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Otome Game Review: Hana Awase – Mizuchi hen

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img_hanaAlternative Titles: 華アワセ 蛟編

Company: Enterbrain

Release Date: 05.12.12

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: AVG, Otome, YURA <3, SAD SHIT, YUGIOH

Plot Summary:


In this world, people play this super edgy hardcore game called HANA AWASE, where they use HANA FUDA to kill each other for shits and giggles.  Only a special few get this totally bamf power and those kids get put into special schools where they hone these skills – for what purpose I don’t know it’s like they’re tryna breed killer children who wield nuclear weapon cards.  The general public doesn’t know abt this though and just thinks that these are schools for rich kids who spend all their time playing card games.  Our heroine decides that she wants to play Yu gi Oh too like all the other cool kids and enters the school.

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BL Game Review – Lucky Dog1

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Alternative Names: ラッキードッグ1

Company: Tennenouji

Release Date: 10.06.09

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, mafia, romance, violence, rape, comedy, drama, prison break XD

Plot Summary: 25 year old protagonist Gian Carlo has been in the mafia since god knows when and thus has been tossed into jail a buhmillion times and over.  However, he’s a complete god when it comes to breaking outta prisons – so good, it’s his favourite past time, and he’s gotten out so many times, he’s nicknamed “Lucky Dog” for his crazy good fortune.  In jail are 4 other mafia dudes with him, and he gets a letter from the boss one day and gets an impromptu promotion to boss of the gang – on the condition that he can get everyone out safe. Continue reading

BL Game Review – Miracle Noton

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Alternative Names: みらくるのーとん

Company: Tennenouji

Release Date:26.12.06

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, ‘romance’, PWP, sex, sex, and more sex.

Plot Summary: PWP very effectively sums this up.  How to write the summary when there ain’t even a substantial plot or anything?  *sigh* Well from the dredges of what little story there is in this game, the synopsis would go like this: Protagonist Ogata Akira finds a magical living notebook that can grant any wish he writes in it.  But there’s a catch: only horny wishes work.  So begins Akira’s days of homoerotic wish writing…. Continue reading

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