List: Game Reviews (01.10.15)

What we’re playing at the moment:

domshiki: god knows

sandeian: indefinite vacation – no, idk what she’s playing at either.

Quick list, hassle free – because that’s how much we love our dear readers ;)


Hana Awase – Karakurenai/Utsutsu Hen

Hana Awase – Himeutsugi Hen

(18+) Jooubachi no Oubou – Menou hen

Otome Games



D.C. Girl’s Symphony

Diabolik Wifebeaters



Hakuouki Yuugiroku

Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku

Himehibi Portable

Hiiro no Kakera

Hiiro no Kakera  – Shin Tamayorihime Denshou

Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayorihime Denshou – Piece of Future – 

Hiiro no Kakera 2 – Shin Hisui no Shizuku

Hiiro no Kakera 3 – Soukoku no Kusabi

Hiiro no Kakera 3 – Soukoku no Kusabi Ashita no Tobira he

Hiiro no Kakera 4 ~ Shirahana no Ori ~

Hoshiiro no Okurimono

Iza, Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa

Jyuuza Engi ~Engetsu Sangokuden

Kanuchi Shiroki Tsubasa no Shou

Kiniro no Corda 3

Mother Goose no Himitsu no Yakata

Musketeer le Sang Des Chevaliers

Nise no Chigiri

Oumagatoki ~ Kaidan Romance ~

Renai Banchou

S.Y.K ~ Shinsetsu Saiyuki ~

S.Y.K ~ Renshouden ~

Scared Rider Xechs STARDUST LOVERS

Shinigami to Shoujo

Sorayume Portable

Starry Sky in Spring Portable

Starry Sky in Summer Portable


Toki no Kizuna ~ Sekigahara Kitan~ 

Uta no Prince sama♪  *Plans to edit post when the remake comes out*

Wand of Fortune

Wand of Fortune ~ Mirai e no Prologue ~ 

Wand of Fortune 2 ~ Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku

Wand of Fortune 2 FD ~ Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue ~

Will O’ Wisp

Zettai Meikyuu Grimm


Kurayami no Hate de Kimi wo Matsu

Saikin Koishiteiru?

Tokimeki Memorial 2 Girl’s Side 2nd Season


(18+) Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari

Garnet Cradle

Hana Awase – Mizuchi hen

Hana Awase – Himeutsugi Hen

Hana Awase – Karakurenai/Utsutsu Hen

(18+) Ijiwaru My Master *currently re-editing*

(18+) Jooubachi no Oubou – Menou hen

(18+) Koezaru wa Akai Hana

(18+) Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi

(18+) PersonA ~ Opera Za no Kaijin ~

(18+) Riddle Garden

(18+) Dicks and Alice

(18+)Tsuki no Hikari Taiyou no Kage


CLOCK ZERO ~ Shuuen no Ichibyou ~

Desert Kingdom

Natsuzora no Monologue

Scared Rider Xechs

BL Games


Dramatical Murder

Kimi no Naka no Palladium


Lucky Dog1

Miracle Noton

Miracle Noton Tadaima Zouryou Chu!!

Nessa no Rakuen

Omerta  ~ Chinmoku no Okite ~


Sweet Pool

Taishou Mebiusline

Togainu no Chi



Requests – comment for a request (no promises tho sry)

(oh yea, for those who want a link to a walkthrough of a game + chara, CHECK OUR SIDE BAR FIRST CUZ THERE ARE LINKS TO WALKTHROUGH SITES.  If it’s not there, post here unless the review for the game has been done in which you should comment on that one)

144 Responses to “List: Game Reviews (01.10.15)”

  1. I have a request!
    Please do RenAi Bancho! I wanted to see what that game’s like so badly but ffuuu no PSP ┐(‘~`;)┌

  2. Seconding the RenAi Banchou request!
    I’m really curious about the game, but yeah no PSP here lol.

  3. domshiki Says:

    k got it, SLOWLY ploughin my way through it lol all i can is the heroine is kinda bitchy whiny irritatin ==*

  4. Serena Says:

    Lets see….I saw the OPs for Clock Zero and ひばり京屋 -i wasn’t sure of the authenticity of the translation (Black and Gold Key to Open?) –and the art looked really detailed and quality. Also, I was curious about Prince and the Beast’s of use/Desert Kingdom….

    • domshiki Says:

      haha kay, i’ll get started on Clock Zero and Desert Kingdom soon though it’s prolly gonna take forever for me to finish em cuz I be pretty busy lately ;D

      • Kaede Says:

        I recommend for Clock Zero playing the characters, Richirou, then Shuuya, then Toranosuke, then Modoka, then Takato, to get the full game enjoyment :D

      • Kaede Says:

        I also think that Serena meant Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi.

      • Kaede Says:

        Looking it up, Serena meant Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama! I love that game!!!! Silvio all the way!!! I love his hair…ears…lol.

      • Looking it up, Serena meant Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama! I love that game!!!! Silvio all the way!!! I love his hair…ears…lol.

  5. Forte Says:

    my, my! Koi Ikusa for psp! the artwork is so pretty! Oh, But most importantly…..Basket Arishizu! (at least I think thats what it’s called…I really only know the jp. link.. ( Kyahhh! The chibi’s were so cuuuuuute!!

    • Both games aren’t out yet =.=
      well, um, i think that it’s highly likely that we will play them though. wait, 100% that we will play them. 60% that we will blog them.
      I dunno. I hope they are decent though. (personally cant stand the heroine for basket Arisis. the ‘whats wrong is wrong. we may not do any bad stuff’ etc type of whiny heroine)

  6. Fish and Chips Says:

    I’m looking forward to scared rider xechs and wand of fortune! ^_____^

  7. I think I shall wait eagerly for the Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi review. Hehe~ The Javascript app they had on their website was really fun. owo

  8. Willow Says:

    Awesome reviews you guys, they’re very entertaining to read. Can’t wait for your Haruka 5 review, kinda curious about that. Oh since you played Wand of Fortune, are you going to do a review for the fandisk Mira he no Prologue? You should also try Kanuchi Shiroki and Kuroki, as I loved those two games.

    • domshiki Says:

      yup i’ll start on the wof fandisk soon and mb kanuchi after i try ryouma gaiden, heard dat was pretty good too :D

  9. fafa Says:

    I would like to request ‘Hanaoni ~koi someru koku eikyuu no shirushi~
    The guy name Kagi is damn hot and Hibiki is hell sexy!!!(when I saw him I thought..hey he’s Kazamasan mixed with Yuuichisenpai o_O!!)

    The art is by Kazuki Yone.

  10. fafa Says:

    Have u played death connection? XD!!

    • domshiki Says:

      haha not yet soz, im still tryna finish clock zero and starry sky in winter first. i recently started kanuchi and i srsly regret it, it’s friggin long but oh so addicting xDxD ima go for that after i done heheh <3

  11. fafa Says:

    I’m totally fall for Vicious in Death Connection lolz….I didn’t expect him to have the ‘After sex’ scene XD!!! I’ll wait to see your review on the game, I love your review :D!!

