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Otome Game Review – Shinigami to Shoujo

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Alternative Titles: 死神と少女, The death reaper and the girl

Company: TAKUYO

Release Date: 28.07.11

Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, stories, death reaper, picture book, tales

Artist(s): すみ兵 – Sumihei (Chaos Head manga artist)

Official Site:

Plot Summary: Toono Sayo (First-name name change possible) is a beautiful girl (the game says so, the site says so, the characters say so) who lives with her older brother, Toono Touya who is an author. Her brother tells her of his next story; one called ‘Shinigami to Shoujo’. He tells her of how it’s going to be about a lonely shinigami and a girl, and their search for the most beautiful word that exists.

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Otome Game Review – Hoshiiro no Okurimono

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Alternative Names: 星色のおくりもの

Company: Takuyo

Release Date:27.11.08

Official Site:


Platform: PSP, PS2

Genre: Otome, romance, drama, stars

Plot Summary:Heroine Yoshimoto Ai (changeable – as usual, I chose something stupid, this time being “unchi”) is in love with stars and meets a guy one night while stargazing at her secret hill.  They have a short convo, he leaves and she never sees him again, but a transfer student joins her class and *gasp*!  It’s him!…seriously, Takuyo?  They recognize each other, make an astronomy club and the story starts there.

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Otome Game Review – SoraYume Portable

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Alternative Titles: ソラユメ portable

Company: TAKUYO

Release Date: 28/05/09

Platform: PS2, PSP

Artist(s): 仁神ユキタカ – Nikami Yukitaka

Official Site:

Plot Summary: As the heroine, Morinaga Satsuki (name can be changed), is looking through her attic, she finds a ring and when she puts it onto her finger, suddenly a guy with a sword stuck into him appears. After she pulls it out for him, she notices that there is no blood coming out. The guy says that that’s because he is a devil. He forces you into helping him find a different ring which when worn, drives the bearer to insanity.

Okay, just re-reading the summary makes me think that it’s quite similar to Lord of the Rings except that Frodo is kinda pathetic as he can’t survive without Sam.

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Himehibi Portable – Hayami Naohito

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The main reason why I didnt do it like domshiki was that it was the first post and I hadn’t done any other route at that time.

Hayami Naohito

Okay, he is basically a tennen and I guess thats what TAKUYO wanted to base it around for girls to pick his route. He’s nice and the kindest as he actually knew you before and the only bad part would be that he can’t cook (although I don’t care about that as much domshiki who likes guys who can cook). Continue reading

Otome Games Intro and HimeHibi Portable – Tenjyouji Masaya Route

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For those of you who don’t know, it’s a dating simulation for girls. Otome means girl in japanese so literally it’s basically girl game.

I’ve played quite a couple on the PC but right now i’m more into playing them on my PSP, mainly as i can still play at night and won’t get caught by my parents. =3

As I want to keep my ‘innocent’ mind, i won’t be reviewing 18+ games but I think my friend will. Although, the fact that I actually play dating sims kind of doesn’t make me innocent….


I might as well start blogging one route that I just finished yesterday on the PSP.

English Title: Himehibi -Princess Days-  Portable

Japanese: ひめひび -Princess Days- ぽーたぶる


Release Date: 17/07/08

*Has been released on PS2 as well

Official Site:  (in Jap)

Genre: All Ages – Adventure – School Life Comedy Adventure


One Summers evening, the main character, Aizaki Koi (name can be changed) meets two men dressed in suits who tell her that they were told to come and bring her to her grandfather. She doesn’t trust them until her first-love, Hayami Naohito, who happened to have transferred schools, comes by and asks her to come with them. She willingly does. She gets taken to Tenjyouji Gakuen, an elite school with years from primary to college. It ends up that her grandfather is the principal and that he wants her to come and transfer into this school. However it is an all boys school, and she will be the only girl there and the vice-principal is against breaking traditions. Koi ends up declaring that she will stay and make them see that she will change the school. Continue reading

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