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Sandeian: Ore no YOME~! (♂)

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Okay, this is a post dedicated to my ‘yome’ or bride. Or if I just say it in basic terms – my favourite character!

And!!! MY YOME IS!!!


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How interesting Pixiv can turn out to be…

Posted in Fan-Made with tags , , , , , , , on 20/05/2010 by sandeian

Okay, I used to be a piapro fan. No wait, I was obsessed with it.

So, my need for some Gintama fanart (perfectly straight… I’m not a fujoshi) brought me into Pixiv.

This post is really random. My road into Pixiv.

Step 1. I got from Nico Nico to Pixiv through this video…

so I became a fan of this guys SD gintama… and stepped into the world of Pixiv. ‘

Step 2.

Man, it’s a unique art style but I find the SD’s cute…

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Happy (LATE) Birthday Hijikata, HIBARI and LUFFY!!!

Posted in Fan-Made with tags , , , , on 08/05/2010 by sandeian

Okay, not the one in Hakuouki. I’m talking about the Gintama one.

I was watching couple of MAD’s when I just remembered that it was Hijikata and Hibari and Luffy’s (and Deidara) birthday on the 5th.

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Proof that Japanese Otaku are amazing.

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Well, basically the title says it all.

This one is of somebody drawing Hatsune Miku. I want to say that they have too much time but anyway, its too amazing to insult.

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