  12. Please review Kago no Naka no Alicis! It seems like a pretty derpy game and with your funny writing I’m sure it would be hilarious to read XD

  13. Jessica Chan Says:

    Can u plz put on ur “to do list ” put in vampire knight DS in it –_– >_<

  14. fafa Says:

    Hi…could u plz help me with the SYK shinsetsu saiyuki walkthrough T.T I tried to get into Goku’s route almost 10 times and never get in right…always end up at chp9 the end no.7 =w=”

  15. fafa Says:

    Not yet…I played Goujou and Gyakuryu but haven’t try Suou and kinda want to leave Hakkai the last =w=

    • domshiki Says:

      oh u havent played hakkai? u gotta finish hakkai, gyokuryuu and Gojou first before u can do gokuu i think =P

  16. fafa Says:

    Arghhh….that Mirinda the orange soda…
    all right … T.T thx a lot >_<

    Oh and u might want to try 'Iza shutsujin koiikusa' (the name of the game sound so embaressing =.=)
    The chara Oda Nobunaga is Suwabe Junichi and it's the pervert rapist role XD!! (I haven't go for his route yet but judge from his CG and his pervert speech from other route…)

    Another awesome one is Date Masamune CV by Daisuke…I go 'hddejfhdfjjuXD!!!!' When he said "I will make baby every night!!" And "am I good at it?" Kyaaaaaaa how can he said that XD!!!

  17. Nyan Cat Says:

    I request for you guys to do Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori (R 18+ Otome Game)
    It seems interesting with those half animal, half human guys o__o”
    Apparently, its a mix of the ‘Red Riding hood’ and ‘Snow White’ fairy tales ;p

  18. Please do Musketeer: Le Sang des Chevaliers; I notice that you have a banner of it on the right side of your site.

    I don’t understand Japanese and I’d love to read your review on it.

    • Willow Says:

      I agree with this, you guys should try out Musketeer. The art is done by the artist of Kanuchi (glad you’re playing this ;) and Death Connection. It got many positive reviews from other players so you should definitely give it a go ^^.

  19. Could you please review the new Duplicity game from Roseverte? I played the first one in English and I’m curious about the sequel, but now they only released the Japanese version.

  20. Shinigami to Shoujo
    Are You Alice

    • Started Shinigami to Shoujo
      Planning to do Are you Alice (have all the drama CD’s lol)
      and Amnesia isn’t out yet.

  21. Gekka (otomate)
    Kamikimi (otomate)
    Maren rokukishi (otomate)
    Atelier Elkrone (otomate)

    • All not out yet but:
      Gekka’s coming out next month
      Kami – October
      Maren – december
      Atelier – next year

      not really sure how they’ll turn out but think we’ll play them.

  22. Kazuenai Says:

    Garnet Cradle&Snow Bride?? ;w; Been interested in them for a while and would love to see your review on them!

  23. Cara Says:

    I may have a newbie question but what does AVG in the Genre mean?

    • AVG stands for Adventure game.
      it may be a japanese shortening so its not used in the western side of the world. not really sure.

      To sum things up, most otome games can be divided into 2 types.
      A simulation game or an adventure game.

      Simulation is where you raise up stats and such and your ending depends on what your final stats are. Examples include: Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side, Love Revolution, Corda Series
      (i guess you could include games with RPG elements as a simulation – Arabians Lost, Crimson series, Haruka series (though rpg leveling up is only needed to defeat the boss’ during the game, not to end up with a guy))

      AVG (adventure game) is basically a story game with only text and your ending depends on what selections that you chose. Basically a visual novel (i think, not sure)
      Examples include: most otomate games, hakuouki, hiiro no kakera series, uta no prince, alice series

      hope it helps. (・ε・)ノ

  24. HI have you done Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ before or plan to? if not would you be willing too? i would love it if you could!

    Since I dont speak/read japanese, and i cant get atlas+AGTH to work for me properly ive kind of learned to rely on your reviews to give the gist at least of whats going on haha.

    • I have played a couple of routes but then im not sure whether i plan to complete the game. I have all the series but dont really play them that regularly.
      The problem with the Alice series is that its turn based and in one route there’s about 200 turns.

      I can’t say for sure but then I’m only likely to play this when I finish the other pile that I already have.

      • 200!? O_O wow thats alot! i just liked that it was loosely based on alice in wonderland or so it seemed >___>

        well if you ever get a chance it be great to see it if not then that is fine <3 i am very greatful for the many reviews you do have! maybe now i can try and play more otome games other then TMGS 1&2 thank you <3

  25. tm2yk Says:

    Thanks for posting otome game review. Its awesome!
    Please do review Haruka Toki no Nakade 5, Are u alice, Hetalia & Uta no Prince-sama…

  26. Patty Says:

    Hello I’m new to otome games and I just wanted first of all that I love your blog!~
    And second of all I would like to request a walkthrough on the game STORM LOVER Natsukoi!! I would really appreciate it thanks!

    • Thanks for following our blog XD its nice to know that people enjoy it at least. (o^^o)

      a walkthrough?
      basically shows what you have to do each day for both Lover’s route, and the Kyuutenkai one.
      Also helps for the triangle relationship one.

      Still, the fandisk of storm lover is simple enough that one can get through without a walkthrough. Well, ENJOY!!!

  27. HolyLeonheart Says:

    Please review Uta no Prince-sama Sweet Serenade. I really wanna know what happen in the fandisk x3 (Since it is much more romantic than the original, lol)

  28. Thank you so much for doing these :D I can’ t wait until you review the other UtaPri games ^^!!

  29. Nyan Cat Says:

    I want to request an otome game!
    I THINK it’s called “Emergency, departure for the front! Love war” or something like that (I used google translator)

    Here’s the website for the game:

    • google translate? XD
      the game’s called iza koiikusa and its already on the domshiki’s ‘to do’ list.

      … you know, the list is getting ridiculously long. =.= and more games are being released for psp.
      Curse school. T.T

      • Nyan Cat Says:

        Oh! Thanks [x ,
        Yeah, google translate D:.
        My japenese knowledge is very low T_______T .

        Yup. There’s like a new psp game getting released every month or so ]: .

  30. oh god. please can you review La storia della Arcana Famiglia. i think it comes out in october though TT_TT

  31. Sanjûichi Says:

    I have a request!
    Could you please do a review of “amnesia”?
    the story looks really interesting!!
    thank you ><

  32. DoctorFaustus Says:

    Totally and completely in love with you guys’ reviews. I was just wondering if you’d ever thought to do a Last escort: Club Katze [PSP] review? It’d be grand. Thanks either way, always looking forward to your reviews <3

  33. Hi! Absolutely love the reviews here :D Was wondering if y’all could do a review on Wand of Fortune 2? Thanks! :)

    • ya and can u post all the cgs into a file so i can download and see them all

      • We don’t really do CG posting. We include CG’s for the games we review about but even then we never post every single CG that the game has. Sorry. >.<

    • What KID said. I know you lazy shiets got a lot on your hands, cause I be stalking u peeps posts forever. So whenever you guys are free or don’t feel like lazy poops <3 TYVM *bows* :3

  34. VIICKII Says:

    hey~~ :D can you please post the link to the walkthrough of uta no prince sama sweet serenade? or possibily make a review? ( I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS~~ LOL) thank you :D

  35. I have a question. In detail, what would your perfect otome game be?

    • This is completely subjective btw:

