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Nico Nico Choukaigi – CHOU PARTY!!

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Sigh, I was always planning to have a halloween post but shame for me that I spent the whole day half asleep playing my ds.


Well, I know it’s late… Too bad!!

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Well basically, I felt like I was getting forgotten recently considering that most of the newest posts were by domshiki. I’m also playing about 4 games at the same time but unlike her I can’t think of what to write for a review that easily. So yeah, GENDERBEND post # 2.

I guess anyone into anime would follow K-on!. Well, I watched the first season as well but although the music is good, I have to admit that I would rather see bishie’s than a blob of moe. So…

Keion-Bu : Mugi, Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Azusa


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VOCALOID2 Lily on sale from today!!

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Well, as the title says, there’s a new vocaloid coming out today!

Name: Lily

Gender: Female

… Anything else you need to know?

Oh yeah, KEI did the art for her.

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Well, I’m currently enjoying playing tokimeki memorial but I’m no where near finishing it, I decided to blog again about Vocaloid. This really depends on whether you like japanese music. If you don’t, just listen it for hot voices of the people covering it! (ノ*゜▽゜*) … shame that this post is about moe. No hot voices.

Though there are loads of video’s featuring Miku, Rin, Luka etc that seems like an eroge, as usual I can’t really find things that seem like an otome game. Shows how much of Nico vids audience are male. No wait, at the live they had, most of them were fangirls and whenever there’s a guy guy duet all of the comments are from fujoshi (BL lovers). You never know I guess.

So yeah, as there are loads of different types of genre, I decided to post mainly on moe. So expect a lot of the girls (not sure how to have a moe kaito/gackpo song, maybe ren. who knows?). And I find it normally more moe when it’s got the vocaloid voices so yeah…

Rin: すすすす、すき、だあいすき [susususu, suki, daisuki]

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Vocaloid Vids

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As I don’t think that I can finish the game that im currently playing that quickly and knowing me, I think I will post a review on it by the weekend, I decided to blog about my other hobby right now which is surfing Nico-nico douga and watching Vocaloid (fan-made, I guess) music. Although Vocaloid’s are voice-synthesising robots, I simply listen to the otaku’s real people who cover the songs.

You might have heard of Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Ren/Rin etc and those are examples of Vocaloid.

I have at least 200 vocaloid (or covered) songs on my iPod so I can proudly (?) say that I am a fan of vocaloid. One thing that I like about Vocaloid is that people who have no time make a lot of songs and there are a wide genre so its quite expected that you’ll find at least one song that you will like.

I found this song, which seemed to match the blog. Also got other ones too. (click more)


Kiyoteru x Kagamine Ren x KAITO x Gackpo : ユアハイネス☆マイプリンセス [Your Highness ☆ My Princess]

By しゃむおん [Shamuon]  コニー [Konii]  少年T [ShounenT] そらる [Soraru]

The closest thing to a otome game by Vocaloid.

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