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BL Game Review – Nessa no Rakuen

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Alternative Titles: 熱砂ノ楽園

Company: VividColor

Release Date: 27.08.10

Official Site:


Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, romance, smut, arabian

Plot Summary: My lord wot is with japan and making Arabians kidnapping horny rapists???  I dunno how many times I’ve encountered this in BL: Nice white/japanese uke hops over to <insert middle eastern country>, shit happens and the uke finds himself now the favourite hoe of the royal family.  Lol that aside, this is essentially that really.  Will goes to this arabic country to find out about this rumored magical philosopher stone herb that’s hidden with the monarchs and he somehow ends up being the royal dudes’ hoe.  Instead of getting the fuck out, Will decides this’ll be a gr8 opportunity to check out this herb (Pashaf) so he stays a hoe.  Great XD Continue reading

Otome Game Review – Riddle Garden

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Alternative Titles: リドル・ガーデン

Company: Calamelia

Release date: 26.03.10

Official Site:


Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ Otome, rape, romance, bachelors tryna get rich bitch heroine

Plot Summary: Hey guess what, this is a branch company of Will, the guys who made Sugar Beans who made Ijiwaru my rapist and Under the moon!  What does that say about this game I wonder.  So heroine Colette has never been outside her giant mansion before and life’s all good for her.  Then 5 guys show up to fuck up her peaceful way of living and she’s forced to marry one of them and get the hell out and never come back.  In a failed attempt to make things more interesting, one of the guys is actually some assassin who ain’t one of the chosen candidates, some lame shit like dat.  Gee this is gonna be so fun. Continue reading

Otome Game Review – Will O’ Wisp

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Alternative Names: ウィル・オ・ウィスプ

Company: Otomate (Idea Factory)

Release Date: 06.09.07

Official Site:


Platform: PS2, PSP, DS

Genre: Romance, otome game, fantasy, mystery

Plot Summary: Set in 19th century London, there are dollmakers who can make sophisticated, human like dolls who talk, have feelings, blablabla.  Our heroine, Hanna, is a dollmaker in training who can see things and hear things no one else can- lol no she’s not on drugs.  Her uncle or grandpa, whoever he is, dies and she sees this as a chance to sneak into his private chambers and snoop around.  Feeling a strange air in the place, she finds a coffin and a key, opens it, only to find a ‘sleeping’ doll, and as any other sane person would do, she jacks the key into the guy, waking him up, and the story goes from there. Continue reading

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