      1. Nice art. Would have said Kazuki Yone but right now I can stand most kinds of art as long as the CG’s are interesting. Not like the same goddamn pose for every character.
      2. Nice Plot – The game would have to actually be interesting. I mean, who teh hell wants a game that seems so cliche and boring. You can get that anywhere! That might be why I’m completely in love with Shinigami to Shoujo. Oh another thing. If all the routes are practically identical, it feels like a waste of time to play them =.= such as moujuutsukai (though i havent blogged it)
      3. CHARACTERS!! I personally cannot stand the typical shotas that you get. I mean, the ones that act all cutesy! I’M PLAYING THIS FOR HOT GUYS!!! NOT FOR SOME GUY THAT COULD EASILY BE TAKEN AS A GIRL! Oh and I also cant stand megane. Just naturally. I DONT LIKE MEGANE!!!! (sorry to all the glasses out in the world) Though I love the kuuderes type of character. And oresama. … wait, maybe tsundere. Recently I’m falling for the OSSAN-type of characters. Most likely because of Tiger and Bunny. I don’t really care about age difference that much. More like 100% older > younger. I dunno. IT DEPENDS ON THE GAME!
      4. HEROINE! … most of the time I either absolutely HATE them or LOVE them. If the heroine was killing me at being such a shoujo-manga heroine, I would rather sell the game than complete it. AND!! (this is from experience) THEY ADVERTISE HOW THE HEROINE IS BADASS AND CAN FIGHT OR SOMETHING BUT THEN SHE TURNS OUT TO BE SOMEONE WHOS TO STUPID AND FORCES THE GUYS TO CLEAN UP HER MESS. NOW THAT IS ANNOYING!
      5. Voice actors – Hot voices. Good enough for me XD I like finding new seiyuu anyway. And otome gaming allows me to recognise quite a lot of voices on TV. (I start screaming when I hear a male seiyuu narrating some random TV show!! last time it was Midorikawa Hikaru!) I normally play my fav voice actors first: Sugita, Nakai, Ishida, Suzumura, Irino etc.

      … …. I can’t really think of anything else right now.
      Ideal game? … HAS ISHIDA AKIRA IN IT! (and is NOT voicing a shota. yes im talking about tokimeki 1, Izakoi and the new jyuuzaengi)

      problem is my taste changes really quickly. gets affected by the current anime. Oh! if its anime/manga in general, I LOVE SIBLING COMPLEXES. Doting bro + doting parent. Which is why hetalia is great for me! (though i hate gayness)

      What about you? :) It’s always interesting to hear about these things XD

  36. Lynsum Says:

    OOH OOH OOH ! : D Can you guys do a review for Gakuen Hetalia portable!?! Please and thank you! ^^

  37. Shiina Says:

    Please do all the Uta no Prince-sama games review >w<

  38. Haruhi Says:

    Dramatical Murder! Dramatical Murder

  39. Harukanaru Toki no naka de 5
    I found that they have the sequel ~Kazehanaki
    Is that the after story? or the remake with more chara??

  40. Saime Says:

    Oh! I was just about to request Lucian Bee’s :’D May I ask which in particular? Though if you’re doing the entire series I’d be more than glad xD But I was just wondering ’cause there’s Resurrection Supernova, Justice Yellow and Evil Violet I believe. I’m glad it’s on your list anyway, really looking forward to it <333

    • domshiki Says:

      im planning to do all of them haha. i’ve started on resurrection supernova but been rly busy lately so it’s real slow going sry _(_ _)_

  41. Wolfie Says:

    Any chance of Ijiwaru review coming back soon?

  42. kinnou Says:

    Ah, I was wondering if you guys were ever going to Angelique: Maren no Rokukishi?

    • domshiki Says:

      I prolly will, never played an angelique game before so I’m pretty curious but with the amount of backlog we have…mb i’ll finish it NEXT YEAR? LOOOOOL

      • kinnou Says:

        LMAO, since I’m so in love with your reviews, I’m willing to wait any amount of time. Excellent news my friend, well looking forward to it.

  43. carl brock Says:

    So when are you going to do (18+) Ijiwaru My Master it was on your list so I thought I ask surpisely you can’t find any good that are in English like the choices you have for the characters but there in stupid Japanese and can’t translete them to where can read them but good luck on the reviews and on (18+) Ijiwaru My Master i’m really looking forward to Eins route. ;) oh haha there’s some things onIjiwaru My Master that are um… it’s +18 so I think you now where i’m getting at so those who are under 18 you might want to wait a little while before and if you do play it…brace yourself because when the guys get serious in love MC they become bold and touchy that’s all i’m going to say on that.

    • domshiki Says:

      I’ve already played it and done a post for it but I realised after I missed out some routes so I’m planning to redo it but never got around to it. I’ve got waaay too much backlogged haha sry

      • carl brock Says:

        Wait if you done the post why can’t i find or did you delete. But it’s no problem really as long as get it done and post again that i’ll be fine with it. I’ll be looking forward to the route and Eins can be a little weird but he’s not that bad and Leon route is going to be good to but anyway good luck with the review. ;)

      • domshiki Says:

        i returned it as a draft post. I rmb I liked Ryuuka the most and hated Eins lol, thanks

  44. carl brock Says:

    oops there’s there’s also under the moon Ijiwaru My Master i think that what it’s like the other game but it’s a little different.

    • carl brock Says:

      uh what don’t you like about Eins? Will I haven’t played the because a PC is a game system right or does it have something to do with the computer? So a draft post means your still working on it right? What things do you have to do to win Eins I think you have to talk to Leon but the walkthrough choices are japanese and sense I can’t translate them i’m lost.

  45. carl brock Says:

    Will for a game that been at 2008 there isn’t anywhere you buy it how are you suppose to play it?

  46. soopakool Says:

    Can I request Amnesia?!?! By otomate? It came out last year but i only heard of it recently because….i suck. Anyway! I read that a lot of people liked it and the heroine wasnt liked too much but the story made up for it! And also i love reading your reviews~~~ I would love to read your opinion!! Thank you!!

  47. Mary Says:

    Ooh! I want you to play Asaki yumemishi, wajin ibunroku! D:
    I love you :D

  48. Can you please play Arcana Famiglia and Bloody Call?
    I really love your reviews!!

  49. OtomeLover/ClosetPerv Says:

    I just love your reviews, they crack me up all the time! XD Just wondering, will you be planning on translating brothers conflict, and if not will u plz? Thank u 4 all ur hard work!!

    • domshiki Says:

      thank you very much :D

      brothers conflict is to be on my “to play list” but since said list is horribly long and growing infinitely, I’m afraid it’ll be some time before I get around to it sorry.

  50. Sharon Says:

    I have a request! AMNESIA PLEASEEEE. I really want to see how it is in the game before the anime is out :) thank yewwww xD

  51. wally Says:

    It’s kind of a new game, but can you consider doing Taishou Mebiusline? I saw it today and all the reviews on it is just like “神げー!神げー!” From the reviews the bad ends seem pretty screwed up but if you can just do the good ends that would be fantastic. I’d love to see your reaction to it :)

  52. really Says:

    lol serious xD?you editing ijiwaru when i started playing ._. bad luck

    • domshiki Says:

      rofl i been “editing” ijiwaru for a yr, never got around to much. way too busy sry haha but hf! KURUMI IS ADORABLE <3

      • really Says:

        i don’t think i will play moar just tried one route then he raped me lol

  53. sona buvelle Says:

    Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori – when you gonna play dis?

  54. i love the reviews on this site and i hope to see more pervy and hot bishies.
    i have a request; how about Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa?

  55. sweet.dreams Says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say I love your blog and really appreciate the work you put in for the reviews you do, especially when many people can’t access or understand the games.

    SO I was just hoping if you could look into doing a review for this visual novel series called Memories Off (preferably ~Sorekara~ and ~Sorekara again~) IF POSSIBLE. I’ve been dying to play this game or at least read a review about it but no one has really done one… I watched all the anime too. I even tried using this weird translator thing on my computer but the translations pretty bad its hard to understand whats going on in the game. Anyways, itd be great if you could do it! THANKS!!!

