my girlfriend.”

The endings split ere depending on how Kanade responds.  Telling Arata that she like him too will have the them ending up together after in some animated 2nd confession thing.  Being unable to give him an unable will result in Arata doing just as he promised and him coming over to visit after the finals, telling Kanade once more that he likes her with an open ended final of him asking her whether she likes him too.

Tougane Chiaki

Rival school #2 guy.  Big jerkass oresama character which meant I loved the guy right from the start ;)  Right off the bat he’s all “IN YO FACE BIIIIITCH” to Kanade, calling her ____ and trashtalking her every time he meets her.  However, he ain’t antagonistic in the asshole sense, just in the smug bastard way so you know he’s not really gonna sneak into Kanade’s room at night and rape her or summin.  And surprisingly, he ain’t a sore loser and takes everything with a cheery competitive grin on his face so I found that part of him real refreshin.

This guy’s all hyped about getting to kick Ritsu’s ass right, so he ain’t very happy when Ritsu tells him that he ain’t being the the lead violin – Kanade is.  “KANADE WHO?!?” *points to Kanade* “THIS PLAIN BORING SHIT IS TO BE MY RIVAL.  WHAT.THE.FUCK” and to show her just how much difference there is in their skills, he runs around the school holding mini concerts and shiet.  Lol this doesn’t get the desired “SO WOT I CAN BEAT YOU” reaction from Kanade who’s just so touched by the beautiful music that she starts baaawing whenever she hears Tougane’s violin – “It…it was just so beautiful TAT”.


Tougane keeps trying to goad her in some way but instead, Kanade just asks him how she can get better.  He tells her it’s cuz she doesn’t have her “flower” (LOL WTF FLOWER) and that she needs to find “her flower” in order to beat him.  Impressed by her diligence, he starts warming up to her despite himself and takes her to the hot springs and crap with him.

Then for the semi finals, he gets his ass handed to him by Kanade and realises that he’s falling for our protagonist – “What kind of magic did you cast over me?”.   He drags her to the summer festi with him AND WTF when he gives her a chocolate banana like:

Tougane: Here, eat this *hands her a chocolate covered banana*

*Kanade starts sucking on the fruit*

Tougane *watches with great interest* Hm…you look very happy eating that.  Does it really taste that good?  …Then in that case, why don’t you eat mine too? >;D

AHFIASOGOSAIDGSAODGBSDOIFHDS OKAY WAS I THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT DIRTY AT THIS??!?!!   XDXD  Then he suddenly pushes her against and wall and hugs her cuz he doesn’t want his fangirls to interrupt their alone time.

He has another competition after, playin till god knows how late and Kanade decides to be supportive and show up.  She asks whether there’s anything she can do and Tougane jokingly tells her that she can give him a GL luck and to his utter delight, she does exactly that ;)

Tougane wins and Kanade pops him another kiss which just makes him shit his pants blushing and comment on how he’s been ensnared by such a passionate femme fatale.  Kanade wins the finals and while dancing together, Tougane confesses and ‘orders’ Kanade to go out with him lol.

Toki Housei

Chiaki’s giant pervert gay bff.  Srsly man, everytime this guy opened his mouth with his ero kansai shit, I kept thinking “FUCK OFF YOU PERVERT’ cuz he sounded so much like one of THOSE OLD MEN, u kno, the ones who wear trench coats and flash their wee wees at innocent passing lolis THOSE OLD MEN.  So I spent much of his route giggling like some retard schoolgirl at everything he said, dirty or not.  Personalitywise, he’s the mysterious pervert guy, very pretty hair, goes at his own pace and takes joy in messing around with Kanade.  Plays a totally badass looking yamaha silent violin (i’d learn violin just to have one of those <3)

His route was just odd.  He didn’t have a backstory or anything and just spent all his time perving on Kanade ^^;;  Which is fine by me really, but makes it a tad hard to write.  Um…yeah.  He’s just a pervert making suggestive passes at Kanade 24/7, asking to let him sleep on her lap etc and kinda just sees her as a fun cute new toy.

