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Valentines Day … リア充爆発しろ!!

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… hmmm, nothing much to say really.

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Well basically, I felt like I was getting forgotten recently considering that most of the newest posts were by domshiki. I’m also playing about 4 games at the same time but unlike her I can’t think of what to write for a review that easily. So yeah, GENDERBEND post # 2.

I guess anyone into anime would follow K-on!. Well, I watched the first season as well but although the music is good, I have to admit that I would rather see bishie’s than a blob of moe. So…

Keion-Bu : Mugi, Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Azusa


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I absolutely love genderbend. Really. Though if its really different from the normal character maybe not. Still.

Kyon ⇒ Kyonko

(Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)

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Cuz Pixiv is Awesome – マニャ子

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Cuz マニャ子 is awesome.  Just look at dat.

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Proof that Japanese Otaku are amazing… ③ – 恋愛サーキュレーション [Rennai Circulation]

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Anybody who followed Bakemonogatari must know what I’m talking about.

Rennai Circulation was the opening song for episode 10 and is the image song for Sengoku Nadeko (the heroine of Nadeko Snake).

The impact that the opening had on the audience (including me for some part) was extremely devastating (?).

Quote Nico Nico Dictionary:


‘The one singing it is Hanazawa Kana, the CV for Sengoku Nadeko. The cute opening sequence added with the singing, created a massive impact and created many onnichan fans.

( ̄ー ̄) I wonder why….

Well, I might start with the most popular Rennai Circulation parody… I even downloaded it for my ipod! (*’‐’*)

It’s リモーネ先生 [Rimone Sensei] doing Uzaya Circulation… Uzaya is  play on words as the character is called Izaya and Uzai means to be annoying.

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Pointless Rambling – Shizuo x Izaya or Izaya x Shizuo?

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Wait a tick...summin ain't right...

SHIZUO AND IZAYA ARE SECRETLY GAY FOR EACH OTHERLike NO WAY! lol I know it, you know it, we all know it.  Heck, the anime producers and the other characters know it – in fact, Shizuo and Izaya are so gay for each other, that said other characters are even wondering whether the two are having angry hot ‘hatesex’ backstage. This is the most popular couple the series has (go on pixiv or wteva, key in durarara, and i guarantee, more than half depicts the two being gay).   When did Durarara turn into some gay shit?  But then again, What be I complainin for? XD Continue reading

How interesting Pixiv can turn out to be…

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Okay, I used to be a piapro fan. No wait, I was obsessed with it.

So, my need for some Gintama fanart (perfectly straight… I’m not a fujoshi) brought me into Pixiv.

This post is really random. My road into Pixiv.

Step 1. I got from Nico Nico to Pixiv through this video…

so I became a fan of this guys SD gintama… and stepped into the world of Pixiv. ‘

Step 2.

Man, it’s a unique art style but I find the SD’s cute…

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