  56. Request for Taishou Mebiusline please! :D Once you’re back, of course xDDD I heard it’s an amazing game, and I’d love to hear what you think.
    Also it’d be great to hear what you think of Kami naru Kimi to >w<

  57. Haha Says:

    I am a really big fan of your blog. Can you recommend me some good BL games? I like them with lot of porn but not alot of dick

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL that’s funny, “porn but no dick”
      I think STEAL didn’t have too much penis in it but that’s about all I can think of. Most of the ones I played had a fair amount of dongs everywhere sry

  58. amuletcross Says:

    could you do a review of under the moon? i want to see your comments on it :3

  59. Could you have a look at Harukanaru Toki no naka de? (i mean the very first one among HaruToki series) In the anime the female lead fell in love with the villain as a default ending so I’m very curious what really happens in the game :D

    • domshiki Says:

      oh does she? that’s a first in otoge :o I might check it out if it’s out on either ds psp or pc but I prolly won’t be able to play it if it’s on ps2 – pc has been getting too laggy lately to emulate ps2

      • kannie1994 Says:

        yeah it was released for PSP :) actually in the anime they hinted at a ending of the female lead & the villain guy, but in the manga they went the opposite way lol i’m so pissed offfffffffffffff i’ve been looking for a new wave in anime adapted from otome game like this T.T

        i don’t have a PSP, nor I know Japanese, so it’s hard for me to play T.T this game was released like 4356789234567 years ago but somehow there was a (new) release of the first season of the series last February. i don’t know if it’s different from the original or whatever. if you have time, try it hehehehehehehehe :P

  60. I want to read a review of brothers conflict here now that the anime is out… First time comenting but I’ve read lots of reviews from here, they are fucking fun \o/!!

    I luv otome games from da bottom of ma heart but I don’t speak japonese nor have a PSP ;A;!! AND FOR BEING A DANM BRAZILIAN (by the way english is not my mother lenguage so if something is wrong please don’t mind it) ITZ FUCKING HARD TO BUY DIZ SHIET TT.TT. But I wanna play em so hard… ONE DAY I WILL ;U;… ONE DAY ;U;!!! *determination*

    I don even know how brocon game works but I wanted to read a review of it from here ;u;… *asking something that may be impossibru*

    Well… Datz sum big comment… I wanna thank you for da wonderfull time I had reading the reviews ;u;! Please continue with the good work o/

  61. Duncan Says:

    Your reviews are so entertaining! If I had to ask you to review only one game, I would ask you to play Shingakkou – Noli me Tangere on PC. It looks so good but unfortunately I can’t read Japanese and understand what’s going on ;;

    • domshiki Says:

      Thanks man <3 OOOOH I played some of that, like half of a route but then life got in the way and I forgot lol. The mystery aspect of it was great, I really do need to pick it up again some time

      • Duncan Says:

        You’re welcome! Please keep up the good work, although it must be quite hard to play all those games and deal with real life at the same time D:

      • domshiki Says:

        Lol it is especially since I got into uni, got a job and started volunteering it’s a lot harder to find the time, energy and motivation. I’ll try to get sth out by the end of this month!

  62. Hana chan Says:

    I stumbled upon your page when looking for good otome games to play, and just wanted to let you know your summaries made my day. The way you write is awesome! I will be coming back to this website for good suggestions! Thank you for having a sense of humor! :D

  63. Papakissgoodnight Says:

    Have you gotten to playing Solomon’s Shit yet? XD I would love to hear your rage review on that one lol

    Also is Sandeian ever coming back?

    • domshiki Says:

      omfg I played like half of one route and I… I don’t even know man. I felt so betrayed! The art and everything IT’S NOTHING LIKE THE COVER ART and what was advertised. The entire thing just feels so half assed I just stopped playing. I do plan on finishing it *coughinamillionyears* for the lulz.

      I have no idea. I haven’t really been in touch with her since she keeps going mia on me :'( I really do wish she’d come back soon

  64. Maria Says:

    i have a request! can u please do hadaka shitsuji bl game.

  65. Oh, have you played Hanakage (花陰) before? It’s sort of a sequel to Hanamachi Monogatari (花町物語), and it would be awesome to see your take on either (or both) games. xD

    • domshiki Says:

      I played about half of Hanamachi a couple years ago and same with Hanakage. Hanamachi I rmb I quite enjoyed but never finished – there’s a half written post somewhere in my drafts section. I stopped Hanakage mostly because I couldn’t stand Iori’s sex sounds the guy was just too loud for my liking lol. I have entertained the notion of finishing at least Hanamachi but I imagine it won’t be any time soon sorry :(

  66. mojoproblems Says:

    Hiya! I love your reviews and I am always like WTF and rofl. xD
    I browsed all your reviews and I didn’t see Persona 3P , well its quite old anyway but I really luv to read your review bout it. And hey, I want to see your reaction being friendzoned by Stupei. T.T Gawd I hate junpei wasting sht on him xD
    Oh, and amnesia is like oooh~ art so *u* and story is like “so confuse ” but unnh!! <3
    sigh *
    Again domshiki and sandeian FTW! :3

  67. Misaki Says:

    Please do storm lover 2nd!!

  68. cherryboyhunter Says:

    Oh, we miss you two, :( . When is the next review?

  69. Wade Says:

    I would love to see a review of “Dandelion-wishes brought to you” and “Nameless- The one thing you must recall” by you :D These games were made by the Korean company Cheritz (but are officially translated to english) and both have awesome plots, superb voice acting and amazing characters. And btw, I love your shitty writing!!

  70. Hana Says:

    I’d love for you to review the cheritz games: Dandelion and Nameless. They’re both officially translated to English and are amazing! I also would like to.request Death Connection too. I know its a bit older, but I’ve heard so many good things about it. Thankss, your reviews are literally perf and they’re so fun to read :D

  71. Hypnos Says:

    Could you please do Dear My Sun!! for PS2? It’s a really good game that doesn’t get enough love… You’re a single mother of adorable twins (unfortunately, you can only take care of one per gameplay) whose husband ditched you and went to Egyp FOR 18 YEARS, I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING. You spend your time raising a kid, but can also date various dudes because it doesn’t seem like hubby is coming back. Oh, and did I mention that you can date your kid’s friend (when he grows up a little, ofc, but he has hots for you since day one) – the age gap is about 22 years, you don’t see that often in anime. Plus the graphics are super adorable. It still counts as otome, right?

  72. Kavil Says:

    Will you do Cage Open/Close?

  73. Shuh Fei Chia Says:

    Hey domshiki! I’ve been a long time lurker on your (and sandeian’s) website, and now I finally get to say that “you rock!”

    All flattery aside, this isn’t so much a game request as a game suggestion/recommendation.

    That link is for the CG set of this yaoi game that recently came out. I have no idea what’s going on plot-wise, but hell, there are some pretty hot scenes over there.

    Check it out! If not for the smutty BL, then for the guro jumpscares on the last page.

    Here’s its vndb page: <- Looks pretty recent, October 2014 release and all.

    I'd be pretty much honoured if I'd get a reply from you, but I can understand if you're too busy. Your lol rants make me crack up.

    • domshiki Says:


      oh baby ;)

      ….and then I shat myself a little when I saw the guro and crazy eyes and realised it was pil/slash. Should’ve known.

      Thanks for recommending this to me! I’ve actually never had the chance to play one of pil/slash’s games but I have come across some cg and rants and oh boy, their stuff seems absolutely fucked up ie

      RIGHT UP MA ALLEY!!!! HAHAHAHAHA maybe I’ll start with this one once my finals are over.