…But falls for her when she’s the only one able to tell that he’s really lonely and always comes to spend time with him whenever he walks off alone ie all the time.  In thanks, he shows her some fireflies and crap, some more pervy romantic stuff and he confesses to her and they end up together.  That’s about it really.

Myouga Reiji

Rival school #3.  Super pro violinist genius who’s just about kicked everyone’s asses but is he satisfied with that?? NO he isn’t because there’s only one person who wants to painfully rape, and who is that??  YES IT’S KANADE.  Apparently, some shit happened btwn the two in the past but while Myouga’s all “I KEEL YOU” to Kanade the minute he sees her again, the latter’s just fuck confused and wants to find out just wot kinda shit went down when they were kids.  Obviously Myouga’s not the most pleasant guy to be around and he’s tsun all the time, cold and has a holier than thou attitude towards everyone.

So upon first meeting, Myouga announces all out war with Kanade who’s just like “THE FUCK??” but Myouga doesn’t tell her anything.  She can’t find it in her to hate him cuz he’s not exactly mean to her, just cold and eventually she finds out about him through flashback dreams.

First dream is of her childhood prince.  Just prior to a competition when she was a kid, her violin strings snapped and not knowing wot to do, she started baaawing and in comes *this guy* who tells her to stfu and fixes it for her.  She initially thinks it’s Ritsu but we all know who that is.

all he needs is lulu's geass XD

Second flashback has her seeing the same kid with a Big Russian Guy (BRG – the principal of RS3).  Kanade has just finished playing her competition piece and sees the two in the waiting room.  BRG tells the kid that’s he’s failed, Kanade is way better than him and the kid’s begging BRG to give him a chance, he hasn’t even played his crap yet but BRG walks off and tells him that it’s too late.  The kid turns around, sees Kanade and she suggests that she forfeit for him cuz she doesn’t want to win that bad and he helped her fix her strings so think of it as thanks.  Whoops that backfires and just pisses the kid off cuz he ain’t that pathetic as to need shiet like that and he swears he’ll never forgive Kanade for wot she sed.

Kanade realises that the kid’s Myouga and tells him the next day that she rmbs him.  Myouga’s all smug bastard and sez that now they’re on equal ground and can now compete fairly.  Still, Kanade’s nice to him and befriends his sis so he begins to question whether the intense hatred he feels for her is actually that…or otherwise.

Myouga fires a member from his club and pissed, that member decides to take revenge on Myouga by kidnapping Kanade.  Kanade’s all “dude I mean shit to the guy yo” but Myouga charges in, takes a blow for Kanade and beats the shit outta the club member –  “YOU WILL NOT TOUCH THIS WOMAN BITCH”

Finally it’s the finals.  Myouga still thinks he’s gonna kick ass but the minute he hears Kanade’s music, he knows that he’s lost, reaches nirvana like with Kyouya did and finally realises that his hatred really was just love for Kanade.  Similarly, Kanade’s fallen for the guy since he saved her so blablabla confession.

Amamiya Sei

Rival school #3.  FINALLY someone who plays the piano cuz honestly, i’m not that into violins  (pianos are so much more awesome).  He’s kinda the oddball prince character and after finding out from a duet from that his music and Kanade’s has some kind of ‘delusion inducing druggie high’ effect, he starts a “fall in love with me” experiment with her.

He takes Kanade out on experimental dates but finds that he can’t “feel it” with her.  Kanade don’t get what the deal is with him and his desperation to fall in love and he tells her it’s cuz though ppl tell him his piano is god, they always comment on how it lacks emotion so the BRG tells him to go fall in love cuz that’s the only way he’s gonna get his dream of conquering the world with his piano.

So Sei tries to change his plan and do some more “loverlike shit” and they go take sticky pics.  When the pic comes out however, he’s all “WHY WE NO LOOK LOVEYDOVEY”.  WELL NO SHIT YOU GUYS DON’T LOOK LIKE NO COUPLE YOU LOOK AS THOUGH YOU’RE ABOUT TO ASS RAPE THE WORLD YOU DUMB FUCK.

