Otome Game Review – Jyuuza Engi ~ Engetsu Sangokuden ~

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Alternative Titles: 十三支演義 ~偃月三国伝~

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 24.05.12

Official Site: NEKOMIMI

Platform: PSP

Genre:  ADV, otome game, romance, historical, kitty cats

Plot: nothing screams “HNNNNG  IM GOING TO BE SO MOE” quite like kitty ears, and this is exactly what this game does.  Taking The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms as it’s setting, there’s a race of kitty people called the derogatory name of “JYUUZA” who are hated and feared by humans.  Long story short, they get blackmailed into doing the dirty work of humans and this is basically a tale of how they fight for their freedom .  Yeah sounds totally lame too but hey it’s nekomimi so who gives a fuck >:3

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Otome Game Review: Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayorihime Denshou – Piece of Future –

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Alternative Titles:ヒイロノカケラ 新玉依姫伝承 ―Piece of Future―

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 23.03.12


Platform: PSP

Genre:  ADV, otome game, romance, future stuff, Tamayorihime, awesome twins

Plot: No I didn’t really want to play this since it the HnK3 FD sucked but I figured if I was going to clear out the rubbish, I might as well do it all in one go.  Same as with the HnK3 FD, the first part of this FD has Saya not ending up with anyone after the main game’s events, and the second part is a continuation of routes with the guys.

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BL Game Review: DRAMAtical Murder

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Alternative Titles:  ドラマティカル マーダー

Company: Nitro+Chiral

Release Date: 23.03.12

Official Site: GAY SHIT AHEAD

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, ADV, gay shit, funky cyber shit, mind fucking shit, wifebeater character alert

Plot: Aw yee, Nitro+ Chiral’s newest game.  From post apocalyptic, to kitty boys to meat shitting high schoolers,  the setting’s a futuristic cyber one this time, many many many many years into the future.  Our protagonist, Aoba, works in a Junk Shop and lives a relatively normal life but slowly finds out that his constant headaches are key to a giant ploy on the island.  Kay it’s better than it sounds rofl trust me on tha.  Anyway, it’s been a long time since I done a BL game innit eh?

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Otome Game Review: Soukoku no Kusabi – Hiiro no Kakera 3 Ashita no Tobira he

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Alternative Titles:  蒼黒の楔 緋色の欠片3 明日への扉

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 31.05.12

Official Site:otomate.jp/soukoku_fd_psp

Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, fantasy, FD

Plot Summary: More HnK cuz Otomate STILL isn’t done with milking the shit outta this series and i just found out that there’s gonna be a HnK FOUR lol.  This is a fd that takes place after the events of HnK3 So the routes are split into two parts: Tamaki, Ryou and Takuma graduating from HS in a universe where Tamaki doesn’t hook up with anyone after HNK3; and the other part of the route is a continuation of the routes from HNK3

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Srsly people, wtf?

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So me and sandeian have noticed this recurring er, “EVENT” that has been occurring on our stats page…

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Otome Game Review: Scared Rider Xechs STARDUST LOVERS

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Alternative Titles:  スカーレッドライダーゼクス STARDUST LOVERS

Company: Rejet

Release Date: 23.06.11

Official Site: scared-rider-xechs.jp/fd

Platform: PS2, PSP 

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, mecha, boy bands

Plot Summary:

More gattais and korean boy bands hur :D This is a FD of Scared Rider Xechs, takes place during the main storyline and basically delves into wot our IS kids get up to during their non-ganking free time

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Nico Nico Choukaigi – CHOU PARTY!!

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Otome Game Review: Oumagatoki ~ Kaidan Romance ~

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Alternative Titles: 逢魔時~怪談ロマンス~

Company: QuinRose

Release Date: 29.03.12


Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, fantasy, magical shit

Plot Summary:

Quinrose’s newest game. In this world, ayakashi ( spirits etc) coexist with humans. I say ‘coexist’ cuz most humans don’t even know the ayakashi exist cuz they can’t see em: by day, humans live normally but at night, the ayakashi awaken and roam the land. Our heroine is a badass ayakashi who goes to skl at night and spends her time being a dickhead arnd skl with her bff.  Throw in some mystery shiet and we got our game ;)

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Wand of Fortune 2 ~ Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku

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Alternative Titles: ワンド オブ フォーチュン2~時空に沈む黙示録

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 29.09.11

Official Site:otomate.jp/wandoffortune2

Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, fantasy

Plot Summary:

The game picks off largely where it stopped in the first, with Lulu passing the exam and being a total BAU5 of all dem elements.  Now she sees things as how the ancient ones do, tripping out errday cuz of all dem pretty colours she now sees the world in lol and as usual, shit happens and the whole gang get tossed back into the past.