      And no, the honour is all mine and I’m very honoured that you dropped by and commented :D I love me some lurkers and commenters even more but my schedule sucks absolute dick and i have shitty time management so I’m sorry for not replying earlier. I say that I hope to play this and I really do but tbh, I haven’t played a VN since…shit dude, since that bee porno lmao unless pokemon alpha sapphire counts. Fucking buuuuurned out yo but I will make an effort to get something out this Christmas just for you <3


      • Shuh Fei Chia Says:

        One year and a bit later I finally come back to this website and see your reply.

        It was ORAS back then, now it’s Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

        Thumbs up all around if you smashed those exams and love and peace right back at you, cool dude.

  74. Diana Says:

    I have a request! Can you please do the other Kiniro no corda another sky games. I want to play them but don’t know Japanese.

  75. blehhhhhh hi Says:

    are u guys still active? ur reviews are hilarious and fun to follow

  76. I love Wand of Fortune. Hence, all games based on this manga, of course, will attract me fast. It’s possible to say that it’s like an interesting story about the a magic girl in the magic school. It’s wonderful to follow her footsteps in the related games.

  77. Urusaiii Says:

    Hello! This one is for domshiki:

    I just found your blog of reviews and it’s damn entertaining! I actually am not here to request you to do anything. It’s just a personal curiosity of mine about you and games. You are not Japanese (I’m from HK too, btw) kept claiming your Japanese is shit- but is that a joke or what? For most of the reviews you post, you have got down the gist of the plot. If your Japanese was shit, how is this possible?

    My Japanese is not that good but not that bad. However I just have this one problem that I am way too lazy to read all the texts and just kept clicking. I understand what the characters say but without the texts I miss out on a lot of info. So my next question for you is how do you cope with the time of the gameplay? I grow rather impatient and I kept skipping….. For example, how long did it take for you to play omerta in order to understand that much?

    Lastly, I see in some comments that you played other games but never finished, like the hanamachi / hanakage series.
    Do you mind sharing a list of BL games which you played/ playing but never reviewed?
    I have done:
    Kichiku megane and R

    I would like to hear about what you think of messiah and kichiku megane if you played any of those ;-)

    • domshiki Says:


      HAHA I've never taken a Japanese proficiency level test but I feel like my Japanese is still pretty terrible. Most of what I know is self taught (apart from basic HS classes) and I rely heavily on kanji to get through any game. The real problem I have is grammar and particle usage so a lot of the time, I'm like "so….did you tell him to tell her to tell him to tell her to smd or did SHE say to-" blablabla stuff like that. Otoge is such a niche market too so I'm usually unable to verify whether I got the plot right or not unless someone else flames me for sucking or sth lol.

      OH GOD I get that too! Some games were so bloody wordy like motherfucking Lamento that I was all ready to dump them – then I remember that I've got to shit out a post on the game so I force myself to pay attention and not half arse it too much. If I like the game enough though, I usually devour it within a week which was the case with Omerta. The plot was straightforward enough, didn't require an in-game dictionary like Hiiro no Kakera and JJ was awesome <3

      I think the only BL games I've done but not reviewed are Hanamachi, Hanakage and Messiah. Messiah was one of the first BL games I played so my japanese was exceptionally shitty back then and I think all I got out of it was that Takuto had a creepy vampire ex who has had the hots for him since Takuto was like 5 rofl. As for Kichiku Megane, I read waaaaaaaaaay too many spoilers and reviews on it so I never got around to playing it. How is that one? And please tell me about Messiah because I'm sure there's way more to the story than "pedo vampire stalks protagonist".

      In any case, thanks for dropping by! And if you're planning to play some more gay pornos, then I definitely recommend Lucky Dog1 and if you're in the mood for crying and barfing, then Sweet Pool. That one is my favourite BL game but it's absolutely disgusting and will leave you shattered even if you do manage to get over the whole "LOOOOOOOOL PROTAGONIST SHITS MEAT MONSTERS LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL"

      • urusaiii Says:

        Haaaaaahaaa you are so hilarious..

        I STILL think you aren’t as bad as you claim yourself to be! I have studied Japanese like… 4 years in college, and got to the moderate advanced level before graduating. But you know Japanese classes taught alot of shit and we were mostly reading articles about enviormental problems, politics, blah blah that really doesn’t really apply in conversational/ reading comprehension..

        Kanji in Chinese and Japanese could be sooo different you know!! You STILL need a good level of Japanese to understand ALL THAT. Or are you just humble about your knowledge? Wait did I fuckin say humble? You? lol. (no offense) One thing for sure one CANNOT understand Sweetpool with just mediocre Japanese! So, really, how could you get thru Omerta in a week and understand that much?!

        I am not a Nitro Chiral fan- but I haven’t played DMMD yet so we will see. The list of items I mentioned are just a part of the BL games that I played and really enjoyed. I have played sweetpool and Lucky Dog. Sweetpool is like a friggin’ novel and it has the most intriguing concept with all the Osu mesu thing but in the middle of it, my brain just dropped dead and I just gave up and click-click-click. I didn’t fully grasp the meat babies and phermones concept. I just wanted to see the CGs. But I am not a fan of dark/ bittersweet endings so I won’t be revisiting it again. Is Lamento worse than Sweet Pool? Sweet Pool was really really hard for me to understand at that time.

        Lucky Dog- I was never into Yura’s art but everyone was hyped about it so I decided to give it a try, but I just… couldn’t get into the art -AT ALL. Again it was such a pity but I didn’t fully grasp the story. Jian was Hilarious, and I… remember Ivan too. (I did NOT read your review on Lucky Dog because I plan on revisiting it again someday) Am I right about the canon pairing being Jian and Ivan?

        I can say Hanamachi, Hanakage, Messiah, Maid Hajimemashita and Kichiku Megane are the only games that I played that fully paid attention. Unlike you, I like ANY BL with great art (my standards are Hanakage, Messiah, and Omerta level) or BL with plot like Kichiku Megane. Maid Hajimemashita has both awesome art and BEAUTIFUL artwork- it has NO plot but it’s fluffy/ warm romance and sometimes hilarious so I like it. It’s really opposite of what you like.. haha so I won’t recommend it to you.

        Messiah: yea *UHM* you are mostly right about Takuto’s vampire ex… well no actually.
        Kou (the vampire) had a really really dark tragic past where his vampire side awakened and the village along with the church wanted to burn him alive. His mom died in his place then he awakened fully as a vampire right there and killed everyone in the village. He also had a human side.. but he lived for several hundred years And it was child Takuto brought light into Kou’s existence. Takuto also had a dark past too. Parents died early, and then he was adopted. His adoptive father had always thought Takuto was hawwt and tried to molest him but Takuto ended up killing him. That’s when Kou showed up and wanted to erase Takuto’s tragic past by taking his childhood memory away form him, which means his memory of Kou would be erased too. Takuto has no friggin clue all this happened. But as he grew up, everywhere he went he was targeted coz he’s so goddamn fuckin hawwwt and he unintentionally smexy-beamed outta every guy he’s met, and has been changing schools. So in the true ending, he decided to stay with Kou forever and they had the ritual in the end Takuto became a vampire like Kou by drinking Kou’s blood.

        Messiah I would say is angst and dark- but I am totally in for the art. I love the art better than anything. I have been collecting every single piece of collectible there is for that game, purely for the artwork.