*ahem* alright back on track.  One day, Sei doesn’t show up to a date and Kanade is left waiting for hours and it starts pouring and shiet.  Turns out a buhmillion companies cornered Sei cuz they wanna produce him and shiet and he couldn’t show up.  He charges over once he’s done though, hugging Kanade and aplogisin for ditchin her.

A while later, Sei plays the piano for BRG and BRG tells him “YOU ARE READY” and that they’re gonna leave jp on the day of the finals.  Sei realises he really has fallen for Kanade but to fulfill his dream, he’s gotta leave so after telling Kanade that he loved her, he cuts off all ties w/ her.

Duh he comes back.  On the day of the final, Kanade plays the druggie high hallucination inducing piece she played with Sei the first time they met and this somehow reaches Sei so he barrels outta the speeding car he’s in and runs all the way to the finals.  He bursts in the middle and grabs Kanade and sez that wot he wants is her, not to own the world with his piano so all ends well.

Nanami Sousuke

…wtf is this shit.  No srsly, WOT THE FUCK.  “WRONG GAME LITTLE BOY THIS IS NOT BL” was wot I wanted to scream at Nanami the entire time.  I mean why wud any girl want a wimpy lil wuss?!?  OBVIOUSLY, he’s meant to be in gay porn , weak uke type, total rapebait so I was just like o.O;; when I played his route, wondering why Kanade wasn’t made a manly hot seme in his cgs.

His route sucked.  BALLS.  Boring and stupid.  It just revolves around him trying to find his lost balls but then again, HOW DOES HE FIND SOMETHING HE NEVER HAD IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?! *sigh*  Kanade finds him one day trying to smash up his cello cuz he der big suck and she comes in to stop him.  He starts worshiping her from then on and sees her as his “magical sempai” but he’s still ball-less and needs Kanade to still his nerves before competitions.

Then for the finals, he starts emoing cuz it’s him VS Kanade so he tells her to bugger off and leave him alone to practice.  Kanade of course, doesn’t let him have his way so she keeps comin around to say hi but keeps gettin pushed away and it’s the finals, Nanami wants to look good so he demands that Myouga let him do the big stuff so he goes up there and struts his shitty stuff.  Blablabla the end confession.  Fuck this guy should take lessons from Morino Ryoushi to learn how to BE A MAN.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

HOOOORRRRYYYY SHIT I’VE FINALLY GOTTEN THROUGH ALL 12 CHARACTERS *treats self to some nice hot black coffee*

Obviously my favourites were Hozumi and Chiaki – the two were just waaay too cute.  The character selection here was pretty wide and they were mostly alright cept for stupid Nanami and boring Yuki.  Nia was an awesome gf and I loved how Kanade always had a “URESHIIIIIII <3” or *HUG* option XD

Surprisingly, I actually liked the music they had ere though I personally want more piano :D  Fave voices to Arata cuz he’s mai awesome Kishio Daisuke (GAHAHAH MAKOTO), Chiaki cuz his oresama is win but the winner is totally PERVERT HOUSEI XDXD

The story was alright but got really boring when you had to go through it 12 bloody times.  I’m glad it didn’t involve any violin fairies or lame shoujo shit like that cuz that’s the reason why I was put off La Corda in the first place (the anime esp.) and the skip function actually SKIPS instead of fast forwarding so THANK FUCK.  Best routes = Chiaki, Hozumi and Arata.  Shittiest goes to Yuki and Nanami – wtf.

I loved the art.  Who can hate all the funky hair colours lol.  I have no complaint for the artist, bitch knows wot she’s doing _(_ _)_  Fave chara designs to Housei and Ritsu cuz goddamn they’re sexy.