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Otome Game Review – Iza, Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa

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Alternative Titles: いざ、出陣! 恋戦

Company: QuinRose

Release Date: 26.05.11

Official Site:http://quinrose.com


Platform: PSP, phone

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, historical,

Plot Summary: After playing Nise no Chigiri, I’m all up for historical games so when I saw this I went:MOAR SENGOKU BASARA JIDAI??  SO THERE XD

…Sadly this is nowhere near as good as Nise no Chigiri but more abt that later.  It’s dem Sengoku times in JP atm and our heroine’s papa suddenly breaks his spleen or summin and can’t do shit in the war.  Seeing as she’s a princess, it’s her duty or some shit to go and do her part in the wars so her dad tells her to gtfo and go seduce the main players in the wars (lolol not really he jus sent her out to see which side they should follow) and so, along with her faithful bitch KOJIROU, Hana goes around the world in 80 days to find these hot sexy manbeasts.

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SO! GENDERBEND! Since everyone loves it.. … … I hope?



(Felpurr – Wizardry Series)

shota O.o not bad actually… XD

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Otome Game Review – Shinigami to Shoujo

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Alternative Titles: 死神と少女, The death reaper and the girl

Company: TAKUYO

Release Date: 28.07.11

Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, stories, death reaper, picture book, tales

Artist(s): すみ兵 – Sumihei (Chaos Head manga artist)

Official Site: http://www.takuyo.co.jp

Plot Summary: Toono Sayo (First-name name change possible) is a beautiful girl (the game says so, the site says so, the characters say so) who lives with her older brother, Toono Touya who is an author. Her brother tells her of his next story; one called ‘Shinigami to Shoujo’. He tells her of how it’s going to be about a lonely shinigami and a girl, and their search for the most beautiful word that exists.

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Otome Game Review – Musketeer le Sang Des Chevaliers

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Alternative Titles: マスケティア, マスケティア le Sang Des Chevaliers

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 07.07.2011

Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp


Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, historical, fantasy

Plot Summary: AW YEAAAH been looking forward to this one xD  d’Artagnan’s jus yo cheerful happy 17 yr old girl, life’s great she’s having a bomb…and then shit happens and her dad’s murdered by fucking demons.  She’s all OMFGWTFBBQKARMABUTWATAHDO?! but instead of grieving and doing jack shit like most would, she decides to MAN THE FUCK UP and goes to CHEVALIER GAKUEN to find out jus hu the FAQ killed her papa.   AWFUCKINGYEAH.

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fan service XD

Yup, from today, the animated movie ‘Heart no Kuni no Alice‘ will be in Cinema’s!! (In japan of course)

-ハートの国のアリス 劇場版-

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Otome Game Review – Mother Goose no Himitsu no Yakata

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Alternative Titles: マザーグースの秘密の館, Mother Goose’s Secret Mansion

Company: Quin Rose

Release Date: 23.06.11

Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, quiz, U.K Culture (lol)

Artist(s): 藤丸豆ノ介 –
Fujimaru Mamenosuke + others

Official Site: http://quinrose.com/

Plot Summary: Erika Fleur (Name change possible) wakes up one morning and notices that a book on her shelf is glowing brightly. The book was a collection of nursery rhymes called ‘Mother Goose’ and it was given to her by her grandmother when she was small and yea, Erika had forgotten all about it. Since its glowing, she opens it and … finds herself in some mansion surrounded by 5 men who introduce themselves as the inhabitants of the book.

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Otome Game Review – Kanuchi Shiroki Tsubasa no Shou

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Alternative Titles: カヌチ 白き翼の章

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 02.10.08

Official Site: www.otomate.jp/


Platform: PS2, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, fantasy

Plot Summary: Our heroine Aki’s an orphan who got picked up by a Toura jiijii and has been living happily with him for 17 years till one day, she meets all these bishies and that  turns her schizophrenic LOL.  Combine that with some blacksmithing, fantasy elements and a weirdass plot and we got our Kanuchi.  Das the gist of things anyway xD

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Otome Game Review – Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari

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Alternative Titles: 蝶の毒 華の鎖

Company: Aromarie

Release Date: 27.05.11

Official Site: http://aromarie.com/


Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ Otome, romance, historical, drama

Plot Summary: YEAAAAH finally another Aromarie game!  This was really anticipated and tells of the story of our heroine, Yuriko.  She’s a noblewoman in the Taisho Era and it’s her bday so her family’s throwing a giant party for her.  Yuriko finds the party a tad much for just a bday and course there are underlying motives to this and turns out her dad’s tryna wed her to some rich guy to cover their money probs.  Yes, sounds like some cheesy ass cliche Kdrama bs BUT THERE’S A LOT MORE TO IT ;D

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