        Kichiku Megane –
        I am really torn between Messiah and Megane.
        Good artwork has been the KEY for me in any BL games and Megane totally defies that policy of mine. The art for me is….. I would say only 6 out of 10. Everyone is Friggin Oyaji-looking except for the Main, the shota and the teenage brat.

        (I lost interest due to poor art and kept clicking just to get to the ending- did that to Lucky Dog, to sweet pool – well, it’s not like sweet pool is ugly but .. ughh I just got TIRED….)

        BUT This is this is maiiiii SHIT for lifetime. I usually don’t have a favorite character in ANYTHING – not really in any anime , not in any games but Megane Katsuya is ________ (mind filling in the blank for me?) Sorry to say But LIU ZHEN is modeled AFTER him, except they gave Liu’s glasses to Ugajin.

        Megane is LONG, and I fully paid attention to everything.
        Art is not particularly outstanding
        Theme- salaryman- give and take, sex for business, how boring could it get? But that’s NOT all. I think it lays down a foundation of the main character in BL games could ALSO BE SEME too.
        Coz I can’t think of any games BEFORE Megane came along where the main character could also be a seme.

        I don’t wanna write too much about Megane coz you said you already read alot of reviews so I don’t wanna write things you already knew. But how much do you know about it? I highly recommend this game to you. I really hope you will get to it someday (it’s NOT on your list currently) Everything in it is top-notch (except the art)

        Sorry to have written an epistle…! This is fun though, hope to see your reply soon!

      • domshiki Says:

        Oh jesus you had to read articles on politics? I never did any of that. Hmm I guess when you put it that way, my Japanese can’t be TOO terrible if I’m able to play through a game eh? I don’t take lessons or practice my Japanese (my speaking is atrocious, hearing is somewhat better but rusty) but I’m pretty good at learning kanji and if I ever come across new kanji in a game, I don’t assume it’s the same as in Chinese and usually look it up. My issue is that kanji is what saves me – take it all out and make me play in exclusively Hiragana? I’m fucked. A lot of things I infer from the context, recognise that this sentence structure is used in this situation and kinda work it out myself. Whether I’m right or not though I have no idea because I don’t have someone to check with.

        Yeah Sweet Pool was pretty heavy on the plot and definitely did not play like a regular BL game. My gods Lamento though. It was all plotplotplotplotplot, felt like it was never going to end and there wasn’t much romance to make up for it. It wasn’t BAD, just that it was one of the first BL games I played and back then I definitely did not have the experience or the language proficiency to full appreciate it. I’d say start with DMMD because that ones straightforward and feels more like a romance game. Not sure if you’ll like Togainu no Chi since it’s also quite story driven and not very romantic at all but I do remember enjoying it: Akira was a great protagonist, not overly uke and didn’t act like a shoujo manga heroine lol.

        OH I’m surprised about Lucky Dog. I know it’s one of the more popular BL games and I myself, absolutely love Yura’s art. I do remember having issues with the story too with all the gang relations etc especially in Bernardo’s route. I definitely recommend that you give it another go just for Gian. Lol Ivan was canon? I always thought it was Giulio cuz I think they had some sort of history together and I think Giulio is the most popular guy too. Then again, I had trouble with the plot myself

        Oh I know what you mean about Hanakage and Hanamachi art. That’s what drew me to the games at first too but then I couldn’t stand Iori’s sex noises in Hanakage and I think I felt so sorry for Iori that I dropped Hanamachi too. Have you played Nessa no Rakuen? I think it’s by the same people who made Hanamachi and Hanakage but let me warn you if you haven’t: DO NOT GET BAITED BY THE PRETTY ART LIKE I DID. I think it was one of the most disappointing and infuriating BL games I’ve ever played.

        WTF MESSIAH WAS THAT DARK? Man all of that flew over my head. I just thought vampire-san was harassing Takuto so that’s why Takuto never seemed to be very happy. I think I’m going to have to replay that then since I love tragedy. And YES CARNELIAN is awesome <3

        LMAO "Friggin-Oyaji-looking" thanks, now I'll forever see everyone in Kichiku Megane as being 50 year olds. I would say "so lickable" for that blank of yours ;) I have seen some drama cds and I totally get what you mean. Oh yeah now that I think about it, you're right about the protagonist being reversible thing. I know in Togainu no Chi, Akira was actually seme in one route but that was only because it fit visually I guess. Kichiku Megane has the megane Katsuya seme-ing the shit out of EVERYONE right? I know the general gist of things like how he got the glasses etc but nothing too specific since I read about it a long time ago. I'll definitely give it a go since it's been on my backlog for ages thanks :D

        HAHA no problem, I've given you some wall of text to read too and same here, it's great talking to you!

      • urusaiii Says:

        Yea well what Japanese classes in Uni teach are all very formal. But I am more practical- for conversations and for games, and also for BL novels too but newspaper Japanese is way way too formal and it’s useless to me.

        Japanese is a very damn beautiful language but it’s also fucked up at the same time coz different words that SOUNDS the same can have very different meanings- REALLY different meanings- that’s why they need Kanji. I don’t think even Japanese can understaand their own if there’s no Kanji. There’s 20-somethin’ verb conjugations, and compound verbs = combining 2 verbs and have different meaning .. ugh…

        Sweet Pool- I can’t remember if it was romantic…? Very plot heavy, but at the same time the smex scenes were good and it kept lingering in me for a few days after playing. Funny thing is you are more into plot (of course not too much), but at the same time you like tragic endings. I am completely different. Plot can be shit *as long as* the romance is sweet and warm, so I HATE tragic. I really like fluffy cute BL games like Maid Hajimemashita. You would probably hate it. I also like plot-based but the romance has to be of equal level. Sweet Pool MIGHT have been OK for me if it had at least one good ending.. but nope. I never had the intention to play Lamento coz.. I don’t know about cat boys… kinda awkward.. but From what you said I am right and I am glad you told me. If I just want plotplotplotplotplot then I can play other shit, I play BL for the BL!

        Togainu no Chi I played. But the BGM is so dark it gave me the chills. And ARBITO bitch ruined the game for me. Everytime I look at his face and his sex slave I wanted to puke.. I did play Shiki and Akira route. It was ALOT of reading for me, and again I didn’t have the skills to understand that much. I played thru all Shiki x Akira endings and that scary BGM was rolling until the end- I was assuming that one ending EPIC CG (the military Akira and Shiki) was the “good” ending but seems like no.. I was gonna look it up .. your link on the review is broken :-( However I do like Akira. He’s my type of character and voiced by Tori-chan…!

        Oh Giulio is the Yandere right?? But when the game came out they also made some character goods and one of them has especially Ivan and Gian on it. People hyped about Ivan coz he’s funny. The least favorite is Bernard.)

        I guess we are VERY different after all. I LOVE Iori in Hanakage lol. I love his character design, and his defiant attitude. But that shouldn’t stop you from Playing hanamachi coz hanamachi doesn’t have Iori in it.. 2 separate games, don’t let that affect u, come on now ;-) But then again you have huge backlogs..
        On the contrary, I couldn’t stand Shuri (midorikawa hikaru) in Hanamachi.