Okay I admit lar, this was nowhere near as shitty as I thought it was going to be and turned out to be pretty decent a game.  I certainly like violins more than before I mean, and I loved Hozumi and Chiaki tons.  The epilogues were just a tad unsatisfying but it’s pretty good a game, smooth system too so eh, why not give it a spin =D

19 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Kiniro no Corda 3”

  1. i would personally recommend the first 2 corda games =D, i found the original characters more well developed and likeable, my only favs for corda 3 were chiaki, kyouya and arata despite there been a whooping total of 12 characters! i was slightly dissapointed that in this one every peice is for violins (and a cello) D=, whereas in 2 u could arrange your own emsemble and have flutes, clarinet, tumphet etc etc. oh well, also i did hear that the fan disk for corda3 will be out soon~

  2. Cloudy Says:

    Lawl I remember wanting to play this game but I didn’t hear the best things about it compared to the previous games. There are too many guys so I think the quality wasn’t as good? o3o I didn’t care for the main guys either (I heard it was either one of the brothers or Myoga???) and only schools #2 and #3. Art is still great and the seiyuus are nice too.

  3. domshiki Says:

    yeah they had waaaaaaaaaay to many characters, yagisawa and sousuke’s routes just being plain wtf crap.
    don’t think i’ll be touchin any more corda really, mite try the fandisk. but hey the art is pretty damn awesome. shame this is only partially voiced cuz I WANT MORE PERVERT HOUSEI XDXD

  4. Jessica Says:

    Please help me. I’ve played this game since it came out and can’t finish arata cuz i’m missing pics in his gallery. How do you get gallery pics?

  5. its nice but not as much as the first two corda games.but they were too many guys than i expected in this.i like most of the ppl in this game.thank you for the information.

  6. iam very excited to play this game.i hope its better than 1st 2 corda games.

  7. Jessica Chan Says:

    u knoe the part for hozumi when he says “Seems as though…I’ve fallen in love in you” was it in the official website in the sample voice message box thing

  8. hasy Says:

    can i say FUCKING hilarious this review is? omg, my stomach hurt so much. i mean i want to play the game myself but i don’t understand japanese. lol. but may i ask how it took to finish this game?

  9. bearcake Says:

    Hi thanks for the review funny as always I just wondered how did you trigger Myoga Leji 1st heart event as I have followed the walkthrough both the one you gave and peche guide on and still no luck. I had more than enough affection points to activate the even 221 out 300 I think the event is ”craving victory” and its meants to happen on August 1st. I have already seen the event ”pretty appearance” but I am just having trouble trying to activate his first heart event.
    Any help will be much appreciated :)

    • domshiki Says:

      I’m not too sure why u can’t see his events – mb u have to play the other characters before u can play him?

      • bearcake Says:

        Thanks for replying and the only other characters I have completed are Kyouya, Haru and Amaya Sei so far but I will try and get the other characters first and see what happens. It might be a case of playing the other characters first before you get to play Myoga Leji like you said.

  10. Ameagari Says:

    I’m now playing the full voice series of this series, and I have a trouble to get Arata’s route. I’m already read the Japanese walkthrough but it’s really impossible to get 20 point until 31 August, what method do you used to get Arata’s route? Please answer me

  11. NuiNui Says:

    I would really want to play this now and It’s flippin’ makin’ me crazy!! I think this was the only site I can read this and yeah It’s funny
    ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ. At first I didn’t know that Reiji (sorry I prefer his name like that) was the one who gave her the golden string and that made me jumping on the couch.
    I do have the 2 “Another Sky” and am still waiting for the “Amane”

  12. Heya! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble with hackers?
    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing several weeks of hard work
    due to no backup. Do you have any solutions to protect against hackers?

    • domshiki Says:

      Wow fuck man, that sucks balls. No, I haven’t had problems (least not that I’ve noticed). The only thing I can think of is change your pw 24/7?

  13. Diana Says:

    Hello, I found this review really funny and interesting to read! Are you planning on reviewing the other games as well? I can’t find any reviews for them anywhere and I don’t know if they are worth playing. Thanks

  14. […] http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/corda3/ Platform: PS2 (2010) PSP (2010) 3DS (2015) English Reviews: 4Shiki Available at: Kiniro no Corda 3 PS2 at Amazon Kiniro no Corda 3 PSP at Amazon Kiniro no Corda 3 PSP […]

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