        Hanamachi was my very first BL game. It’s got great art, a great variety of dudes, and in some good endings, it did gave me this warm fluffy feeling like “awwwwwwww!” so I gotta give it some credit . But OMFG I HATED Shuri was so NASALLY.. OMG I wanted to STRANGLE him!! I don’t know if you remember but there’s another guy in the game called Izumi who was the same age as Shuri, that is the only route I could stand coz all others are older guys and the way Shuri sounded made me feel like the guys were raping a friggin BABY CRYING FROM ITS NOSE.
        That’s why Hanakage is much better for me. Iori actually has more of a personality. He kicks his customers in the ballz but he’ll strip it all for his love.. :-)

        Nessa no Rakuen I did play. Out of curiosity I read your post on it, and, heh, you were (and still ) so mad. Actually the art is done by Emaru Jon, not the same person who did Hanakage/ Hanamachi (ha, I know my artists) I like all the art, but even before the game was released, the design of the Uke is just really … I mean REALLY bad. He just looked like some blond slut with curly hair!! and in the end it turned out he really is just some blond slut with curly hair! And the fact that he’s voiced by Kaji Yuki………. Honestly, if they replace EVERYTHING about the Uke, the game would be bearable for me.

        Messiah- Yes it is really dark. If you like Sweet pool you will like messiah for sure. You have my word ;-) There are 6 endings total. 2 of them are “good” endings. The Good endings are also somewhat bittersweet in a way. BGM and art were awesome.
        Same for Kichiku Megane. Dont let my opinion get to you about the artwork.. In my opinion, the art in the fandisk is apparently much better :-)

        Oh and about Omerta.. who’s your favorite pairing?
        Are you surprised JJ x Kiryuu is my favorite? Their CGs are so well done and tsun-tsun Kiryuu makes it more sweet <3
        I just wish they had more BL scenes though.. I think with the original game there were only 2 smex scenes per character. I am glad they released Code Tycoon only 1 year after the original game but I feel like they could have done better by putting more CGs. I just finished Kiryuu's route and there's no CG for 2 of the bad ends but instead they wasted a CG on JJ and Kiryuu talking with some cop… So I guess Code Tycoon is on your backlog too…. Jeez and you also have other games to play! You are never gonna run out of games! When will you ever be able to get to any of the ones we talked about? LoL

        Sorry I have been writing these ass long comments, longest in your blogging history. If you prefer another way to talk, let me know ;-)

      • domshiki Says:

        LMAO I don’t know shit about verb conjugations either. Mad respect for you, being able to read political papers and having knowledge of all this. I must agree that the language is very beautiful. I love how smooth it sounds, the different forms it has and the sheer number of options speakers seem to have…yet there seems to be some fixation on being roundabout as possible. Not too sure about what it’s REALLY like but I remember back in HS classes, we had to ask someone out but we weren’t to straight up say “no dawg Monday don’t work” to mere acquaintances so we had to mumble our way through, act abashed and hope the other party cottons on rofl like “えっと、その日はちょっと。。。ね?”.

        Sweet Pool’s tagline outright states that it wasn’t about romance or love and was about something deeper. I think the key thing was finding that one other person in a fucked up world who would accept you for who you were. The mindset that the two main characters had was very “me against the world” as they knew they were meat freaks and everyone else was out to use them in some way (to rape, to make ultimate meat monster baby, to kill, to eat etc). Then the two finally found each other, same shitty, meaty background, the only other person who could completely understand them. Add that to all the cry-your-eyes-out endings and BAM, it got me good. Like you said, the game really lingers. HAHA yeah, that’s for sure. While I can enjoy fluffy romance games too, I love a good story more than anything else. Dark fantasy is one of my favourite genres after all :p

        ROFL ARBITO BITCH. Holy shit I remember playing the game, seeing him and being “Oh he seems like a funny guy” and then out comes Kau…I definitely should not have played Togainu no Chi as my first game. Same as you, my Japanese level was way too shit back then so I didn’t understand (so my post for it is being redone when I get around to replaying the game *coughinadecadecough*). But yeah none of Shiki’s endings are very happy at all. Akira gets his mind broken in one and ends up being Shiki’s sex slave. In another, Shiki ends up becoming a vegetable so Akira takes care of him. The last one with the army uniforms one has Shiki ruling the country or some shit with Akira as his subordinate. Something like that I think

        Huh I’m surprised. Ivan was funny but he also acted like a tsundere 2 year old and was prety rough with Gian from what I remembered.

        Oh it wasn’t so much Iori’s character that I had a problem with. It was his sex sounds LOOOOOOOOOOOL like you having a problem with Shuri “crying from his nose” xD It was refreshing to see Iori not be a doormat like Shuri but omfg I remember thinking that he sounded like he was in a shitty AV, SCREAMING!!!! and all that and it made me shit my pants laughing. Couldn’t take the game seriously after I witnessed his sex scenes with that one guy who did not know what lube and foreplay were. ONE DAY. I will mute Iori’s voice and finish Hanakage. Same goes for Shuri lel it was the first time I heard Midorikawa Hikaru in an uke role so hearing his baby nose sounds really threw me off. I’ve since gotten used to it so it doesn’t bother me like it used to.

        OMG NO I COULDN’T SAVE YOU FROM THAT ABOMINATION </3 I had hoped Will wouldn't turn out to be a complete idiot but my gods. Least he was a good businessman u know, what with selling himself and shit but yeah Kaji Yuuki's sex sounds are just no. The game left a really bad taste in my mouth mostly because Assraf was a whiny bag of pubes, 2nd brother got ruined AND HE WAS TOTALLY FINE IN HIS OWN ROUTE and the two of them abused Kalim and Will so much. I did really like Kalim though, the one likable character in the game.

        Alrighty then, I'll do my best to tackle Messiah and Kichiku Megane when I get a break.

        Not surprised at all! I hear JJ x Kiryuu is really popular. I'd say JJ x Kiryuu or Master x JJ. Master x JJ was the one route that was relatively free of angst if I remember correctly and I felt like JJ really needed a break from all the Ryuuzen raep and saving Azusa drama.

        COP CG???? Srsly. Was Tycoon good aside from the terrible CGs? More specifically, is JJ x Kiryuu reversible? I kinda liked the idea of them being reversible but in Omerta, seemed like it went with JJ topping after that? Look at me, asking the important questions lol

        Tbh, god knows. My schedule is still pretty hectic and I find myself forgetting to even check this blog (hence the late reply – sorry about that). I'm currently trying to finish Jooubachi no Oubou – Kaguya Hen AKA Bee Sex OKAWARI!! whenever I have time and I think i'll do Code Tycoon after before I completely forget about Omerta.

        No man my comments are just as long :p Hm would email work better for you or?

  78. Iriel Says:

    Heya, Ive been stalking your blog for a while in all modesty(mueheheh) for buckets and buckets of laughs :D First, after all this time I wanted to say that i really appreciate your easy going funny totally nailed reviews, they definetly made my day soooo many times and iam super happy to find out that you are still not quiting – wooohoo (kinda doubted for a while). Aaaand I also had a tiny winy question. You thought about writing review on Yoshiwara Higanbana? Yep, you probably saw that one coming, iam sorry i just couldnt help myself. >.< I wont lie, from the cgs I saw so far, art looks just gorgeous. And seriously story where you can actually play as a high class prostitute in Edo period? That educational value! Almost like watching 20 hours of history chanel. Pffft who wants to save a world from apocalypse, zombies, dragons and ancient evils when you can do shit like that! Anyways, if you actually decide to do that, that would be really awesome :)

    • domshiki Says:

      I am honoured to have you stalking me <3

      I'm actually about halfway through the game and have played through 3 guys so far and you are absolutely right about the art – it's damn gorgeous. LMAO EDUCATIONAL VALUE is that what you play porn games for? ;P It's a nice change from most other R18 otome games I've played in that it's relatively straightforward and doesn't have any insane rape or weird angst so far. Basically what you would expect from the cover – prostitute Chihaya meeting a bunch of men and falling in love with them though I must say I can't stop thinking about SYPHILIS!!!!! so I end up breaking immersion a fair bit lol

      • Iriel Says:

        Haha lol, well of course! Dont we all do it for pure love, exciting adventures and twists and turns of fate? *cough cough* Its all about that. :D
        Anyway I have to agree with you it really is a refreshing change. My last r18 otome was Yucky Bee Wars:Kaguya-hen…now that was just disturbing 0.0 on so many lvls of creepy… my mind wont ever be the same again. After surviving that, I think that Iam prepared for pretty much anything when it comes to them porn games. So I started playing Yosh. Hig. few days ago, just couldnt say no to that Art, plus Iam sucker for Morikawa Toshiyukis voice. .<)…..hmmmm dilemma -.-

      • domshiki Says:

        Oh yes, we don’t do it for the sex at all nope nope ;)

        LOL BEE SEX!!!! Please tell me more about it. I started the first ten minutes of it and noped out for the time being since Sumeragi is making me shit my pants. Oh man his voice IS fantastic and I wish Chihaya was voiced as well since they keep talking about how super hot she is and all hurhur. Have you finished the game yet btw?

  79. Iriel Says:

    Heya, ummm yep I did actually i was writing about it last time :D but apparently my masterpiece was kinda cut off to the hmmm dilemma part xD….well but i was basically bitching about how they should really make rape end and tragic end instead of putting that shit together as BAD ends so you havent missed all that much :P Ive played through Shigure-chi, Ore-sama fella and happy go lucky Samurai route. Btw. Bee-sex thing spoiler allert if somebody tears out poor girls womb and they make a freaking CG out of it…thats not “Ooooh kinky <3" guys, hell no O.O plus the weird creepy crawlie trainer guy….aint that some smexy threesome O.O But back to Yoshi. Its kinda 50/50 for me. Nothing ground breaking, good ends are just that …happy. She stops whoring and they run together into the sunset, you know your "typical" soap opera teenage girl dream come true(except for the already mentioned syphilis). But I got really impressed with Shinobus tragic end, some cool writing there..didnt expect that coming O.O but on the other hand Akitos bad end totally ruined his character and made him into whiny butthurt bitchy rapist – aka me complaining about bad ends :P Art and music are both great <3 Now iam working on childhood friend routes so I can go for Shigure-chis true end…still shaking with fear that theyl make Shigure-chi into some yandere psycho. Didnt have much time lately with work and school. How about you?

    • domshiki Says:

      Damn wordpress cutting off comments!

      Oh so there are those WONDERFUL rape ends as usual? Fantastic /s. Oh awesome, I’ve done the samurai playboy and ore-sama loan shark too, as well as pretty boy hairdresser (just their good ends, not their bad ones yet. I’ll let the game ruin the characters for me right at the end haha but now you’ve got me excited for Shinobu’s tragic end). My gods Akito <3 I loved how tsundere he and Chihaya were + their hilarious sex scenes. Was totally waiting for them to turn him into a rapist in his good end just because he was the douchebag oresama character but thank god, I'll just have to deal with that in his bad end. HAHA I had the same fears about Shigure! I haven't played him yet but he seems so kindly and odayaka that he has to be some sort of yandere nutjob in one of the routes right? I do agree that the good ends are kinda lame though I guess there isn't much they can do about it since the premise is quite linear and just "prostitute finds happiness with good man". Same here, I haven't gotten round to playing more of the game recently because of work and school qq

      • Iriel Says:

        Its been a while, hi there once again. School is killing me -.- So I finished the game…and lets just say my worst “fears” totally came true…not that i didnt expect it in a bottom of my twisted little heart. So you leave bad ends for the last huh? Well my style of playing is that i start from the yummiest looking character Iam kyaaaaa fangirling for, play through the good end then let the bad end completely ruin him for me so that i can move on with a light heart and no sense of guilt(oh! you bitch rapist you! <3) to the next smoochielicious character. Hairdresser was really cute, I liked how Chihaya was like "Let this One-san take care of it sweetie" yes! thank you! She is supposed to be confident, experienced woman, with all her freaky Oiran techniques and stuff. Also you are completely right, she and Akito were hilarious together xD As for the childhood friend….didnt like him -.- cant really explain why, he just gave me the shivers, not the good kind, all the time. When they tried to show him as a "nice" character I thought there must be some catch, where is the catch, there is Shigure-chi to play the sweet guy already. So yeah didnt like him, but thats only my personal feeling really. And then SPOILER ALERT if you by any chance havent finished the game yet…..what have they done to Shigure-chi :"( how could they…….if you havent played true end yet…dont…just dont

      • domshiki Says:

        Oh bb I feel your pain D: Hang in there!

        LOOOOOL “with no sense of guilt” HOW DO YOU DO THAT. I used to go for the sexiest characters first too but since I started reviewing games, I usually do them in the order that the walkthroughs recommend for the flow of plot. I have to leave bad ends for the last just in case they really ruin the characters for me – makes me think like “wtf so he’d end up raping the heroine JUST BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T CHASE AFTER HIM??!?! Not even because she killed his dog and shat in his kitchen sink or sth but just because she didn’t chase after him…”

        omg with hairdresser I totally got that oneesan vibe and it was so adorable. I didn’t expect his sex scenes to be so DORKY since hairdresser boi acted pretty asexual and -_- most of the time. Fucking Akito was great, loved how he turned Chihaya from a mature oiran into some angry tsundere. Oh so the childhood friend isn’t some crazy yandere? I was so sure he would be since nice characters in r18 otome games usually turn out to be batshit crazy at least in their bad routes. NOPE I haven’t had time to play the game since but now I’m excited for Shigure since you seem to like him a fair bit :D AND I HAVE TO PLAY ALL THE ENDS EVEN IF I KNOW IT’LL SUCK DICK. THE BURDEN OF REVIEWING OTOME GAMES IN THEIR ENTIRETY QQ

  80. Iriel Says:

    So you DO plan to write a review about it :D Yataaaaaaaaa
    Well to be honest i dont really like “nice” guys in porn games, sure they are sweet and nice and will make a great hubby and stuff, but thats just not fun, hell its usually not fun even in real life why add it to the game too. So Iam not sure why I liked Shigure-chi to begin with, at first my favorite was Akito all the way (bad boy ore-sama type? Yes please!) I suppose it was the whole whole calm demeanour always in control kind of thing? Like the guy literally knew what was happening in his playground the whole time, in every route when Chi tried to escape and do something “unworthy of Oiran”. So I gues i really liked this hidden “dark side” of him….and who doesnt like dark side…they have cookies! So i was truly curious about his true route…but they just took it too far and messy, I admit I expected it kinda, but hoped for something more sophisticated. And yes childhood friend is kinda creepish with his “Iam no longer the man u used to know booohoooohooo now i eat childer and rape kittens”, and does turn out to be batshit crazy in his bad ends (no suprise there) but he was just plain too boring for me to care anyway. The thing is that this game got me interested in historical settings once again (my last historical otome was Hakuoki), so I checked some of your reviews and now Iam playing romance of three kingdoms with neko ears. Its great so far. I went for Soso first, his “evil” laugh is simply hilarious, I always had this soft spot for world conquering sociopaths <3. Shame I dont have much time to play, otherwise id finish the whole thing already. Well thats about it for today I gues :D, since you kinda hinted that you probably will make a review for Yoshi il patiently wait in anticipation for another awesome funny article ;) Good luck with your studies, hang in there bro! :D

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